Reality Star Vicki Gunvalson: More Than A Housewife
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Teri Hausman

Episode 70 - Reality Star Vicki Gunvalson: More Than A Housewife

For all you listeners out there, if you’ve ever wondered how you can have it all, then listen up and listen in as I spend quality time with Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County fame and self-published author of, More Than a Housewife. Vicki does not hold back her opinions on life
on the set but more important her real life.

Vicki will share some of her secrets of how she puts the whole package together; Beauty and Business. You won’t want to miss this interview as she reveals how she’s dealt with the trials and tribulations of marriage, raising her kids, increasing her business, and all the while, creating a fabulous life. If you think you know this remarkable woman by the 7-10 minutes you see on TV, you need to think again. She’s on the show to help inspire women toward a happy and prosperous life. Shooting straight from the hip, she’s got that girlfriend type honesty that you won’t want to miss. Vicki created an incredible business without a college degree and she wants you all to succeed too. You can have it all. Vicki is for real, Beauty from the inside out.