Beauty Now Gets the Latest From World Renowned Spa Expert Bella Schneider
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Episode 38 - Beauty Now Gets the Latest From World Renowned Spa Expert Bella Schneider

Bella shares tips and secrets from the best facials to where you should go to get them plus cellulite tips we need to know. Cellulite can be controlled with these directions from Bella. Thinking of getting permanent make up, then listen to this weeks show. Bella knows all there is to know in the world of spas. Get the best treatments for you. Look your best at any age. If you are lucky enough to live in California, then La Belle is a pleasure that you cant afford to miss. If not, then Teri asks her where our listeners can find the best spa near them. Beauty Now and Bella team up to get the latest in the spa world.



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Teri Hausman:  I'm Teri Hausman.  Host of Beauty Now.  We're going to welcome back today, Bella Schneider:, the founder of Labelle Days Spas in San Francisco, Palo Alto and many more locations.  She knows everything about beauty and we bring you a weekly show on lasers, breast, lashes, lippo and more.


Bella Schneider: First of all one has to keep certain regiment with food.  You really have to drink a lot to cleanse the body.  You have to stay away from real toxic food, and, that is processed food, high sodium food, preservatives.  Those are the real biggest culprits.  It's not necessarily so much fatty food, always on the low fat diet.  Many times I say the whole food is really are about learning how to eat the whole food again. People go and have scrubs but the follow up is very important.  A scrub getting rid of dead cells is very important because there's better absorption.  But, then, after the scrub there has to be a process and what we like to do is rub the body and all kinds of extracts there penetrate and influence whether it's a cellulite and detoxifying treatment.  We have wonderful gels, there are slimming that have ingredients like caffeine in it.  That's a given ingredients that almost everybody has. Chocolate, caffeine, anything that energizes the cells.  Twenty seven years ago the word 'Vanity' was so opposed by everybody I came with a statement that says vanity is a good thing because when you do look up inside you're better on the outside.  Basically a woman is more empowered than a man by taking wonderfully of themselves. I have stuck to it for 33 years like glue and I never let go and I keep studying and I keep learning and I keep expanding.


Teri:  Welcome back Bella.  Thanks for being with us. 

Bella:  Thank you for having me.

Teri:  What's new today and the spa world?

Bella:  Well, God, you know, beauty isn't forever evolving, right?

Teri:  Yes.

Bella: I think the concentration today all trade shows this year and all conversations are relevant to the whole green and natural organic issues.  And, again, use anti aging... [interrupted]

Teri:  Anti-aging esky.

Bella:  Pardon me?

Teri:  Anti-aging esky.  That's what the show's about, really.

Bella:  Well, if it's esky for most people, regardless of age, everybody wants to be able to be a little bit younger.

Teri: Well, on the specs from the inside-out now, and, of course, organics are trying to keep us healthy too because we're becoming aware of the pesticides and things. So, what's your advice?

Bella:  Well,  I think from inside-out is a good point but inside and outside is really the best blend,  Isn't it?

Teri:  Yes, it is.

Bella:  Yes.  My advice, first of all, of course, you are what you eat. What you drink and how you live.  But I think a lot of people have so much pressure in their lives.  It's hard to manage everything at the same time.  And, I always work realistically with each and every customer that comes in to our spas.  And the point here is we have so much more exams and research ingredients. If we can go to more natural mixes more power to us. If we can blend everything, it's even better.  So, my suggestion is based on what is appropriate for people, their life style, how much they can really absorb.  I mean people come and they say 'I really want to do everything', and the moment you explain what everything is a way to much.  So, the prescription varies from person to person because we have tools now.  Organics has been around forever but people went into the more chemical one because they were faster fixes.  Organics has been forever around but I think they're being more ... I say very implemented into cosmetics today...[interrupted]

Teri: Have you noticed getting a good organic product, Bella?  I mean, there so many different things now, they're chowding, they're organic.  How do we know that what we're getting is the right things for our face?

Bella:  Well, I think you need to build a trusting relationship with the aesthetician like you build the trusting relationship with the physician.  And anything in you life like the mechanic for your car, I don’t think the consumer, all on their own.  The array of choices today can go out there and really make a right choice.  So, first of all, you need to really couple up with somebody who could trust and then take some research.  Take some trying out.  Once you do that I think a professional person who is trained to give you that information then you stick with it rather than go all over the place.

Teri:  That's good advice because there are so many spas all over the world today. And, so, you just go there and build a relationship with somebody that you trust and make sure that they have great credentials and great backing as far as physician recommended and all that.

Bella:  Well, you know, there are different types of spas.  There are spas you go to energize, relax, enjoy, and have a body treatment or massage.  There are spas that you go because you want to have expert advice.  These people who are there consistently who have backgrounds.  Who perhaps even mixed of more medical exposure together with aesthetic exposure.  I think that's the best blend.  More of a paramedical aesthetician who understands both types of products that are available.  Because I don't think that a lot can be achieve with just one brand or only organics.  It's the blend of all the different approaches and ingredients they can get a lot of people to where they need to go.

Teri: So, what does your spa offer?

Bella:  Well, we have a medi spa component.  We have a very advanced skin care treatments.  We have huge retail that is originated by me.  A lot of formulations done by me.  We used excess amount of minerals from the Dead Sea. We use wonderful resources. 
Talking of organic and natural today we developed mud from the Dead Sea that has no preservatives.  You know, mud has most bacteria in it.  So, we're working diligently to provide as much as possible caravan- free/preservative-free for environment for our clients.  And, in the same token, when somebody has an issue on high pigmentation I still need the old great tools like Retinoic Acid, Hydronic Acid, etc. 
Lightness, sometimes botanical likeness works sometimes they don't.  If we don't want to see themselves aged or discolored or uneven skin tone, regardless of the organics you're going to give them, it’s just like anything else.  You need to give them the tools to correct the problem then you can wind them of those, and put them more in green philosophy. 
Right now, I'm building a green spa at the down town county location.  We're using every material possible that is recyclable, grey water, and recycling.   Anything that is possible to preserve the environment and take that approach. With that, I'm putting products on the shelf that have that philosophy.  But, the same token, I'm also putting medi spa where in we have injectables and laser and, so on and so forth.  All the technology man made. Right?

Teri:  Right, and one that's the way the future and that's the way we should all be.  So now, why don't you tell me what is the best facial out there. Right now that you give?

Bella: Well, we give a lot of facials because the causes that we encounter, for example, there is a huge problem with rose asia today.  Some of it was self-induced.  People using too many exfoliators not protecting themselves enough.  Having a blast of copper roles, so, we developed a calming facial for rose asia.  We also use a lot of peptide, hexopeptide. Very very new age peptide.  All penetrate deeper with greater result. We're also working in and are able to deliver now better ingredients for deeper delivery into the epidermis, past epidermis.  Those are great great inventions and those types of facials specifically designed for each customer issues or more effective than the old fashioned facial "you peel the face, you steam the face, extract the face, put a mask on the face and massage".  Those feel good sometimes they're no good but they don't drive the ingredients that we can drive today different to the skin.

Teri:  Tell about your 'Mom Me Packages".

Bella:  This is going to be offered once we open in town and country and I suspect that would in the end of October or beginning of November.  We've designed two different packages for Mom Me's.  Because mothers are really, they have a hard time getting to themselves so we can put together packages that make Mommy want to take care of their body, take care of their skin and their simplest of things that then they can choose.  Facials that are appropriate after pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes...

Teri:  Which is Melasma, right? Correct?

Bella:  Well, Melasma could be one of the problems.  Other people in country are getting drier because there is a change in the production of oil.  So, we address all that.  We also allowed them to have a little bit of an experience of our medi spa may be a little buttocks.  Maybe a consultation.  May be even a laser that blend the pigmentation faster so on and so forth.  Mommies are of different age now.  You have mommies in 40's, mommies in 20's.  So, their issues are very different.  So, we are addressing all of that and also things like pilatis.  We have a palates studio in there.  Just to have them form their body and work with cellulite and all the stretch marks.  All the issues that so up setting for a woman who's taking great care of herself but she might impose a real change in her body.  And, at the same time token, we have a 'Sweetheart Package' for the young girls/for high schools because I find now we have three generations.   Thirty seven years of doing this business I have now clients in three generations and so exciting to have their high school daughters come to us.  And they're, you know, whether it's shaping their eye brows properly, teaching them how to apply make up, keeping their skin clean.  They're our sweethearts now so it's Labelle darling to be our new program also for the 'Labelle Darling'.  The darling of the month.

Teri: So, tell us about cellulite.  What's the best advice for women to get rid of cellulite?

Bella:  First of all, one has to keep a certain regiment with food.   You really have to drink a lot to cleanse the body you have to stay away from real toxic food.  And that is processed food, high sodium food, preservatives.  Those are the real biggest culprits.  It's not necessarily so much fatty food, always on the low fat diet.  Many times I say the whole food is really are about learning how to eat the whole food again. 
Just a little story, I went to France very recently and we have the richest delicious food.  And, I said, 'oh my God, oh my God'.  I came home six pounds thinner.  And I ate things that I never eat here but it was the portion and, the fact, that everything in the food really was organic. Taste a little sour.  Everything was cooked fresh. 
That is the culprit.  The culprit is not in eating fat.  I totally disagree with it.  The culprit is taking the whole food and breaking it down and imitating it.  And that what was biggest cause of cellulite, and, in addition to that is all the drinks such coffee native drinks, and sugar substitute drinks. All of that causes cellulite.  So, I recommend highly going to whole food.  Try organic as much as possible and that is more important than organic on the skin.  I agree that paravant-free or preservative-free on the skin is very important.  But inside your body organic is the best way to go.  That's number one.  Number two: endermology's so effective.  We use endermology and we also use a system that is a wonderful system for lymph drainage which we collect the most toxins in our lymphatic system.  So, cleansing the lymph with lymphatic drainage. Acupressure for lymphodema, which means accumulation of water in the body. Cleansing with the system that we offers at Labelle and also doing endermology is so effective, and, in addition to that, looking at a whole program that is whole food.  Rational behavior with the way that you eat.  I agree with all Crafter 7 is now terrific and cut down sugar and salt. 

Teri:  I love Endermology. I have to say, I'm a big fun of it and also eating properly and exercise.  I want to hear women ' Oh, that doesn't work'.  Well, there's something that you're not doing right.  You have to be walking, drinking your fluid and all that.  Endermology, I have about completely known cellulite.  Because of endermology, I do love it.  So that's a great thing that you offer there.  What else do you offer that you love?

Bella:  Well, you know, because I'm not a destination spa.  You don't come to me to diet, but I'm a lifestyle spa.  You come to me all the time.  For little intervals.  What I like to do is just be a support system with good guidance.  So, the idea of helping our clients to choose a good eating habit since I said getting an idea doing wonderful body treatment.  You know, people are very stressed.  I always say, when I go to massage I look for a tour guide.  I myself is a tour guide.  So I need a massage to really distress and get into my body. But when you want the type of treatment that is very relaxing that influences the texture of your skin you need to do a body treatment.  And envelopment with the body treatment is very important.  In other words, the scrubs are very important, slapping dead skin so there is better penetration/absorption by the skin, and the same token, the application of important ingredients such as organic ingredients, we have phenomenal extras that I bring from different sources in the world.  I'm going to keep my secrets private.

Teri:  And I'm the one to copy right but first we're going to stop and thank our sponsors.  This is really incredible information and going to get right back with Bella Schneider from Labelle Days Spas.  She knows everything about beauty that we want to know we'll be right back.


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Teri:  We're back with Bella Schneider. This is Beauty Now, your host Teri Hausman.  Thank you so much for talking to us Bella.  We're just talking about massages and everything we're getting so much information and you're just talking about we left off with 'slapping the skin'.

Bella: People go and have scrubs but the follow up is very important.  A scrub getting rid of dead cell is very important because there's better absorption.  But, then, after the scrub there has to be a process.  And, what we like to do is rub the body with all kinds of extract that penetrate and influence whether it's a cellulite and detoxifying treatment.  We have wonderful gels for slimming that have ingredients like caffeine in it. That’s a given ingredients almost everybody has.  Chocolate, caffeine, anything that energizes the cells.  We have ingredients that are hydrating and calming.  It depends on the goal.   It's just that there are no two bodies alike.  There's no two faces alike.  The idea of going somewhere they can key and build their treatment and don't have seven protocols that does for all is the way to choose your place.

Teri:  So, how can somebody, middle america, that's listening to the show, find a spa like yours?

Bella:  I don't know.

Teri:  [laughs] Okay.  My advice, I would say, then, go to the yellow pages and then go visit all this spas to see if they offer these different programs go get.  Most good spas, Days spas, have programs and things that you can find.  But if you are in California you can look up at Labelle Spas.

Bella:  I have a little advice on that.  You know, I do have another company where I train and distribute my products all over the nation.  I think that there are three categories today in the spas.  There's the Medi spa.  There's the hotel spa and there are the personal spas.  I don't recommend to go to little, you know, nail saloon to get your best face treatment.  Right?

Teri:  No. Or, ever get an injection in a nail salon!
 Super sorry. We want the nails girls out there, but we do have to warn you some really bad things happened to people. Getting injections and things like that from unqualified doctors from nail salon.  You never do that!

Bella: Right.  And waxing.  Even the smallest things. I browse butchers.  What I say is... [interrupted]

Teri:  A waxing too can get burn.  There are just so many different things.  I mean let them step to their specialty like you don't go for brush tab to a dentist.

Bella:  [laughs].  You said as well.  But just add to that point.  I think when you go and you look over the internet which is the tool everybody uses.  And you search first for a place which having business for a while.  Talk to your friends and see where the level of satisfaction is.  Check and see what products they used.  Ask how long internship your aesthetician had and how much experience.  And Where were she trained and then have one treatment that's none committal treatment.  Just to get a sense of it.  And I think that's the way to go.
Medi Spas are not necessarily the best spas to get a facial perhaps there're better spas to get an injection or a laser or peel.  But you don't get the pampering that you get in a spa that's own... like myself I'm still hands-on.  Years later make sure I train every aesthetician.  It's not easy to find a spa like mine.  Because most owners today spa has become an investment to high tech... You know, few years ago that went to a different ram.  Yeah, it's harder to find a great salon spa.  But when you do and if you do your diligence I think you can hook up with a place that you can be just right for you.

Teri:  And what you're saying is true.  A Day's spa is more to go and relax and to get all your treatments. To get all your little products you need for daily basis.  Many spas are more for the laser treatments, plastic surgery and that kind of stuff.  You need more recovery.  And your spa, actually, offers all the injections and stuff because it is a medi spa as well.  But you can also go there and de-stress.  And I think stress today is a killer.  Ages us so much and we're going to talk about anti-aging.  I think stress we need to talk about.

Bella:  You know, Teri, twenty seven years ago the word 'Vanity' was so opposed by everybody.  I came with a statement that says vanity is a good thing because when you do look up inside you're better on the outside.  Basically, a woman is more empowered, and a man, by taking wonderfully of themselves. In our spas we do everything.  We do hands. We do eyebrows.  We do injectibles.  We do permanent make up and we do phenomenal facials and body treatments and massage and nails. 
I don't miss a segment. The reason is we are local.  We cater to a population that ‘less me know what it is that they want'.  They love the idea that we have expertise in every department and that we offer it in such quantitative amount.  We do have a large staffs.  But I have stuck to it for 33 years like a glue and I never let go and I keep studying and I keep learning and I keep expanding. 
Well, if you can find a spa like this, more power to you.  I suggest you check in and that you check on the expertise, and again it's a hard one.  But, still, there are places that specialize in one thing or another.  May be that's another way to go. 

Teri:  Just want to mention one thing that I want to bring out, permanent make up.  That is another thing that a lot of nail salons offer. And I see such horrid results and people thinks so upset.  And you can't really reverse that for quite sometime.  Will talk about that for a second.

Bella:  There are lasers now, new generation lasers that can remove it but it's like anything else.  Why would you want to do that?  Why would you check yourself into a place that doesn't have the serious credentials and get something so permanent done.  And it’s around your eyes.  It's around your sensitive areas like your lips.  It amazes me.  Blows me away the thing that people want to do their research and diligence and just get talk into something or because the price level.  Something in $80 going to worth $80.  That's all I have to say.

Teri:  And when you're messing with your face you do not want to go tick.

Bella:  You know its needles. Excuse me. Needles on top of your eyes.  That's all I have to say. 

Teri:  Right.

Bella: Yeah.  I propose to going anywhere for anything.  Research well and choose well.  Pay the price and get the results. 
By the way, back to injectibles, the reason that we now and the reason that I brought so much of the injectibles in this because I find that several years ago face lifts was the solution and today a lot of people are postponing these big surgeries due to the fact that we have such an amazing hydrophonic acid came out in buttocks.  It’s just transform people approach to listing.  So.... [interrupted]

Teri:  I think you can definitely add yours to wait for your surgery.  I don't think it can correct sagging.  But I do think it does correct the big deep lines and things like that people care ... [interrupted]

Bella:  Well, you know, laser right now does improve, for example tighten.  Does give a good lifts and a good shrink to the skin.  It's called the 'Oscar facial' in LA.  I mean everybody goes and gets before the Oscar.  So, it's a great treatment you can get three types of facial definition and the jaw line and the neck which is hard.  The injectibles give you a plum more youthful.  Buttocks give you less expression.  So, you take collectively all of this stuff and it's properly done then you can have great great results.  And a lot of people are not running under the knife less lifestyles... before so busy.  It's very hard to check out for a month.  So, I believe that's a good thing to have in a spa.  I have three doctors to work out.  I don't volunteer to just one so I just try to bring variety.  And the same for clients.  Check around it's a great way of keeping more useful appearance. 

Teri:  I'm a big fun of lasers. Definitely.  Tell us about lip tattooing real quick.

Bella:  Well, lip tattooing.  It depends.  You can do the boarder of the lips which is the same as permanent make up and it does have to be tattooed.  There're two philosophies:  its color implanting, it's what we like.  It's more feathered.  And then, you can do the entire lip to give yourself color.  You know, it's a personal choice.  I don't have it done because I like every morning to get up and do something else to myself.  But I do like the lashes.  There's lash in hands that is just wonderful.  Just a little bit of a line in between your lashes to make your eyes more defined and eyebrows people are not fortunate to have the right eyebrows.  Then, I think if it's implanted well and it's not tattooed strongly then it's a nice service. 

Teri:  And, eyebrows can be tricky. And not you do want to go to somebody that's really so good on eyebrows.  I would definitely want to see before and after pictures if you’re going to choose somebody... tattoo your eyebrows. 

Bella:  There're three things to do.  You should do it in a place that has a good make-up artist.  So the make-up artist can define the color.  Define the shade and printed on well on the beginning.  Then you want to take a picture.  Then you want to have a test of pigment.  Because these skins tones tend to change the pigment of the color implanting.  So, you want to make sure that you have a test on that and only after those you want to make sure the colors implanted with somebody that has at least  four, five - six years experience and a very steady hand.  In my place all the girls that do the color are also astrologist.  They work with needle for a long time and then they have adopted the second technique.  That's why I like how we do it. 

Teri: What else do you like about tattooing?  What else can you tattoo on your face?

Bella:  You can do a beauty mark. If you have something that is mark of callus or births.  you could reverse the tone and the color in it.  You could do darkers and lighters.  There's a lot of camouflage.  You could do also body breath after surgery.  All kinds of collections.

Teri: That is one thing that I've seen to it.  That you can make a nipple to somebody that you have breast reconstruction.  I think it's fabulous.

Bella:  It's fabulous work and I'm all for it because it completes the surgery.  I think.... it looked very natural.

Teri:  That's actually a great service to have.  You know, we're running out of time.  And I thank you again.  We're going to have you back again.  So much information.  I think you know more about anybody in the planet about spas.  Obviously you have the best spas in the world that we've ever been to.  Thank you again for talking with us and we're going to have Bella back.  If you have actually go to Bella's spa, go to and we're going to have all of Bella's links that you can actually look at there web site.  Look at their products if you want to come to California and visit our spas.  It's worth the trip.  Thank you again Bella.

Bella:  And thank you again. Bye-bye.

Teri:  Bye bye.

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