Au Revoir to the Place des Vosges
Joy of Living Creatively
Dr. Eric Maisel

Episode 36 - Au Revoir to the Place des Vosges

Today’s episode is part of a series called “Lessons from Paris.” In this series I’ve chosen essays from my book A Writer’s Paris that I’m betting will help you deepen your connection to your creative life and motivate you to create every day. Today’s show, the ninth in the series, is called “Au Revoir to the Place Des Vosges.”

The episode begins this way:

“It is hard to leave the Place des Vosges.  I have a rich life waiting for me back in San Francisco but still it is hard to leave.  The Place des Vosges is the first place I come to when I arrive in Paris and the place where my leave-taking occurs.  I give it a whole afternoon of leave-taking, sitting on the western side of the park, not thinking about home, not thinking about Paris, but thinking, this particular afternoon, of a certain Camus essay, penned the night of Paris’s liberation.”

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