Episode 62: Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin with Elizabeth Tenhouten

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Beauty Now never stops on its quest to find natural beauty. Listen to this podcast that is as chalk full of tips as it is in the best beauty tips that nature provides us. Natural beauty Elizabeth Tenhouten is an expert and author of the book Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin. It is coming out in November but you can hear her spill her many tips about cooking, get rid of cellulite with an everyday fruit and no money for a facial? Don't worry, Elizabeth tells us how we can do a home facial for free. This podcast has so many easy, fun, helpful tips and facts that you need to get your pencil ready first. There are also mouth watering and antioxidant filled recipes that are easy and delicious. There were so many great ideas from this endearing author that you will want to go the market right after listening.

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