Sexual Wisdom & Astrology: Jennifer Freed
Living Green
Meredith Medland Sasseen

Episode 49 - Sexual Wisdom & Astrology: Jennifer Freed

Jennifer Freed is the host of "Freed Up" on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the single largest producer of original Internet talk radio programming in the world. Meredith expresses her doubts on the merits of Astrology in the first segment and ends the show inspired by Jennifer's grounded approach to joyous living. (You'll even get to hear a quick reading that Jennifer prepared for Meredith.)

Jennifer's sassy style combined with her psychological astrology experience make her an unusually grounded and direct communicator. In this episode you'll learn how the cosmic map of the universe is directly related to recognizing who you are and who you can bring your passion and purpose to Living Green in the 21st Century.