Love the Body You Have to Have the Body You Love with Weight Loss Success Coach Bronwyn Marmo
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Episode 51 - Love the Body You Have to Have the Body You Love with Weight Loss Success Coach Bronwyn Marmo

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." - Oscar Wilde

Millions of Americans struggle each day with feelings of shame and inadequacy about their bodies. Studies show that the majority of women don't like what they see in the mirror. They also routinely avoid pleasurable activities until they lose weight.

  • Over 50% of women say their body disgusts them (Dove Internal Study, 2002)
  • 6 out of 10 girls think they'd "be happier if they were thinner" (UK Teen Body Image Survey, January 2004)
  • The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by less than 5% of females (Social Issues Research Centre).
  • More than 80% of 4th grade girls have been on a fad diet (Social Issues Research Centre).
  • 90% of eating disorders are found in girls.

Bestselling and Award-winning author Bronwyn Marmo says, "As a result of the fixation for the perfect body, we are blocking the natural path to joy and happiness. It's only when we can love and accept ourselves where we are right now, that true transformation can take place."

In this dynamic interview, listeners will learn strategies to love the body they have while transforming into the body they want. Bronwyn, who has gone from obesity to a healthy mind, body and spirit, will share simple ways to begin opening the door to loving your body and stop putting your life on hold while you longingly seek "perfection."



Teri Houseman: I am Teri Houseman host on DD now a weekly Broadcast all thinks beauty. check out our show on Laser, lips, cosmetics lashes inner beauty and outer beauty..

Today we are very very lucky to have a national award-winning author “Bronwyn Marmo”. She is a weight Loss expert and coach. Welcome. Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Marmo: Thank you Teri, it is pleasure to being here.

Teri Hausman: I am loving your books. She wrote an incredible books the one in a word “The Food Is a Lie, The Truth Is Within” how did you come to write this book Bronwyn?

Bronwyn Marmo: well The book is based on my personal experience. I spend years and years oh. decades struggling with my weight and always trying to find the answer outside to myself. Like i thought if may I just sucked to diet or if I just try to go on fast or
i even have fast on dieting my mouth shut and i wanted that i mean i so desperately wanted to be a thin. That i would have been done anything. So this whole psycho is to
Trying to find out the answer outside me guess what that landed me o at 34 year old I was unhappy i was depresses I would wake up in the morning just truly not
to going on with my life. I would wake up going Oh No .another day and something within the year shifted in me that were i learned that wait a second, this something wrong with this picture I here I have done everything that society asked me to do. I was exercising, i was dieting I was thought I was eating healthy. but the biggest thing that I was realize the key was, I was beating up my body, I was shamming and degrading it. And guess what we are shaming and degrade our body. This is the lowest form of energy. How do we expect to change anything? When you are beating yourselves.

Teri Hausman: How do you stop that Bronwyn? I think, I mean so many listeners are today are going to related that yeah, I shame my body but how can be stop?

Bronwyn Marmo: you know what It is so important this first step right here is awareness. We all have to be aware that we are doing that for you. And you know what society as and a whole actually promotes this. It promotes this feeling of less than and degradation. So we have to really careful about the magazine were we reading the television everything and its not to say that; it is bad but, it is how you go head and proceed yourself. Like if a Magazine Article or a picture makes you feel less than or makes you turns that attention of yourself, I am not pretty, I am not that good. Its makes the attention on yourself and turn and go I am not that pretty I am not that good you need to take a second to look at that and go, you know what, I am the best and i can beat the who i am right now.

Teri Hausman: Did your just break for consensus here the perfect example of her own stages a gorgeous girl who be and there she is on every news programmed every magazine cover think she she fat when she probably has a size for?

Bronwyn Marmo: I absolutely and my heart was broken; because I think you are right that someone is so gorgeous and she has so much talent and so much lies for her and for the media to do her was really, truly unfortunate and i did feel for her. That is a good lesson for all of us. Did you notice how she stood up for herself and she was very confident and who she was when she did address the media.

Teri Hausman: and i always thought that she is the great roll for everybody she always she has always high she does not harsh people and she really handled it so beautifully.

Bronwyn Marmo: she did...she handled it so beautiful with the utmost dignity and i was very very proud of her and it just a good lesson for all of us. you know we are all build differently. We all have our own unique gifts, we all have our own unique qualities. The more is we bring out from the inner own uniqueness that was beauty is all about. If you would be beautiful shine from with inn because it’s that your inner glow the inner light that is going to make you beam out and people are gone be attracted at you.

Teri Hausman: How did you find out inner in yourself? I mean your Picture is amazing really and really inspirational your book is inspirational and tell our listeners we gone a share your link how to get this book because its fact that endorsement from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and I mean incredible thing that you can, you know really relates to on the daily daily would you life. So Tell us Bronwyn how you really got that how did you go from stuffing your face and feeling horrible about yourself to like I just get this and i am gone get this now.

Bronwyn Marmo: You know that a great question and you are right i did start with having the whole inside in me and i was trying to cover it and stuffing down with food. So what i have to become is really Cleared about is first of all was, why was i stuffing with food? why was underlying it? Because it’s not about the food. First I called it the food is lie because we think we have drone into this like you know. The food is control over us. The food does not have a control of us its what going inside of us so i have to really start to ask myself , What am I really hungering for because its not about the food and what I discovered what I was truly hungering for was love, was security was comfort. You know all these thing which I have to fill in me was first was to feel me authentic love and i thought that food i gonna give it to me. You know i tried for decade to get that food to give me love but you know what it always fall short. You know i might have feel a moments of extracted of meeting a chocolate cake and you know what they are short lived than I dropped down even further so I have to really get clear what i was I was hungering for.

Teri Hausman: May people read your book Even Married seventeen year. you didn’t feel the love than, you didn’t feel that was this. This is something completely different

Bronwyn Marmo: You are right; it is not about extra love. Yes, I had husband who love me I had a daughter a young, she was two years old that time. this not about i mean people can say oh you look pretty, you look great, you know I love you. But in less they feel themselves, less they feel know them. its not going to make an impact its really gone a you right i had a lot of love around me but I dint have soft love and that what was missing. I loved my self, i loved my body and I had completely given my power away to everyone. I did not even know who I was? because when my husband asked? What are you going to do tonight? And I said Oh. anything you want. You know, I totally give up my power away. I did not know what I like, even movies what I i enjoyed. You know i really was lost it was I was a lost my way.

Teri Hausman: We are not talking about a person who has nothing growing to up. She is bugle, sweet darling and you chose a news reporter who has worked for. This is pretty amazing that you thought about yourself and I think so many listeners can relate to this. So many levels in this, so many different ways to so really you think that your book is not just about a inside and how can you really start loving yourself and forgive yourself for mistakes which you made and how you feel about yourself for messages that you hared growing up and said that it just not me?

Bronwyn Marmo: yes, i mean you are right you do have to come to a point when you do stop listening to the outside world and start listening to that inner voice and the way to you get to the inner voice with the notice because we so clattered the noise outside. i highly recommend people to sit quietly with themselves and make him feel anxious and stress to spend 3 -5 min by yourself in a place which make you to fell comfortable and screen. I love nature so even just walking in out nature we have got beautiful mountain I love that hike. just being there for even in few minutes just completely shift my energy.

Teri Hausman: I love your advice in your book about how you teaching people to meditate because I am one of those people that off course, who can never pay attention I am the person in yoga who looking behind underneath my legs and a person behind myself. And was so laughing at your book because that’s me when I start to try meditating I was looking outside and I seeing the dogs. But it is great advice not to give up. You are really got inspiring.

Bronwyn Marmo: Absolutely, because you can never give up. That you are looking for This is where you truly find authentic peace authentic serenity and that we all are looking for we are looking for balance what it is about. And if you truly want balance you have to get balance by inner world with the outer world it not that I am saying that you are inner in world and never leave your house. No. you have to balance with inner world with outer world. What happens many times we get out of lack because we have allowed the external forces the external environment around us and people making comments on us. You know we allow that to in our life

Teri Hausman: you know I touched this week about people you justthink of you and just think about you and you just need to say a word talksick cut him out If you are a good person than you are worthy you need cut the setalk people your life no 1 and really really believing in yourself and I think your book really does inspire you to do that. So that’s another reason that I like your books.

Bronwyn Marmo: Thank you thank you so much

Teri Hausman: It’s really true that its just not all about the way its not what you said you can pickup any diet book. This is what you going to put in your mouth. But its mind body connection. One thing I took from it you knows that I want to be healthy not I have to.

Bronwyn Marmo: Yes in becoming you can start working from the inside out you your body starts crazing healthy food your body start saying I want this salad i want these healthy thing because you feeling out in the inside that project out. Absolutely i mean there so much benefit from working inside out your

Teri Hausman: I love your book. It has so many tips. We have to take commerecial break. We will be right back.


Teri Hausman: your book talking to the auther Bronwyn welcome back.

Bronwyn Marmo: Thank you teri, it is lot of fun

Teri Hausman: We were talking about the inner body and mind connection. Tell us more about. We need listeners to get a pencil and Bronwyn going to share about few tips to make a better you. Bronwyn tell us about the 5 P’s

Teri Hausman: we first of all started talking the inner beauty and making the mind body connection. Tell us about...We need the listeners to get up and

Bronwyn Marmo : The 5 P’s are the powerful project the truth is you can change anything you want in your life. Whether its, you want to loose a weight, whether is you want to get a job. Whatever, it is. You following a 5 P’s that truly get in different areas of life and I use it in different areas of my life. The five P‘s are: I am going to said them quickly than I go back and explain them.

1. Prayer
2. Plans
3. Perseverance
4. Patients
5. Payoff

For as you deciding what you want to change your life what you wanaa enhance decide

Prayers actually setting the intention and. the prayer offers the opportunity to ask for your heart to desire and its time to express exactly what you want to your body to look like. I
mean how many times I mean I said... I just wanted to be a thin. But in never really been connected with myself is to what that meant. So I really have to clear that how do I want to look? How do i want a feel? How do we want to feel? How do i want to walk How do to i want talk at this inner body. Because I was‘t ever specific about it so i encouraged people to really clear on what it is you want to Create in your life??

Teri Hausman: I like that I decided jumping real crack in that because there is a different in been thin and been healthy.

Bronwyn Marmo: Absolutely, I mean that acutely what i came to i decades to struggling with my weight. I just want be thin but when i started 11 years ego i said to myself i want to be a healthy, i want to be feel good in my body and i want to be feel good in my clothing and i picture myself in the clothing i wanted to wear its all about. It’s all about getting really clear about what it is want to create in your life.
Teri Hausman: Visualization?

Bronwyn Marmo: Yes, visualization is powerful you know it really allows you to opportunity to live the life we want to be a living and guess what it attracted to us it pulls us into it. Have you ever accepted the feeling to puss Push in to something? push yourself in to a change. When you start visualizing and really started getting clear what you want to create. Its feel like you been pulled into it. And it’s a beautiful feeling and everything comes easily and it comes quickly and it just likes you rushing down a river. It feels so good. So get cleared.

2. Plan - Your plan is a tool to support hat you have asked for prayer. And it helps to you in stayed align to desired outcome of thriving in your natural body and one another things about plan it’s just not just about what you are eating? As we know, It’s about how are you eating?? It’s really cleared how you want to eat? Do you want to be standing over the kitchen corners? Stuffing Food in my mouth. That’s what I was doing, I was eating in my car i was Stuffing food in my mouth, i was eating in bed I mean I decides no plan to how I was gonna eat? So I had to get really cleared about that too.

Plan also include how you going to move your body.

3. Perseverance: Perseverance. Means, the leaving your desired outcome to thieving out your perfect weight body. so you are going to adopt a un wavering faith that I will not give up until the desired outcome of achieving my natural weight body. It is my reality. And you know when that come in the priority thats when you are sitting and calling oh my gosh. That potato chips are calling me the cookies are calling me i gotta go. and have them and you gonna do No that not going to see myself in this outcome so that what the perseverance come in it. Its greate

4. Patient: It is the grateful. It takes a time to create a perfect body and physical reality. so it is so important to see it as a gift. A gift of time because I mean this world is set up to everything quick, to everything easy to we never get to know yourself in the process that why people loose a lot of weight and it loose up quickly but they gain right back because they never develop the truth, that was going to sustain them in this new body infect they get really nervous when people start to paying attention to them. So guess what they do? They go ahead away and put that back on because that safe and keep them in safety on .

Teri Hausman: That a really good point that is patient because I am actually one who has probably loose 20 pounds in 2 years and 2 years i mean i first that program was very slow and i said that the trainer is very slow and he said just think if you loose one pound for a month for a year. That 12 pound for year it really better 24 pounds in two years. so really that a better.

Bronwyn Marmo: Oh absolutely, because when you loose slowly like that Teri. You ganna keep it off and guess what. You got to no to drinks to year you go to no know yourself you know deep on deeper level you would have lost the 20 pounds you know in a month period or 2 month period you know even know why you were carrying a weight and what was going on and. So it’s a great time to do that exploration. Never like that i said earlier who i was so i lost 50 pounds and it took me a year but i needed every second of that year to really get to know who i was? Enduring is the grate way to do that. To ask yourself these questions. What do i like?? What do i not like?? Who do i like?? Who do i not like? and get clearly what it is you want to were and it is you want to project out into the world.

Teri Hausman: Not your books are amazing because it brings all the spiritual aspects of day to day life and that was also my point too you know i found you because you are not the perfect person for the show but also Your website you’re inspirational your book all amazing so keep talking more about Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Marmo: The 5 P is Pay off. We all my gosh we all to have to pay off that what we all searching for that we all are looking for pay off. But guess what the payoff once you start walking these 5 P's you start realizing that you have to pay off the whole kind you have to pay off right now. You get to realize the fact that you are living in your perfect weight body. It’s not about the 20 pound or 50 pounds you currently right now are living in a perfect weight body. Now sure it may be faded with extra weight or what I like to say i was like to say i was securing around like few hours to flying kiss over to my body. You know what you can releasing that and really start visualizing that the perfect weight body that it in you right now. And you get to start addressing a perfect weight body you get really start .You know asking a question a saying What you feel like?? What you feel like to eat in lunch? The woman inside me has a natural weight and the response came back to me after asking myself these questions was certainly not go out with Twinkie and ding dong? It was about wow you know what my inner natural weight body is really wanting some high quality of protein, high quality carbohydrate, and fruits and vegetables so that body in you right now

Teri Hausman: what spell double aspects Twinkie and ding- dong You when asked your personal journey. How the Twinkie and ding dong what a next step?

Bronwyn Marmo: You asked a right question. When your body feels You know i also feel like Twinkie and ding dong today and its absolutely nothing wrong with that you never give off thought of your journey. Plans your Journey whole time. So it’s a different step eat Twinkie and ding dong i starts the whole box in my mouth and i never tested and i never even enjoyed it. I could not down and test enough all I was trying to do is so Now i want something that i might desiring, like a freshed baked cookies or piece of chocolate cake that kind of my thing. I will kicked that item and i will consciously choose to eat it. but before i had no choice like i had given my power away. Now i consciously choose it now before i eat it i put it in my mouth i was acknowledge what i am eating that i am having a bite of cookie.

Than i was look at it i was smell it and notice it chocolate chips in it i notice it how it made, i look at the ingredients. I make it an experience than i put it in my mouth
and than i just through out my mouth. i my taste i just burst with excitement and i am smelling it enjoying it And my kinds around the dinner table because i love my food so much like i and said like..Ahhha this Is so good. Answers make it crack up because i taste my food so you know so sensitive i just put all my attention on focus i bring my sight my smell my taste my touch i brings
Everything of that moment when i eating

Teri Hausman: You are not snorting this it you are just really enjoying a bite and being very aware of it.

Bronwyn Marmo: Absolutely and by doing that the fact would not just inner in my mind. Sure i continue to have a more bite but you know what i am so satisfied by this scrumcaps and I am just you know enjoying and it doesn’t have pull any more. I just satisfied with my living without having eat the whole box.

Teri Hausman: Many people can do that and i think it’s important how you feels I f

Bronwyn Marmo: Exactly a journal is a powerful tool. it just I didn’t to find out How its feeling when one to get that its not that what you weight again its not about the food but what was your emotions around it?why did you eat that? Why did you choose this particular food over something else? Really We get into the emotional part
Of it and also what was the physical feeling when you had after words light headed did you feel dizzy? You go a beating up your stomach after eating? That should body speaking to you.

Teri Hausman: Run out of time here. Thanks Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Marmo: Thanks you Teri