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Episode 35 - Dr. Michelle Yagoda on the “Beauty Scoop”

What is the latest buzz and best new product? One that Beauty Now likes is Beauty Scoop. Beauty Scoop an edible beauty product that it's creators say improves the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails. Beauty Scoop was created by Michelle R. Yagoda M.D, partner Eugene H. Gans Ph.D, and co-founder Jill Carvajal. I think of it as a "beautyceutical."

It is a powder you can add to your drinks and it says you'll get gorgeous nails, skin and hair. You cant open any magazine right now without all the stars raving that it is their new favorite product. I was skeptical but the doctor who invented it, Dr. Yagoda, tells our listeners her perspectives on the Scoop's "miracle" properties. What you choose is always your decision and you should search Google because it has alternative viewpoints.

Dr. Michelle Yagoda practices both facial plastic surgery and Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat surgery). Eugene H. Gans is a pharmacist, chemist and inventor. He was awarded the prestigious citation of American Men of Science. Jil Carvajal, is president of Front Row communications.

Beauty Scoop is a patent-pending and clinically tested formula that includes peptides and lipids. Developed as a pure powder for maximum absorption and reinforced with key vitamins and minerals. See if it makes sense for you. As always, Beauty Now uncovers the trends for your consideration.



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I’m Teri Hausman, host of Beauty Now, a weekly show on laser, lypo, lashes, lips, beauty, and today, beauty from the inside out.

Michelle:  Well, because Beauty Scoop works from the inside, you get a higher absorption than you would from any topical product so if you were to compare it to any of the products you mentioned or to for example a product that has topical peptides in it you will have much more absorption from something you take internally than a topical product.  The smallest usable forms of proteins there are two or more amino acids.  The reason why peptides are important in our formula as opposed to the peptides that you get from breaking down proteins in your regular diet is that when you eat a regular diet it takes your body 4 to 6 hours to break down the food that you use into usable peptides and lipids.

Teri:  We have a special guest today, one of the co-founders of Beauty Scoop, a Dr Michelle Yagoda.  Welcome Dr Michelle.

Michelle:  Thank you, I’m very pleased to be with you.

Teri:  Well I should have called you Dr Yagoda, not Dr Michelle, sorry about that.  So, tell us all about your product, Beauty Scoop, and how did you come to, you know, see that we needed to take something like this:  it’s a supplement, right?

Michelle:  It is.  Beauty Scoop’s actually an edible peptide formula, and , I am a plastic surgeon, so my perspective on beauty might be somewhat unique.  Although I have the tools to be able to provide people who are interested with enhancements, with plastic surgery, fillers, Botox and the like, skin care treatments and other dermatological treatments, I really felt that beauty is a reflection of how healthy and well you are on the inside and that many people, not the first, realize that the benefits of internal health and wellness are apparent on external beauty.  So, together with my partner, Dr. Gene Gans, we developed a beauty product that is able to improve your appearance of your hair, skin and nails, and actually make healthier skin, hair and nails from the start through this edible peptide and lipid formula.

Teri:  So how did you guys come up with this formula in particular, and how is different from lets say, Borba?

Michelle:  Well, basically, all other beauty beverages on the market are either vitamin and enhanced waters or teas or juices that are fortified with antioxidants.  Beauty Scoop is completely different for several reasons.  First of all, it’s a peptide and lipid formula.  Peptides are the usable forms of proteins, and lipids are the usable forms of biologically important oils, so it’s different in that regard.

Teri:  Can you explain peptides for our listeners, I mean, most people listening today, they’re like, what, what is a peptide?

Michelle:  Right well a peptide is the usable, the smallest usable forms of proteins.  There are two or more amino acids.  The reason why peptides are important in our formula, as opposed to the peptides that you get from breaking down proteins in your regular diet, is that when you eat a regular diet, it takes your body 4-6 hours to break down the food that you use into usable peptides and lipids, and, unlike most supplements,  whose main function is to supplement a diet that may be lacking in nutrients, Beauty Scoop works differently, we’re not saying that anybody is necessarily missing something from their diet because you can see that people who consume healthy diets actually still have problems with their skin, hair and nails.  We theorized, back in our original clinical research that people have a problem absorbing the nutrients that they get from their regular diet, and therefore have problems with skin, hair and nails.  So Beauty Scoop provides peptides which again, are the usable forms of proteins in a powder form which is immediately available for your body to use, and through our clinical research, we have proven results that show that if we supply you with an ample amount of peptides, in a readily absorbable format, which is the powder, and in a sufficient quantity which we’ve pre-measured into individual packets, and you take it over a short enough period of time, our clinical studies show that we can jumpstart the body’s own pathways and get a boost so that you make healthier skin, hair and nails.  In fact, we see that in clinical studies 86% of people who use the product reported that they have improvement in all 3 areas, their skin, hair and nails, within three weeks.

Teri:  Is anybody allergic to Beauty Scoop?

Michelle:  Yes, Beauty Scoop contains soy in it, so anybody who has an allergy to soy we would recommend that they stay away from it, but other than that, there are no ingredients in it that are not found in a regular diet.  So there is peptides, lipids which are oils, there are many different vitamins and minerals, which we’ve only included those that have shown, have clinically shown to have a benefit in skin, hair and nails.  But there’s nothing artificial, there’s no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, there’s no drug-like herbal elements so there’s not anything that’s unproven nor is there anything that’s dangerous.

Teri: You know, I drank it with my water this morning and it didn’t really have much of a taste and it was just fine to drink so, it was good actually.

Michelle:  Well, it only has a very mild vanilla flavor.

Teri:  Right.

Michelle:  That’s because it comes from the vanilla orchid plant, and there’s not any artificial vanilla, but you can mix it into other things besides water.  My favorite is to mix it into a shake.  I like to put it with non-fat milk, ice and chocolate because I’m actually a chocolate lover but

Teri:  That does sound good and when I did drink it just with the plain water that’s kind of what it reminded me of was a protein shake, or something like that, so I figured you could probably add frozen bananas and things like that to it.

Michelle:  You could put all kinds of fruit in it, in fact, Dr Gan’s favorite is to mix it with orange juice because he loves the creamsicles, remember those ice cream bars?

Teri:  My mom used to love the Orange Juliuses.  That’s true, that was my mom’s favorite, and actually I’m really on a quest now to find things that heal you from the inside out because my poor mom just passed of cancer so.

Michelle:  I’m so sorry to hear that.

Teri:  I know, and so, this show, I want to talk about eating healthy from the inside out, finding supplements that actually can benefit us and that you can absorb, so we talked about that actually we were trying to give it an analogy of having the spinach that has the iron in it and the orange juice and the myths before, that people were saying, you shouldn’t combine these things and if I understood this correctly, Beauty Scoop, that’s what it does.  It just absorbs into your body easier.

Michelle:  Exactly, because it comes in a powder formula, there’s no binders or fillers in it the way there would be with pills or tablets or even edible bars like a power bar.  Because it’s a powder, it’s immediately available and the way that we recommend that somebody drink it is to mix it into any beverage so it could be anything hot or cold.  It can be coffee, tea, it can be juice, water, milk, it can actually even be an alcoholic cocktail, that’s what we recommend that you use it everyday but the alcohol enhances the absorption.

Teri:  Do you think we should make a banana Margarita Beauty Scoop

Michelle:  That’s right!

Teri:  I think they should offer that at the bar when we go to Hawaii.

Michelle:  That’s right, and they also have signature Beaujito’s, don’t forget about those!

Teri:  Oh, I like those, Beaujitos. That’s very good.  My sister-in-law, Melinda, will love those, she loves Mojitos, so I’m gonna tell her about a Beaujito, if you’re gonna do something like this.

Michelle:  If she has a special recipe, we’re going to have a recipe-of-the-month on our website, so please, she could feel free to send it in.

Teri:  Oh, we are going to enter this contest.  I think we’re going to have to get a whole book of Beaujito recipes.

Michelle:  That’s right, and Beautinis.  We’ve got

Teri:  Beautinis, I like that.  My god, that’s gonna catch on, we need to open up our own beauty bar.

Michelle:  Well, I think what’s really fun about Beauty Scoop is that not only is it a beauty product that works, you know there are so many different products that claim to have benefits that don’t, and Beauty Scoop is based in nature with all natural ingredients backed by science and it’s clinically proven, so it’s different, but what’s also different about is that it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s something that comes in a powder packet.  You can take it with you, you can travel with it.  You can take it in your on-board luggage.  You can mix it into anything you want to drink, it’s not a chore, it’s not like a fourth step in your skin care regiment, and it’s fun, it tastes good.  Most people think, you know, it’s that 4pm pick-me-up in the middle of the day when you’re looking for a snack of some kind and this is satisfying and you know that it’s not, it doesn’t just taste good, it’s doing something good for you. 

Teri:  Well, tell us about the lipids in the product and what are lipids?

Michelle:  Lipids are biologically important oils and their important for their, they’re important building blocks for the skin, hair and nails.  And not only do they actually help the cells structure, but they help the supporting tissue around the cells so that they are plump and viable and look healthy and, you know, young.  Lipids are important for many things in your body, they’re important for other things as well, as energy, vitality, flexibility, storage, hormone production, but, specifically for your skin, hair and nails, they are what is responsible for having a glow to your skin and shiny hair and strong nails that are not dry and cracking and splitting.

Teri:  So when I think of lipids, I think of fats.  Is it a fat?

Michelle:  Well, lipids are oils and fats are in the same category and fats are not always bad.  Fats are your friends as long as they are heart-healthy and free of transfats which the fats in Beauty Scoop are.  The lipids come from the safflower and canola flower which are heart healthy and free of trans fats.  They provide you with a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids vitamin E and other antioxidants which are vital so, yes, they are similar but a good form.

Teri:  So how many calories does Beauty Scoop have?

Michelle:  In each dose of Beauty Scoop, there are 91 calories and if you think about the fact that you’re getting 6 grams of protein, that’s a lot less calories expended than you would for maybe 4 grams of protein in a power bar the calories are probably 150 calories or so, so in terms of bang for the buck, in terms of what kinds of benefit you’re getting for the calories expended, we haven’t had any complaints.

Teri:  Well, the only complaint I can say, I tried to pour it into my water bottle with the really small hole, and I was bound and determined to do it but I got half all over so I realized you have to mix it into your glass.

Michelle:  Yeah, definitely do.  We’re working on that with a partner, but, for now, yes, that’s true and in addition, the powder itself, the Beauty Scoop powder has been likened to cake mix or you know, like a vanilla flavored batter mix and it’s fluffy and thick just like that so if you could get it into your bottle, it would come right out the top.

Teri:  But it was easy to drink, it really was so when I first smelled it, I thought, Oh my gosh, I wonder how many calories are in here, but it was really really easy to drink.  It mixed very with water so, and I’m looking forward to putting it into something more fun than water.

Michelle:  Well, you’ll have to give me the feedback.

Teri:  Definitely, I will.  So what other things does Beauty Scoop have in it and what are the benefits?

Michelle:   Well, Beauty Scoop basically can address three areas so it’s a great multi-tasker in terms of improving your skin, hair and nails.  So, in the skin, it gives a healthy glow, it gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles that are related to dryness.  It gets rid of peeling, cracking dry areas of the skin for example on the elbows, if you have scaly skin on your legs, it will improve all of those things.  In the hair, it makes the hair shinier and more manageable.  Nothing can get rid of the split end that has already surfaced, but, through distributing more moisture in the hairshaft, without oiliness, it actually makes the appearance of the split ends improved.  And because it fortifies the hair and makes you grow new, stronger hair from the start, the hair that you do grow is less likely to get split ends. 

Teri:  So kind of like a moisturizer from the inside out.

Michelle:  Exactly, and for the nails, it’s really incredible, it makes your nails grow faster and stronger, it gets rid of splitting, peeling.  Many of those things can be related to dietary deficiencies but the one thing that it also takes care of which we’re very excited about, and which men love, especially, is it gets rid of ridges in the nails.  Now ridges is not a sign of a dietary deficiency, it’s actually related to normal, healthy aging, that doesn’t make people like it any more so, the interesting thing about Beauty Scoop is that it gets rid of nail ridges.  We’re not quite sure why that happens aside what we’ve theorized, that since you’re making new and better nails from the core, from the start, you actually produce nails with less ridges in the first place. 

Teri:  Well, I’m looking forward to that and I want to talk to you a little bit more but we’re going to have to take a commercial break to thank our sponsors like echowine.com.  If you go to echowine and you put in the codeword, green, you get a great discount.  This is Teri Hausman with personallifemedia.com and we’re gonna be right back with Dr Michelle Yagoda.

Teri:  I’m Teri Hausman and we’re back with Dr Michelle Yagoda and we’re talking about Beauty Scoop, and if you’ve seen any magazine lately, it has Beauty Scoop in it as the must have.  So we’ve found Dr Michelle Yagoda and we’re asking all about Beauty Scoop, the edible beauty accessory from the inside out.  Welcome back, Michelle.

Michelle:  Thank you, thank you for having me.

Teri:  We were just talking about what it does for your nails and I was actually really excited about getting rid of the ridges on nails because I want to be able to take off my artificial nails after what happened with my mom and cancer, and I just don’t want any more of, you know, of bad chemicals around me, so I’m trying to do all the organic stuff, and I’m thinking that this product actually we’ll see in 3 weeks, I’m gonna let you know  because I’m taking off my nails, and hopefully they’ll grow strong.

Michelle:  You’ll definitely find that they will because I can’t tell you how many people who have never been able to grow their nails before, took their artificial nails off and were able to grow strong, healthy nails, and not only did they grow, and were they strong, but they looked as though they had a French manicure even without nail polish, I kid you not.  In addition, we had people who have bitten their nails, actually one of the actresses on the testimonials on our website bit her nails her entire life and right before her wedding she decided she wanted to grow her nails, and not wear nail tips.  She started taking Beauty Scoop and she had gorgeous nails for her wedding.

Teri:  So how long has Beauty Scoop been out? 

Michelle:  Uh, Beauty Scoop launched in New York City, at Clyde’s, on Madison Ave on November 29th of 2007, so it has not quite been even a year but we’ve

Teri:  It’s been amazing press, I mean every magazine that I open, has Beauty Scoop in it as the must have thing to have.  So tell us more about it.  What’s to say if we’re using like, a topical, like a Retin-A or anything like that, it wouldn’t replace it would it?  Or would it just be an additional thing that you would do?

Michelle:   Well, because Beauty Scoop works from the inside, you get a higher absorption than you would get from any topical products.  So if you were to compare it to any of the products you mentioned or to, for example a product that has topical peptides in it, you will have much more absorption from something you take internally, than a topical product.  In addition, with a topical product, it only works for your skin for as long as it is on contact with your skin, so when you wash your skin at the end of the night, you no longer have the benefits of that product.  Beauty Scoop, because it’s taken internally, the benefits are from the inside and will continue to last for up to 5 weeks if you were to stop taking the product.  So not only is it something that you get a higher level of absorption but it actually lasts and works even when it’s not, you know, all the time, even when you’re not drinking it.

Teri:  So you’re saying that it actually lasts in your body, to continue working after you stop.  How long after you stop?

Michelle:  It will, the benefits will continue to be noticeable for up to 5 weeks if you were to stop using this product.

Teri:  But, after you were using it for how long?

Michelle:  After you’ve used it for the first 3 weeks. 

Teri:  After the first 3 weeks, but then, what would you recommend after the first 3 weeks, for upkeep-maintenance?

Michelle:  Recommend taking 1 packet a day for the first 3 weeks, because 86% of people in our clinical studies reported improvement in all 3 areas, their skin, hair and nails, within 3 weeks.  For people who want to see faster results, they can take 2 packets a day for the first week.  Once you’ve gotten the benefits that you’d like to see, which are typically within 3 weeks, to maintain those benefits we recommend that you take 1 packet of Beauty Scoop every 2nd or 3rd day.  If you want to take it everyday, by all means you can.  It will not do any harm. It will only continue to enhance, but if you want to maintain the benefit level that you’ve achieved, you can just continue taking 1 packet every other, or every 3rd day.

Teri:  Okay, so you’re saying that you could take it every 3rd day but then, what if you continue taking it every day, where does all that go.  Do you urinate it our, or is it, is it a waste to take too much of it, or

Michelle:  No, it’s not a waste at all.  Some people, it will continue to, if you took it every day after the 3 weeks, you’ll still continue to have the benefits and anything that you don’t, that your body doesn’t need, you will excrete, just like any vitamin or any dietary supplement or anything that you eat through your regular food, if your body doesn’t need it and you don’t use it, obviously you excrete it.  But, there is not anything harmful if you were to continue to take it everyday.  Some people don’t like to be committed to taking something every day and, because of that, we know that you can maintain the benefits for up to 5 weeks if you were to stop taking the product, but if you wanted to maintain it for longer, you could continue taking a packet every 2 or 3 days and still maintain the same amount of benefit. 

Teri: So if there’s somebody that’s pregnant or nursing, would you recommend this product to them or would you tell them to wait?

Michelle:  Well, although there’s absolutely nothing in the Beauty Scoop ingredients that would be harmful, for any product to be recommended to somebody who’s pregnant or nursing, the FDA regulates that tests be done on pregnant and nursing women and Beauty Scoop has not conducted such trials, so we do not advocate that any woman who’s pregnant or nursing eat or take any medicines, eat any, you know, take any supplement, eat anything or take any medicine without discussing it with her doctor first. 

Teri:  That’s always good advice.  Now what about, how come it’s so sweet?  It actually tasted a little bit sweet to me.  Does it have any Splenda or anything in it?

Michelle:  No, it doesn’t have anything artificial, no artificial sweeteners.  The natural sweetening comes from the Vanilla Orchid and a very small amount of pure, crystallized fructose, and there’s no artificial anything, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors.  It’s also wheat and gluten free for people who have dietary restrictions in that area.

Teri:  Has anybody reported any tummy trouble or anything like that?

Michelle:  Well, out of the last study that we did, which was over 1000 people, we had 2 people complain of abdominal problems, you know, abdominal problems.  One person thought she had more constipation, the other person thought she had more diarrhea, so 2 people out of a thousand is extremely small and I would say, just like anything, anybody can have a stomach problem with something you eat, but in general, it is not something that people experience.

Teri:  Oh that’s good.  So I would say we should all do before and after pictures.  With our beauty book and our beauty bar cookbook we’re gonna have to do before and after pictures.  I’m definitely going to be an example because I, you’re inspiring me to take off my nails.  I told Bella from LaBelle which is a great spa in Palo Alto, CA and in San Francisco, that I would take off my nails but I haven’t done it yet because I’m addicted

Michelle:  But this is a test, absolutely, you’re never going to go back.

Teri:  I’m definitely going to go do it.  I’m not going to go back to my nail girl for 4 weeks, and then I’ll get a normal, a normal manicure.

Michelle:  I’ll challenge you one step further, don’t tell her you’ve been taking anything and let, and you’ll see that she’ll notice it on her own.

Teri:  Okay but first I’m peeling off my normal nail, so after that, I won’t.

Michelle:  Okay

Teri:  Because that wouldn’t be fair to you, like, not again, because I do tend to go on vacation, or do something and tear off my nails while I’m there and I don’t like to sit and have it done, but now I realize with all the different chemicals out there that natural’s the way to go.

Michelle:  Natural’s always the way to go

Teri:  Natural’s the way to go even though I’m a big, you know, proponent of plastic surgery and doing things that, as you know, to keep the hem of your dress up and not let all the hem come out the little things at a time to do beauty things, but anything that you can do to supplement your body and all, from the inside out, it’s a big plus.

Michelle:  Well, as a plastic surgeon, obviously, I couldn’t agree with you more, but I’ll tell you that even if you have fillers and Botox and surgery and laser and chemical peels, unless you are healthy mentally, physically, spiritually, that true beauty doesn’t shine through.

Teri;  No, and that’s my goal here at Beauty Now, I really want to have this facet of the show be the true beauty from the inside out, and also of course, if you need a little bit of help from our plastic surgeons and dermatologists and you know, skin care people, I’m here to find out what’s gonna work, but also, it’s such a really big point, with all the different pesticides and things, that everybody has around us, just really try to go organic and supplement yourself from the inside out and just get an injection here and there  too if you need one.

Michelle:  I totally agree

Teri:  I totally agree with all that stuff but it’s true that if you’re not healthy on the inside, even if you look great from the outside because of, you know, either health or you take great care of yourself, it’s true that if you don’t use your vitamins and your fruits and your organics and things, products like Beauty Scoop, I’m really gonna do this test for myself and try to get my nails grown healthy and gonna report back.  We’re gonna have another show with you in a few months and have you come back and have some testimonials.

Michelle:  That’ll be great.

Teri:  What do you think about products like the Acai berry and Xango, I know that the Xango has ant-inflammatory and I really like that, and I really like the Acai berries but, what’s your thought on those?

Michelle:  I think those are great drinks, but the Acai for example, is mostly an antioxidant and it’s great to have antioxidant benefits.  Beauty Scoop provides you with those antioxidant benefits as well.  And, you know, anything that you’re going to do to improve your overall health, whether it be internally or externally, with exercise, for example, is important.  I think that what sets Beauty Scoop apart from all other beauty beverages is that it’s doctor invented, it’s based in nature, backed by science, and clinically proven, and most beauty products, skin care, cosmetics, beauty products overall don’t have substantiated claims.  Our claims are clinically backed.

Teri:  So, but you’re not saying that Xango and the Acai Berry drinks are not backed by doctors, is that what you’re saying?

Michelle:  No, what I’m saying is that it’s always good to have healthy ingredients, whether they be antioxidants or other supplements that can help you if your diet is lacking.  When you’re choosing a skin care product, it’s very nice and unique and unusual I would say, to be able to evaluate a product that has scientific claims and that is fact and is able to substantiate its claims because many things in the cosmetics and beauty industry don’t provide you with that kind of backing.

Teri:  Does Beauty Scoop provide any kind of anti-inflammatory properties?

Michelle:  It’s interesting that you ask that.  It almost sounds like we’ve pre-recorded this but we definitely didn’t.  But, one of our boosters that’s about to come out within the next year may actually have that.

Teri:  Oh good, because I think that’s so important.  Well, I’m reading a lot of beauty books from the inside out and I, that’s one of the things that I want to know more about is anti-inflammatory properties that can really help because I think that’s a big, huge factor in disease.

Michelle:  Well, when you’re readers, when your viewers, when your listeners are listening to you, they will know that you’re on the cutting edge because many people don’t ask that question.  You were the first to ask me.

Teri:  Well, thanks, that’s good.  I’m actually really trying to find out and that’s why I really love your product.  I really am so excited that I found it and we’re excited that we found you and we’re gonna have to have you back.  We have a couple more minutes.  Tell us more about what it has and what it doesn’t have.

Michelle:  In terms of it’s ingredients, obviously the lipids come from the safflower and canola oils, which are both, I’m sorry the safflower and canola flowers which are both unsaturated oils.  The soy comes from pure soy protein isolate which basically has very little isoflavones, which are the active components of soy that is an estrogen-like product, so there’s not really any risk of

Teri:  Breast

Michelle:  having, yes, exactly.  The protein also comes from whey protein concentrate, and the minerals and vitamins that are in there, again, are only those that have a clinically proven benefit for skin, hair and nail health and those include biotin, vitamin E, calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, zinc, magnesium, copper glucanate, manganese, riboflavin, and then of course, we have our natural vanilla flavor from the Vanilla Orchid and the sweetener from that as well.

Teri:  Well, I have to say it’s very easy to drink, unlike some other things I’ve tried to drink and stay on, this one’s gonna be so easy to add into your milkshakes and your smoothies and whatever else, even your oatmeal, it really doesn’t

Michelle:  I have to borrow a comment from our daily candy review where they said that Beauty Scoop is totally addictive and I think

Teri:  It is

Michelle:  there’s no chemical in it, there’s no herbs, there’s no drug-like elements but, the benefits of it, and the taste of it, I think do make it addictive.

Teri:  It’s true, and I hate to sound like an infomercial, I really do because, but it’s true.  It’s really addictive and I’m actually really excited to get my nails and my hair really healthy again and I’m on a quest so I’m gonna report back with this and, we’re out of time but you know what, I love your product, and I would like media.com if you’ve bought Beauty Scoop, if you’ve had any experience with it, let’s write in and give Dr Yagoda all of our reviews and let’s come up with some great recipes for it, I kind of like the daiquiri, banana daiquiri Beauty Scoop, I’m gonna have to come up with something like that – my Beauty Banana Scoop, that will be it.

Michelle:  That sounds good to me

Teri:  That sounds very good, I love the banana

Michelle:  I’ll be the taster.

Teri:  Okay, you be the taster, we’re gonna have to have a little party.  We’ll have a party for our personallifemedia.com listeners and we’ll do something either in California or in New York

Michelle:  Why not both, we can do both.

Teri: We’ll do both, and we’ll start traveling around the country with our Banana Beauty mixes.

Michelle:  Sounds good

Teri:  Make all the people happy, men and women, I want to say, men listeners out there too that you can benefit from this too, this isn’t just for women.  So we’re run out of time, and if you guys would like a transcript of today’s show, please go to personallifemedia.com, we’re gonna link you up with Dr Michelle Yagoda’s Beauty Scoop, and you’re gonna be able to find out where you can buy it and how you too, can be beautiful from the inside out.  This is Teri Hausman, and I’m thanking Dr Michelle Yagoda and Beauty Scoop for being with us today.  Thank you

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