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Sex – Tantra and Kama Sutra
Francesca Gentille
Tantra, Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra... Many people believe you can get closer to God through a practice of sacred sensuality by raising your erotic energy. Learn lovemaking positions so you and your lover can connect with higher powers and create deeper intimacy through spiritual teachings, breathing and meditative exercises that expand both mind and body. It's not sex therapy yet sacred sexuality and lovemaking techniques can be used for erotic issues such as anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, recovery from sexual trauma, yoni massage and marriage enhancement. If you want to learn how to achieve higher states of sensual consciousness or to live your life in total sensuality, this show, artfully hosted by Francesca Gentille, editor of "The Marriage of Sex and Spirit" will explore the writing, work and ideas of the most famous sensuality experts today in fields as diverse as Red Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, Hindu Tantra, Taoist Sexuality, Kama Sutra, Sexual Shamanism, Quodoshka, and Christian sacred sexuality. Discover how to have a love affair with life. Recent episodes include: THE SEXUAL STAGES IN RELATIONSHIP AND HOW COUPLES CAN INCREASE INTIMACY & PASSION THE SEXUAL YOGINI LIFESTYLE THE EROTIC REVOLUTION YOGA GODDESS WORSHIP CREATING SEXUAL PASSION IN IMPERFECT RELATIONSHIPS CLINICAL SECRETS OF A TANTRIC SEX THERAPIST TANTRA ENERGETICS FOR LONGER LASTING LOVEMAKING SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORK & SEXUAL CONFIDENCE DIVINE NECTAR AND AMRITA PUJA: EROTIC WORSHIP & INTIMATE PRESENCE CHAKRAS: PORTALS TO INTIMATE ENERGY BECOMING A TANTRIKA OR DAKINI AFTER 50 KUNDALINI ENERGY Guests include: Phil Love, Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan, Tammy Nelson, Carolena Fleishman, Sherry Froman, Dr. Betty Martin, Steven Vogue & Anastas Harris, Ty Gesyuk, Sally Valentine, Somraj Pokras, Wendy Maltz, Stuart Sovatsky, Trebbe Johnson, Philip Johncock, Jonia Mariechild, LaSara Firefox, Danielle Harel, Celeste Hirschman, Lisa Schrader, Destin Gerek, Anita De Francesco, Donald Michael Kraig, Ina "Laughing Winds" Mlekush, Lori Grace Star, Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson, Linda Savage, Suzie Heumann, Geralyn Gendreau, Carla Tara, Charla Hathaway, Judy Kuriansky, Nicole Daedone, Stephen Braveman, Anodea Judith, Dr. Patti Britton, Evalena Rose, Stella Resnick, Kutira Decosterd, Phil Brucato, Gina Ogden, Sylvia Brallier, Tallulah Sulis, Bonnie Gabriel, Grace Purusha, Baba Dez, Alan Davidson and a never ending list of evolved, experienced teachers every week. SCROLL DOWN HERE TO LISTEN TO ANY EPISODE.


Cosmic Sex: What Thousands of Women Say (and hundreds of men, too) with Gina Ogden, Ph.D. Author of “Women Who Love Sex” and “The Heart & Soul of Sex”

Francesca Gentille interviews Dr. Gina Ogden, marriage and family therapist, researcher, and facilitator of "Heart & Soul of Sex Workshops." In this episode Dr Ogden shares mind blowing statistics from her ground breaking sex research. Learn what almost 4,000 women and men sa... Read More


Passion Tips From A Priest Of Love with Phil Brucato

Passion Tips From A Priest Of Love with Phil Brucato author of "Rites of Pleasure" and "Cult of Ecstasy." Workshop teacher of sacred sexuality, sexual techniques, creating relationships creatively. Tantra Priest of Love. Francesca Gentille interviews Phil Brucato, Author, editor,... Read More


Embodying The Erotic Journey with Kutira Decosterd, founder of the Kahua Institute

Francesca Gentille interviews Kutira Decosterd, esoteric teacher for over 30 years, who embodies the Divine Feminine in all aspects of her life. In this episode, you'll learn to listen for the soul's right time for a pilgrimage, a spiritual retreat, or sacred workshop. Know how t... Read More


Core Pleasures In Ecstatic Relating with Stella Resnick, PhD.

Francesca Gentille interviews Stella Resnick PHD, Author of "The Pleasure Zone; Why We Reist Good Feelings," happily married for 22 years, who provides professional training in the body/mind approach to sexuality & relationships. Can be reached at or s... Read More


Puja: Erotic Worship & Intimate Presence with Evalena Rose MA, creator of “Blissfire Tantra a Women’s Erotic Pleasuring Meditation, Tantra Teacher for 14 years, and spiritual therapist.

Francesca Gentille interviews Evalena Rose who was featured on the award winning documentary "Hearts Cracked Open". Evalena offers Metatherapy, energetic healings, and channeled readings. In this episode Evalena exposes key practices in Erotic, Romantic, and Tantric Arts includin... Read More


The Sacred Art of Sex Coaching with Dr. Patti Britton, nationally board certified Clinical Sexologist & Sex Coach.

Francesca Gentille interviews Dr. Patti Britton, creator of a holistic model of sex coaching that includes body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit. In this episode, you'll learn how to impassion the sexless (or low sex) relationship. Move from profound disappointment to intimate... Read More


Jump Start His or Her Sacred Sex Motor with Alison Armstrong, Creator of “Satisfying Men, Celebrating Women” workshop series.

Francesca Gentille interviews Alison Armstrong, author of "Keys to the Kingdom," CEO of PAX Programs Incorporated (Peace, Adoration & Xtacy), passionately married for 14 years with 3 children. In this episode Alison guides us to rediscover MEN & WOMEN - with compassion, u... Read More


Chakras: Portals to Intimate Energy with Anodea Judith with PHDs in Psychology & Human Health, award winning author “Waking the Global Heart”, visionary yogini for world healing, and international workshop leader.

Francesca Gentille interviews Anodea Judith, considered the country's foremost expert on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the Chakra System for the Western lifestyle. In this episode, you'll discover what a chakra is, where it is loca... Read More


Tantra For Sex Abuse Survivors with Stephen Braveman

Francesca Gentille interviews Stephen Braveman, gender specialist, healing from sexual abuse specialist, and outspoken advocate for bringing sacred sexuality into the clinical practice. In this episode, you'll learn what sexual abuse is and how to heal using Tantric methods. Step... Read More


Ecstatic Intimacy through Sexual Healing with Dr. Deborah Anapol, sexuality & relationship coach, and author “The Seven Natural Laws of Love”

Francesca Gentille interviews Dr. Deborah Anapol, Clinical Psychologist, and provider of intimacy workshops for women, couples, and singles in Hawaii. In this episode, you'll discover impact the "epidemic of sexual wounding" has in your relationship. Learn the tools that heighten... Read More