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Episode 45 - Dr. Matlock: Lipo Guru To The Stars and Beauty Now Listeners

You have seen him on Dr.90210 too many times to count. Dr. Matlock is entertaining but more important is he knows what he is doing and backs it up with his many board certifications and his amazing outcomes before and after. Vaso Lipo is the way to go to get that sculpted look but what is the difference?

The before and after of the rapper on 90210 looked too good to be true so Beauty Now decided to find out how Dr. Matlock got that ripped sculpted look which didn't look possible with normal lipo. Which Lipo and what kind can get you the body you want? It is confusing but download this and find out how you too can have the abs you want.

It does take work too. Dr. Matlock shares his knowledge to a more sculpted you.



Teri Struck: I’m Teri Struck, host of “Beauty Now,” a weekly podcast that brings you the latest in lasers, lipo, lips, lashes, hair, vaginal rejuvenation and we have back Dr. Matlock who did the vaginal rejuvenation show and he is here to tell us today about VASER Def abs. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, I saw it on the E! Channel the other day. It is pretty impressive.

Dr. David Matlock: What the difference is in liposculpturing and again, I have been doing for 21 years. We are basically taking down the fat, basically reducing the fat. What the patient has up underneath, that’s what they have. So yes, we are concerned about contouring the body and reducing the fat content and so forth. Looking at that we want to give the patient an aesthetically-pleasing look with liposuction.

98% of the women coming in for liposculpturing for me throughout the nation are coming in for Brazilian Butt Augmentation.  Butts are in. Butts are hot. Woman want to have a nice butt. They want that Jessica Biel butt. They want that J Lo butt. They want those hot butts. Butts are in.

Teri Struck: Dr. Matlock, thank you so much for coming back on our show.

Dr. David Matlock: Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure.

Teri Struck: Dr. Matlock is a Board Certified gynecological surgeon and has a full fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Matlock is the pioneer of trademark procedures, laser vaginal rejuvenation, designer laser, I don’t know how to say all of this, designer laser vaginoplasty. Did I say that right?

Dr. David Matlock: That’s correct.

Teri Struck: The G-shot. How do you say your butt thing?

Dr. David Matlock:  Brazilian Butt Augmentation.

Teri Struck: Your Brazilian Butt Augmentation and now Hip Hop Abs and the reason
he calls it that, now I know because I saw the E! Channel was you did lipo on a

Dr. David Matlock: up and coming Hip Hop artist.

Teri Struck: And it was amazing because I am married to a plastic surgeon and I have seen the results of lipo many, many times on many people and I have to say they really look sculpted. I mean because in the picture that I got, it looked almost like that can’t be true. So your job, tell us all about it

Dr. David Matlock:  Yes. On that particular patient, Marcus, I mean, the guys are really flocking into the office because of his procedure. Now I have been doing liposculpturing for the past 21 years on over 5000 patients. But truly this VASER Hi Def, this technique where we are using an ultrasonic unit to help to create what we are doing is completely  100% different.   

Actually, I was on Entertainment Tonight yesterday and I said look, this is the greatest thing, VASER Hi Def is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  So it is absolutely unique and what we see is patients who are coming in and they want that chiseled look. Now, again, if you don’t have it up underneath, I can’t create it. So I need those muscle structures. I need the muscles.  They are there but they can’t bring it out. I see athletes who are coming in and they say, “Doctor, look at me, looking great. They’re buffed and everything but, “Ah, you know the tummy, just can’t bring this out.  My hey day. Yeah, but I can’t bring this out or if I lose so much I just look gaunt in the face and so forth and all of that.” So they will come in for the procedure. And basically what we are doing, we are looking at the patient. We want to make sure we have a very good candidate for the procedure.

We are taking a VASER which is an ultrasonic unit and then we are kind of going up under the skin to kind of release it because we want this skin, this new skin to drape wrap back down our new VASER Hi Def  body. And so if you will, what’s going on is that we are defining out, say for the man, for the abdominal muscles. We are defining out that six pack but we are using a technique, using the VASER, using the technique, using certain camulas [sp] using our understanding,  complete understanding of muscle anatomy, the physiology to be able to create this so it is absolutely phenomenal and fantastic of what we see. Primarily in my practice it would be 99% women. Now it is about 25% men and the guys are coming in for this VASER Hi Def. Also the women are coming in for it also but what the women want, they want that athletic look, that hot athletic look. And so that’s what we are doing for the women.

Teri Struck: There are so many more men that are interested in plastic surgery today and I really would like to talk about men and plastic surgery. Now when you are saying VASER Hi Def, explain to our patients what does that actually mean? What is the difference between VASER Hi Def or vapor Hi Def or whatever you call it and then the regular lipo?

Dr. Matlock: What the difference is in liposculpturing and again, I have been doing for 21 years. We are basically taking down the fat, basically reducing the fat. What the patient has up underneath, that’s what they have. So yes, we are concerned about contouring the body and reducing the fat content and so forth. Looking at that we want to give the patient an aesthetically-pleasing look with liposuction.

Now, butt with liposuction, with liposculpturing, I can’t define out that abdomen because what I am doing with the VASER Hi Def is completely different, is really completely different on what we are doing, the technique is completely different. So our objective is to take that person with a decent body or a good body or a good muscle structure up underneath and to bring it out to show the abs to show the six pack, the lineation between the abs, the pecks, the traps, the lats, all of that so you see those people on the cover of the Muscle Magazine those sort of things. We even get some of them in. “Hey Doc, I really can’t get this definition. You know. So we are doing those things, as well. So you got to look at or see the pictures or go to my website drmatlock.com and look under VASER Hi Def and you can see the drastic differences from before and after. Then we really understand.

Teri Struck: I have to say, I mean, for my visitors I just want to give you a visual if you get a chance to see it on Dr. 90210. I mean, this guy didn’t look fat but he doesn’t look fit either and he did have some muscles so that’s what I think you are trying to say.

Dr. David Matlock: Correct

Teri Struck: He did have like a layer of fat and I could not believe the results. I really couldn’t.

Dr. David Matlock: Right. Those results were in six weeks. I couldn’t believe the results. It was just so fantastic and actually from that segment, people are coming from all over the United States requesting this. We are just trying to keep up with the demand.  Actually, I just got married. I just came back from my honeymoon from Tahiti.

Teri Struck: Congratulations

Dr. David Matlock: Thank you very much but prior to that, the month prior to that, I had to work Monday through Sunday to try to meet, to keep up with the demand. So this is the future. This is unique. This is excellent. It’s excellent.

Teri Struck: It looked pretty safe.

Dr. David Matlock: It’s very, very safe. It’s very safe. If you say, “Doctor, what are the risks?” The risk, the main things are bleeding and infection. The incidents of that are less than 1%. These are very, very, very, very safe procedures and you can go back the next day. Give yourself about four days, seven days. Go back to work. So get up and move. The more you get up and move around, the better off you are going to be.

Teri Struck: Get up and move around. That’s really good. So you are saying that, is it a one-day procedure or how does that work?

Dr. David Matlock:  It is a one-day procedure, in and out the same day. Walk in, walk out.  You do afterwards have a garment on, that’s to hold, splint the area in place. That will come off in four weeks. This is like a biking suit but we want you up, moving around, exercising.  Ten to twelve days, start exercising. You see, basically mass results in six weeks but you have continued results out far three to four months.

Teri Struck: So is this not for heavier people?

Dr. David Matlock: It’s not for heavier people. It’s not for heavier people. Listen what we will do, patients will call, “Hey, I want this procedure, send us pictures, a 360 of them. Send us pictures” Then we will tell the patients, “Yeah, you are a candidate.” “No, you are not a candidate for this particular procedure.” But, everybody wants it. Everyone wants it but we need a good candidate for the procedure. So basically, we see a lot of these gym rats coming in. You know they are gym rats. They go to the gym all the time. I have one guy who said, “Doctor, the only time I don’t go to the gym is on Christmas. Look at me, buffed. I can’t get my abdomen and the amount of weight I have to lose. I look gaunt in the face. I start losing muscle. So these are the people that are coming in for it. These are the people that are coming in for it. Entertainers are coming in for it, too. Entertainers get ready to go on a sit or a movie and so forth. We are seeing that. I get question one day, “Are the people in Fitness Magazine or Men’s Health, those kinds of things, is this cheating? Is it not cheating? Is it OK? Is it acceptable? One day that may be the question. That may be the question.  

Teri Struck: You know what I say who cares? I mean, as long as you look good and you can get there somehow, that’s not cheating. I don’t think it is cheating.

Dr. David Matlock: I don’t think it’s cheating either. I think that it is a great procedure.
You know what?

Teri Struck: They are not in a pageant.  See I think that

Dr. David Matlock: Right

Teri Struck: where the cheating thing comes in, if you are in a pageant, well then maybe it’s not fair. I don’t know.  It seems to me everybody in the world does plastic surgery now.

Dr. David Matlock: Correct. Correct. Well, I even have some women who are in beauty pageants. They are coming in and having the liposculpturing.  You know, so I mean, a lot of them had breast augmentation and things like that. So, you know, your conclusion is correct. I don’t think it’s cheating. It’s not cheating.

Teri Struck: Well maybe I guess if they are doing the lifting what Arnold did. [laugh]

Dr. David Matlock: Right. Correct.

Teri Struck: Maybe they think that’s cheating. I don’t know but who cares.

Dr. David Matlock: Right

Teri Struck: It looks really, really amazing. But what I would say and what would you say to have your patients to do first?

Dr. David Matlock: What I would say for the patients, I would tell the patients, “Listen, have a good exercise routine. Have a good diet.”  We will give those patients a diet, as well and we talk to them about diet. We talk to them about exercise. I even show them abdominal exercises that I do and I talk to them about my routine. I am really physically fit, great body and everything. I push that. So it’s really a comprehensive program. I want you to change your eating habits or if somebody has got a little weight on them, here we did this. You look great, fantastic. Do this diet. Follow this diet. Understand how to eat healthy and eat well. That’s what we want. So it’s a comprehensive program. It can really change the self esteem of people, as well. We use it in a lot of the people who are coming in, too, the guys are coming in or the girls came in. She had the procedure. She wants her man to come in or they are bringing the guy in to have these procedures. But it is hot. It is hot.

Teri Struck:  It was amazing. I have to say, very amazing. So what other types of procedures can you do if you are heavier? You are going to go on this diet but you have too much weight to lose.

Dr. David Matlock: Yeah. But say if the patients, say “Oh, you know what? You are not a candidate for VASER Hi Def. But look, let’s do traditional liposculpturing. Let’s decrease that tummy. Let’s decrease those pecks.” For a guy, the guys want their abdomen done. They want their love handles done and they start getting breasts. They want that done. Those are the primary areas that guys want. So they can come in and they can do that and they can decrease that, get them a good result, get a maximum result. Then in the future if they say “OK, fine I did it. I hit the gym and diet, hey, Doc, I want VASER Hi Def,” absolutely, no problem.

Teri Struck: That sounds good and I think that all of us should actually try to get down close to our ideal weight before any surgery. It’s hard to do but you just got to get a mindset to do it.

Dr. David Matlock:  Yeah but I think some patients come in and they will say that, “Oh do I need to lose weight before?” I mean, it’s not a big thing for the patient, per se. I say “Look you don’t need to.” What I see, what I see, now obviously we are not talking about overweight and stuff. Here’s a look. “Hey Doc, I have these saddlebags. I have these hips I want to get rid of, little tummy. Do I need to go on a diet?” No, because I do this liposculpturing for that patient and if you can see what happens and the transformation of the patient is absolutely phenomenal and then that patient has a tremendous incentive to work out, exercise, diet and maintain it. I did this. I went through it. I’m going to maintain it. So that’s what I see and that’s what I encourage patients. Now come on in and do this. You will see what’s going to happen afterwards.

Teri Struck: Except for ob[xx], are you talking about ten pounds then?

Dr. David Matlock: Yeah. Ten pounds. Twenty pounds. Some may be thirty pounds or “Doctor, I just have to got to get my legs done. If I can just get this. Just to tell my family. Hey we are small on top but I just got my legs.” Those kind of things. So you don’t have to tell them, “Hey, go lose weight.” Now we are not talking about obese patients. It’s not for that but just say “Yeah, I got some saddlebags, knees, some inner thighs, my front of my thighs.” “OK, let’s take care of that.” Take care of that. They are looking great instantaneous. Looking great, a couple of hours in surgery, an hour or two in recovery. They are up, gone. There is a tremendous incentive. That’s what I see.  And then we give them that diet and they enhance things. So this can be a huge incentive for someone to say let me change my diet, change my exercise and maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

Teri Struck: So you can do this on the knees.

Dr. David Matlock: I can do this from the chin to the ankles.

Teri Struck: Wow, it’s amazing. What’s the scar like?

Dr. David Matlock: The scar is about a 3 millimeter incision. It’s very hidden. Say if we are doing the abdomen. In the abdomen, we are going to see it in the pubic bone. Ok the public [xx] right there and inside the belly button. Top of the belly button, bottom of the belly button, inside. You don’t see anything. You don’t see anything. It’s beautiful. On the hip, on the hip it is right on the bikini line. Just think 3 millimeters. That’s like if you sharpen your pen, pencil. It’s the graphite.

Teri Struck: Oh that tiny

Dr. David Matlock: That little tiny point is very, very small. Heals very, very nicely.

Teri Struck:  And so, I still don’t get the difference between VASER lipo and the traditional liposuction. What would be the difference? Do they take out more fat with the traditional?

Dr. David Matlock:  Well, no. It depends upon the size of the patient.

Teri Struck: Oh I see. I see what you are saying.

Dr. David Matlock: OK. You saw Marcus. You saw the gentleman who had VASER Hi Def that I did. OK.

Teri Struck: Right. Right.

Dr. David Matlock: You saw before. You saw after.  Alright. If I did traditional liposculpturing, he’s not going to look like that. He’s just going to look like a thinner guy. Do you understand?
Teri Struck: Right. Right.

Dr. David Matlock: But with the VASER Hi Def, he’s got that six pack. He’s got the lats. He’s got the pecks.

Teri Struck:  You’re really sculpting.

Dr. David Matlock: You’re really sculpting, a totally different thing.

Teri Struck: That’s art.

Dr. David Matlock: That’s art.

Teri Struck: That was amazing.

Dr. David Matlock: That’s art.

Teri Struck: We have to take a break unfortunately. Hold one. We’ve got to thank our sponsors like ice.com and personallifemedia.com is going to be right back. Beauty Now and we are talking with Dr. Matlock on VASER liposelection and more on lipo. We will be right back.

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Teri Struck: Hi we are back. We are talking with Dr. Matlock. You’ve seen him on Dr. 90210. He is actually really, really good. He knows his stuff. We are talking about VASER lipo selection today. Chiseled Abs. This is amazing. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s pretty amazing. You need to look it up. Welcome back Dr. Matlock.

Dr. David Matlock: Thank you.

Teri Struck: So we left off talking about what you weigh and who’s a candidate. So tell us more about that.

Dr. David Matlock: Who’s a candidate, especially for the VASER Hi Def. We want those chiseled abs. You want someone who is near his ideal weight but he just can’t get the abs or get that chiseled look that he wants. I had an ex athlete who came in buffed with the pecks, the traps, the arms, just buffed. He said, “Doc, I can’t get my six pack out. I just can’t do it no matter what.” And then he had his little love handles. So that’s what I worked on. Popped the pecks, find the pecks, gave the six pack, defined and give him that Z cut. The guys they want that Z cut in the waist, that Z. So I gave it so he is happy as he can be.  But he goes to the gym, eats right and everything. Sometimes these things are exercise and diet resistant. But this guy knows exactly what to do. You look at him, say wow. But he wanted that tummy. He wanted that tummy. He wanted hard muscles up underneath. He just couldn’t bring it out. I had to sculpt it and bring it out for him. So we did that.

Teri Struck: And I have to say, my listeners, I received like hundreds of emails requesting shows and I saw this email which, it looked fun about Hip Hop Abs and I could not believe the pictures. And then I was still not even sure but then I saw the 90210 show and it was the before and after is so unbelievably incredible that I thought it wasn’t true. I really did thought it wasn’t true so I wasn’t sure that I would do it. And then after I saw the show it was man Dr. Matlock, you are a genius. Well, it’s amazing.

Dr. David Matlock: Right, well, see, I mean, that was so drastic in a six-week period.

Teri Struck: It was.

Dr. David Matlock: I told his girlfriend to take pictures in the kitchen so I actually had pictures of him in the kitchen and pictures in the office in a six-week period of time and then you had his professional pictures. I had pictures from him in the kitchen that the girlfriend took with digital.

Teri Struck: digital. Oh wow. They were amazing, really amazing. Let’s talk really quick. We only have I think about 10 more minutes. I wanted to talk about also I’m sure our listeners have seen the Brazilian Butt Lift and the J Lo thing has been so in and Jennifer Lopez and who else has it? Kim Kardasian and everybody is talking these rear ends but tell us about that. That was pretty amazing, too.

Dr. David Matlock:  My clientele. I treat patients from all 50 states and over 30 countries. And here, 98% of the women coming in for liposculpturing for me throughout the nation are coming in for Brazilian Butt Augmentation.  Butts are in. Butts are hot. Women want to have a nice butt. They want that Jessica Biel butt. They want that J Lo butt. They want those hot butts. Butts are in. So I’ve been doing this 12, 13 years but being on Dr. 90210 is 100% popularized now. So 98%. We even have at this particular point.

Women were coming in. She’s 100 lbs. “Doctor, I want a butt.” I said, “Well, you don’t have enough fat.” She was “Well, I’m going to go out and gain weight.” I said “Well I can’t as a doctor tell you to do that.” But I have so many women do that. I said, “Why are you doing that?” They said, “You are going to remove it all anyway.” I said, “You know what? You’re right.” So now if a woman doesn’t have enough weight, I tell them go ahead and eat enough fat. Go ahead and gain, come back. How much do I have to gain and so forth.  We talk to them how to gain healthfully and everything. Well yes, it’s all removed.

Teri Struck: How do you gain weight healthfully?

Dr. David Matlock: I would say, I am going to tell them “Look. Alright. Where did you gain?” I want to know where they gained. I would like for it to be localized.  “Doctor, I gained in my tummy. I gained in my hips. I gained in my thighs.” Or “Doctor, I gained all over.” So that means I am going to have to do liposculpturing basically all over to get the fat that I need. If they gained locally, my hips, my thighs, where women normally gain, Oh it’s very nice, very nice or very simple, OK. So I will take the fat. We have a beautiful technique. I take the fat, process the fat. 88% of the fat is alive and then what I first do, I sculpt the most aesthetically-pleasing butt. I show the women in the mirror. Here’s someone with a nice aesthetically-pleasing butt. Here’s what we have to do to create that first. It’s not just injecting.

Then I have a technique of how I inject the fat. It’s a very small incision just like I said. For a pencil, just the graphite on the pencil, like that, right under the cheek. I inject the fat deep, mold it and they have a beautiful result. The butt should look like a ball. So I know how a beautiful butt should look. Alright. This fat, 88% of the fat is alive. It was checked by UCLA in a clinical study and we have found, my office administrator had it 12 years ago, it’s all there. My patients say, “Doctor, 88% is there, 90% is there.” So we get an excellent take and women love it.

I just remember not too long ago I had two strippers who came in and they said, “Hey, we want this Brazilian Butt Augmentation.” I said “OK Alright. Fine.”  We did it. Love it.  They came back and they said, “Doctor, we are making so much money, we want more.” I said “You don’t have enough fat.”  They gained fat. Gained some weight. Did some more.  They said, “Thank you very much Doctor.” I said “OK.”

Teri Struck: That would be very, very tricky to know where to put the fat because how do you know it is going to go right in the right places. Do you massage it? How does it work?

Dr. David Matlock: Yeah but I know the technique that I worked out, that I developed, that it works and that it is 100% natural to look and feel period. That’s why they want it. I tell you this for people to understand. Those implants people don’t like it. Those implants are hard. So you go and you say like a breast implant but it’s a hard implant. There is a 4 centimeter incision in the crack on both sides. It’s unnatural. Unnatural look, feel and everything. I’ve had a lot of women who had them taken out come to me to do this Brazilian Butt Augmentation. I think that they say it’s their fat, their own fat. That’s why they are flocking to the office to have it done. Alright. That other hard artificial implant, plastic implant, there can be 8%, 12% infection, rejection.  It can turn and everything. That’s why people don’t want it. They don’t want it. That’s why they love my Brazilian Butt Augmentation using their own fat. Some women will say “Well Doctor, I don’t have enough, my sister has.” I said “No, I can’t do that. It’s autologous.  I need your own fat.” It is hot, believe me. 
Teri Struck: Somebody wanted to use their sister’s fat.

Dr. David Matlock: Somebody wanted to use their sister’s fat. Somebody wanted to use his mother’s fat. I said “No, we can’t do that because your body will reject it.” But I hear that all the time. But this is hot. Butts are it. It’s beautiful. It’s hot. Women want it. They want that beautiful look. They want that guy looking. They want their girlfriends commenting. They love it. Thank you J Lo. I really thank J Lo, Jessica Biel, all of them.

Teri Struck: I know J Lo, I mean, it’s pretty amazing how her butt can look so amazing and the rest of her looks amazing. I think the fear is for a lot of women, is that you will get fat other places if you have a fat butt.

Dr. David Matlock: No that’s not true. That’s not true. That’s not true. So anywhere that we perform liposculpturing there is a resistance to fatty accumulation. People have to remember I am removing billions of billions of billions of cells along with the fat. So there is a resistance. Here’s the thing that women have to understand. When a woman comes in and they say, “Oh, what is going to happen when I gain weight again?” I say “You know, that’s not the question I want you to ask.”

Teri Struck: Exactly.

Dr. David Matlock: I want you to say. I want you to say, “Wait a minute. I did this. I went through this. I’m going to maintain it.” That’s what we see. That’s what we see.

Teri Struck: And Dr. Matlock just brought up a really good point for the day for lipo. If you are going to have lipo, please stay on a life plan that is really healthy eating and if you are going to gain weight again, you are going to ruin your results.  I’ve had people come to me and say “Hey, Terry, look at all my lipo did this.” I want to say to them “Well, you’ve gained thirty pounds. What do you think?” So it’s true that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and keep healthy. And Dr. Matlock, thank you so much for being with us today. We learned about VASER lipo. We learned about the Brazilian Butt Lift which includes injections, right?

Dr. David Matlock: Correct.

Teri Struck: And you can find Dr. Matlock, if you go to personalifemedia.com, you can find Dr. Matlock, all his links and you are also going to find him in the Beverly Hills phonebook. You are going to write me with any questions or concerns, any show ideas  [email protected]. Thank you so much. I’m glad we got this show done today.

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