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Episode 22 - Soul-Full Eating with Maureen Whitehouse

This show is about the LOVE OF FOOD that anyone--no matter what your faith, religion or personal philosophy--can follow. Become more aware of simple, yet dynamic changes you can make in the way you select, prepare and eat food that increase your vibrancy and personal energy. Learn how to deepen your spiritual connection on a daily basis and how to approach edge eating programs such as Raw Foods, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Acid/Alkaline Balancing, Food Combining and the "new" Kosher. You will discover even more "how-to" ways to more lovingly connect with your Spirit and to the planet any time you consume food...even eating a chocolate bar!



Soul-Full Eating with Maureen Whitehouse

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Meredith Medland: Welcome to Living Green. I am your host Meredith Medland. Today on our show you’ll discover ways to more lovingly connect with your spirit and to the planet anytime you consume food. Maureen Whitehouse is our guest today.

In her book Soul-Full Eating, Maureen combines her knowledge as an expert in nutrition and spirituality to guide us along a delicious and rejuvenating soul satisfying path. It’s one that’s based on the love of food that anyone, no matter who you are. Your faith, your religion or personal philosophy, any of us can follow.

In today’s show, we’re going to learn how to increase our inspiration around continuing this awesome journey of Living Green. Maureen is going to teach us how to become aware of simple yet dynamic changes we can make in the way that we select, prepare and eat food to increase our vibrancy and personal energy.

We’re also going to learn how to deepen our spiritual connection on a daily basis and how to approach eating programs such as raw foods, Ayurveda, acid and alkaline balancing as well as the new kosher. If you have your browser up, you can go to the episode page at or you can go to Maureen’s website which is


Maureen Whitehouse: Why I wrote Soul-Full Eating is because I kind of know the inside story of truly the inside story of how we get where we get in relationship to food when it’s meant to be just this natural, innate, organic experience that all of us have no problem whatsoever with and yet how many people have problems with food.

And so I saw that eating was a path that everybody has in common. It’s a common denominator among people all over the world. No one says, “I hate you, you eat”. The premise is eat with love, what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love. So the main theme is love.

Once people start feeling and knowing what consciousness is, it’s so hard to be unconscious. It’s so much less fulfilling. That’s the reason why it’s soul-full eating. Once you get conscious, we touch our souls, the deeper part of us and that’s where we all want to be fulfilled, from there.

We have our physical body of course and then we have our vital body which is where we get our energy to do these things in our lives or lack of it, because that’s another important part of us, our vital body. We have our mental body which is the thoughts and thoughts and thoughts that go through all day long. We can pick which one’s they’re going to be more conscious or more loving for ourselves or not. Then we have our spiritual body or our soul.


Meredith Medland: Hi Maureen and welcome!

Maureen Whitehouse: Hello Meredith, how are you?

Meredith Medland: I’m doing ok. It’s a pleasure to have you with us.

Maureen Whitehouse: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Meredith Medland: Your expansive knowledge in the field of nutrition grew from being a picture perfect international model, a talk show host and a commercial actress. Then you got involved in a course in miracles and you had an absolute self realization moment and your life changed. What happened?

Maureen Whitehouse: Well, it’s very interesting. It started out at the whole thing about being a model and working on commercials and things. I’d say that’s a really wonderful profession as long as you’re viewing it as art and most people don’t see it that way. So young girls and people all over the world look at magazines and see commercials and have these beautiful people and beautiful faces munching and liking food and doing what we call the bite and smile in the commercial world.

So I was kind of the one that pushed a more unconscious approach to food and eating. So why I wrote Soul-full Eating is because I kind of know the inside story, truly the inside story of how we get where we get in relationship to food when its meant to be just this natural, innate, organic experience that all of us have no problem whatsoever with and yet how many people have problems with food.

Meredith Medland: What was your biggest problem with food?

Maureen Whitehouse: Well as a model there was this thing that you have to stay stick thin and have no butt, no anything if you’re doing runway work or if you’re doing commercial work. Just really sit, be happy and spunky and bright looking. I learned early on that I would either take the route of what you can see happening to a lot of young girls that are in that business and the entertainment business in general.

It’s tough. It’s tough because you seem so surface oriented. You’re just a commodity, a piece of meat and so that was really hard to stand, to live and maintain any kind of semblance of sanity. So I decided that since I had access to the world, being an international model, and had access to great amazing experiences, I’d use it in a different way.
So I went for what was more conscious at that time, I mean, I was a model years ago. When I was a model, there were only two yoga studios in New York city and now there are probably thousands of them. And I do yoga and I eat well. I ate constantly. I knew about organics even then, before a lot of people even thought about it. And so I got more and more sane via my approach to eating and health rather than more and more disconnected like so many people.

Meredith Medland: You mentioned, when you talked about having you on Living Green, you mentioned that food is a great connection to helping serve the planet and ourselves.

Maureen Whitehouse: Right.

Meredith Medland: Let’s talk about how you eat and select and prepare food to increase your own vibrancy and energy.

Maureen Whitehouse: OK that’s a great question. You spoke in the beginning that I had this epiphany and it was an epiphany around life. I woke up from one moment to the next. So when you become more conscious in your life, you start to look at things like our motivations behind anything we do.

I thought that eating was a path that everybody has in common. It’s a common denominator among people all over the world. No one says, “I hate you, you eat!” We all know this experience and hopefully love this experience. But a lot of people don’t find it to be a loving experience because there’s so much guilt and so much bad feelings around it.

And that isn’t because we innately have that kind of experience within ourselves with food. It’s because of all the opinion of other people, the advertising, and the mass consciousness. What we are in the middle of now, is so much unconsciousness. And so using food as a way to get conscious, we just show up actually.

Meredith Medland: Yeah, so now we’ve presented the problem on this show. I really want to focus on the action and the solution particularly because the main reason that Living Green is here is to promote effortless ecology for every day people.
That means that your attitude and beliefs and behaviors are what we really want to emphasize in this show and that’s what you’ll find in the other episodes as well. 

So let’s take a look at your life and how you approach food. Can you give an outline of your day?

Maureen Whitehouse: Well, I actually look at my life as miraculous. That’s one difference between myself and a lot of different people. I know that from the moment I was born, I was a miracle. That’s undeniable. Most people believe that brand new babies are miracles and they know that.

What happens when we are ten, fifteen or twenty, twenty-five, thirty-five, forty? We’re not miracles anymore? And so I treat myself that way. That’s the difference between being conscious and unconscious in our lives. If we treat ourselves as though we were not just these bodies with limited experience here, it’s a shifting perception that’s just so radical and so drastic that it really does change everything we do.

So I say to people what if you believe and knew that you were not just a body? That you actually had this being inside of you that was so amazing and expansive and expressive? That it just wants to be able to use your body as a wonderful, healthy, happy vehicle that has many, many years to do this.

So day by day, if I show up in the morning and I am eating something or doing anything in my life, the reason why soul-full eating is so powerful is because it can bleed into any other areas of someone’s life, to their work, to their relationships and things like that. This is just our relationship with food. So I say to people that you can actually use any food to get conscious no matter what.

Some people who have been on diets for a very long time would really, really be averse to thinking, and ok so what about my chocolate bar? Can I do it with a chocolate bar? And I really believe that that’s even a more powerful experience for a lot of people because there aren’t these major taboos around this kind of eating because the premise is, eat with love, what’s grown with love, prepared with love and served with love. So the main theme is love. So if you’ve been feeling guilty and you’ve heard, “No that’s no good” for so long, think about it. These are judgments that provide all of the bad feelings and guilt that even makes us run for more of things that wouldn’t be comfortable on our body once you’re being aware.

So OK, Let’s take the chocolate bar. Now you know, and a lot of people in this audience know that there are many kinds of chocolate out there. There’s chocolates that are free trade and organically grown and they’re actually preserving a rain forest and things. We’re looking at things with a bigger connection, is it grown with love?

So if you’re going to take a chocolate bar, and typically you would just be having a brand that’s just superficially modified and all that kind of things, you wouldn’t be able to do it with your soul-full eating, because you’d be far too conscious about love and what’s involved in that process. Are they exploiting children in Africa? When they’re growing the crops? Are they making it with pesticides that are going to harm the planet? Am I going to be harmed in the process because I’m doing something I really don’t want?

So the first step is show up. Now that sounds really weird because people think they’re always showing up all the time, but they’re not. People don’t show up. So show up means it’s between you and whatever you’re experiencing. So save the chocolate bar. You can put that on the table in front of you. No distractions, no opinions of other people, just you and the chocolate bar. And then you really access, do I want this? You ask yourself. No other authorities, no one else, no diet experts, no one telling you what to do. That’s step number one, show up.


The second one is pay attention. How many people are paying attention in their lives? To anything? So here is a relationship. It’s your relationship with food. It’s your relationship with that chocolate bar right now, that ice cream sundae, that piece of Devil’s food cake. Now these are not foods that I naturally advocate because I do believe in organic food and locally grown food and things. But if you’re doing it with the extreme here, you get to see for you, not because someone else told you it’s not good but because you’re experiencing why.

So now you sit there and you’re paying attention. That means you have to use all five senses simultaneously. You know what that means?

Meredith Medland: What exactly does that mean?

Maureen Whitehouse:  When someone uses their five senses simultaneously, they can’t be unconscious. Five senses simultaneously used will automatically kick in your six sense. So you smell it, you touch it, you actually taste it. What a novel idea, we taste our food. You can even smell it and hear. Listen to it. Listen to yourself opening the wrapper or listen to your inner voice. Listen to the sound of it. Listen to yourself chewing.

Those five senses used simultaneously are going to give you a much different experience eating this chocolate bar than you ever had before. It will promote a conscious experience.

Once people start feeling and knowing what consciousness is, it’s so hard to be unconscious. It’s so less fulfilling. That’s the reason why it’s soul-full eating. Once we get conscious, we touch our souls. The deeper part of us and that’s where we all want to be fulfilled, from there. So why don’t we take a breath there. You can ask me anything but there are two more steps.

Meredith Medland: All right, we’ll learn about those two steps when we come back from the break. We’re with Maureen Whitehouse. Her book is called Soul-Full Eating. That’s F-U-L-L. You can find out more about her at My name is Meredith Medland and you are listening to Living Green.



Meredith Medland:  Welcome back from the break. I’m your host, Meredith Medland and we’re speaking with Maureen Whitehouse and her book Soul-Full Eating. Today we’re learning about how we can increase our spiritual connection on a daily basis through the experience of food. We’ve got three steps, not two steps, three steps here to assist us in that daily process. Maureen, will you tell us more about it?

Maureen Whitehouse:  Great! You’ve got the first two steps which was show up and pay attention and the next one is a vital one, the most important one, love it. Love it. Now why would we do anything we don’t love, you know? So if you have something like forbidden food in front of you, say like a chocolate bar. If you really love the experience then you can’t be guilty at the same time. They don’t hold the same space. Love and guilt. So then in that case you’re going to really have an experience that’s much more fulfilling and not run for ten more chocolate bars. So that’s step three.

Step four is to leave out the thing that’s the pivotal most important thing to leave out as well as the ingredient of love to put in. It’s the no judgment, no guilt. You can’t have, as I said, judgment and guilt and love can’t hold the same space. So while we’re experiencing judgment and guilt, we really can’t even be present at all. And we won’t be enjoying or delighting in the experiences that we’re having.

And so the final step then is give up all the attachments of results. Don’t think about, what would my mother be thinking if I had this now? She knows I’m on a diet. What would my boyfriend say? Or the attachment to results of what you’re thinking about yourself.

It’s vitally important that in any process like this of getting conscious is that we let go of the good or bad opinion of other people, and also our own good and bad opinion. Just have the experience for the sake of having the experience and then asking objectively and lovingly what does it mean to me?

Meredith Medland: I like it! And how do you use those steps in your daily life and what food program do you use? 

Maureen Whitehouse: Well I’ve been around the block for long time studying spiritual traditions and also lots of different nutritional paths. But the ones that I advocate the most are the ones that have had the greatest longevity like Ayurvedic which is thousands of years old and Macrobiotic and then of course the oldest one would be raw food where people just kind of eat what was growing.

I live in Florida so I have a warm climate. I eat a lot of raw food just because I know that the living foods are really the most conducive to healthy life and longevity and just overall feeling great.

I eat a lot of raw food but I don’t advocate labeling myself or labeling anyone else to one specific thing. Sometimes if I want a bowl of hot soup or something. If I go up north to visit relatives in Boston, I’ll have a great bowl of lentil soup or something. I just feel that if I ask myself what is it right now that feels the most fulfilling to me on every level. I believe we don’t have just one body, I believe we have five bodies.

Meredith Medland: What are those five bodies?

Maureen Whitehouse: OK. We have our physical body of course and then we have our vital body which is where we get all our energy to do these things in our lives or lack of it, because that’s another important part of us, our vital body. We have our mental body, which are the thoughts and thoughts and thoughts we go through all day long. We can pick which ones are more conscious and more loving for ourselves or not. Then we have our spiritual body or our soul. So we have our vital, mental, physical, soul body. And we really act and live from all these places simultaneously, all day long. And our emotional body is one I didn’t mention. Major, major player in this, is what we choose for food.

Meredith Medland: Oh yeah!

Maureen Whitehouse: Yeah, the comfort food thing.

Meredith Medland: Yeah, there are a couple of things that I want to make sure that we get through our show today. The first is, how the planet is affected by our food consumption and if you have any specificity of items or information that you can share with us around really serving the planet through eating.

Maureen Whitehouse: Yeah, absolutely. The less processed the food, the better. Because you know, for packaging reasons and for typically when the food is more processed it’s also entirely packaged as well, and not necessarily packaged with things that have a great impact on the environment. What I would advocate again, if you are going for the goal here, as far as soul-full eating goes, you would really like to eat foods that are organically grown because we know that that’s the best for the planet. Less pesticides, the better.

I’d like people to start look at ourselves this way. What’s good for the microcosm for us as an individual, for our individual selves of tiny, tiny microcosm within us. Every single cell of our body is a microcosm that correlates to the macrocosm of the planet. So look at how many people are diseased and toxic right now and then look at our planet.

So if we heal our own individual microcosm of a being, and become more soulful and become more enriched in our lives and begin to do what resonates within us in a deep, deep, true authentic level, well then the planet can’t help but become a more happy, healthy place to be.

Meredith Medland: I really like that philosophy. I think about when I’m getting troubled by the news about what’s happening with the war or I worry about what’s ahead for the future or I’ve watched my mind going to those planetary, global warming type places, particularly with the recent fires here in the Santa Barbara county.

What I do is, I bring my myself back to how can I generate more love to myself and the family unit and then the unit right outside the family unit, which is my friends that are very much like family to me. And where is there an opportunity for deepening or enriching or peace within those relationship.

Maureen Whitehouse: Yeah, you know, you’ve touched on such an important point here. So many people, the reason why there are inner wars and the reason why we can have outer wars as a symbol of our individual discontent is because if we did stop fighting with ourselves like our food and things like that, then we’d realize how insane it is to be in conflict when we are such powerful amazing creators. Our being, our true being, our soul, the soul of us is at a place of completion and contentment all the time.

That’s really why the title of the book Soul-full, S-O-U-L-F-U-L-L, because one of the qualities of our soul, of our deepest being is fullness. It’s sanity, fullness, peace, contentment and that’s because our soul knows, hey where am I going to go? I’m eternal. I’ve never left my Creator. You might think that you’re the cloud, but you’re really the ray of the sun and so it’s a really nice perspective to become more deeply connected via something like this like eating that we do all day, everyday.

Meredith Medland: Exactly. Before we go to our next break, I’d like to just have you illustrate, food combining, the new kosher and a little bit of Ayurveda.

Maureen Whitehouse: OK great, food combining. Ill give you a really easy key here because when I was writing the chapter it was pretty complicated so one of things I say in that chapter is whoa there are so many little rules to this that it can get overwhelming so I kind of go by this basic rule.

The more watery the food, the way that you eat it is, how much water content is in the food. So say you’re having water melon. Well there is no other food pretty much on the planet that has more water than water melon. So I advocate eating that by itself. Then the next phase would be melons in general, they have a lot of water too. Then salads, greens and things like that have a lot of water.

So the more water content, so let’s say you want to eat something like chicken, if they weren’t vegetarian. That’s way down the list as far as the water content goes. So a typical barbeque, someone would have pieces of chicken or meat, some kind of heavy protein that has very little water and combine it afterwards with a piece of water melon.

Well if you have the water melon after, that food goes to your digestive system so quickly within a matter of minutes, whereas the protein takes hours to digest. So you would always want to have the thing that has the most water first because otherwise the watery food will just sit in your stomach and ferment. And that’s why people have bloating and all kinds of things when their foods don’t combine well.

Meredith Medland: Aha! And what about Ayurveda? Do you have a chapter on that?

Maureen Whitehouse: Yes Ayurvedic. That’s a wonderful tradition because it’s based on balance and so is Macrobiotic. But Ayurveda takes into account our body types. Some people by nature thin and tall and wiry, others have more. It goes down to the very detail of even how your skin feel, clammy or dry or things like that.

And what you find is all kinds of wonderful charts and things I give in the book. That if you eat according to your specific body type, and I give a little test, you can figure which one you are and read your own pulses and things like that. It’s very nice. It’s a whole science and when you do find out which one is your body type, it helps you see which kind of food actually sits with you the best. So you might be someone who needs spicy, fiery food or you might be somebody who is better with things like dairy. And it’s very interesting, some people are good with things like dairy and some people aren’t.

Meredith Medland: The thing I love most about your book is that it’s a gateway to the eating style that you’d like to choose or the food program that you’d like to choose. So you’ve really said, all right, follow these five steps, be very conscious about your relationship to food just like you would with your relationship to your spouse or your child or your best friend, and here are all the different options for you and then go forward into the path that’s best for you and integrate these five stuff.

Maureen Whitehouse: Yes because what I feel is the most important, and I’ve talked about this stuff awhile back, was that I don’t believe in ultimate, in quotes “diet for anyone”, is the diet that anyone else tells them to do, that anyone else tells them specifically what they have to do, because then you’re still relying on something, some authority outside of yourself.

And that ultimately is not conscious, to the degree that we can be conscious. What we’re cultivating here is a self love that’s so deep. There’s so much trust in our own self, and there’s so much experience of our own self loving and caring and nurturing that we’re not running outside and groping and grabbing for other things that can be addictive on all kinds of level, people places and things. And this lets us have the access to the place within us that already is perfect and fine and whole and complete and full, our soul.

Meredith Medland: We’re going to take a break to thank our sponsors and when we come back we’re going to talk about the other side of this. And this is the weight loss, the food addiction, and compulsive over eating. These are all great pathways and what about for the person who has a challenging relationship with food.

Maureen Whitehouse: Great!

Meredith Medland: All right so we’ll take a break now to thank our sponsors and we’ll come back with Maureen Whitehouse and you can go to I also want to remind you that we have a hotline so if you want to call in and leave a message we’ll use the message on the phone whether that’s comments about Living Green or whatever you’d like to share, questions. Here’s that hotline number 206-350-5333.

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Meredith Medland: Welcome back from the break. My name is Meredith Medland. I’m your host and we’re here with Maureen Whitehouse who’s the author of Soul-Full Eating and you can find out more about her at or you can go to the episode page for this show at

Maureen, we promised that we would address food addiction, compulsive over eating, weight loss. I love everything that you’ve shared in the first few segments of the interview and I have personally had struggles with weight and food in my life. And so I have to say I come across solutions, some very beautiful solutions on how to stop that addictive qualities but I got to tell you, you make it sound so easy and that’s just not been the path for me.

Maureen Whitehouse: Yeah.Well, the interesting thing is that what I want to make sure that comes across more than anything else is that this is a deepening of perspective. So we’re not just looking at, let’s say that chocolate chip cookie from the surface of things, that’s good or that’s bad for me. What we’re looking at is our inner motivation and the connectivity or disconnectivity that eating that cookie, the experience provides.

So for instance, a lot of times when people are having really wonderful viable path to losing weight, a lot of the things they’ll say is, for instance, no caffeine, no sugar. So what I would say is, I don’t believe in telling anybody what not to do. I firmly believe in offering alternatives and telling people the options. What they can do, what to do.

What I say in my chapter that talks about sugar for instance is that, at the end I have points to ponder, some points, something to chew on, and then I have some soulful exercises that also help them to implement what the chapter was about. And in the chapter on sugar, I talk about that the sugar trade when it began, when we were a colony, when people still had the slave trade going. The sugar trade in itself was like the heroin trade. It had all kinds of horror and civil wars going on and all kinds of  things around it that were run by greed and avarice.

It’s very interesting to see the energy around that specific food hasn’t been peaceful, hasn’t been [xx], hasn’t been soulful for a very, very long time and yet it was addictive. So people come in and add it to everything because why, it makes a lot of money for a lot of people.

Watch this. I don’t say to become someone who is vigilant against who’s going to hurt me next or what’s going to hurt me next. What I say is, when you do cultivate that experience with yourself that is soulful, that is self loving, then it becomes much less enticing to go for the things that don’t have good energy around them.

Same thing with coffee, many people wake up in the morning only because they have their cup of coffee. Their systems are clogged up till they drink it. It gets them going and it gets them going on all different levels but then they have this experience of a high dropped low if they don’t have any more.

Watch this. When you become a more conscious person, you really, really resonate with what feels consistently peaceful because the soul is consistently at peace. When I say soul, I want to make sure we’re not putting any dogma labels around it or any religious orientation around it. I’m just using that as a label for the deepest, most powerful, most authentic part of each and every one of us. It’s the animating force of us.           

Here’s one way to get into this mind set really easily. Wherever you are right now, if you’re driving, you have to do this with your eyes open. But if you’re in any room of any kind, look around you now and outside you might see trees, inside, tables and chairs and desks and things. Look around you and see what you see is the most important thing in this space around you. What do you look at and see as the most important thing? Might be the bed if you’re in the bedroom or kitchen table or tree, the ceiling.

Meredith Medland: Want to know what mine is?

Maureen Whitehouse: What?

Meredith Medland: All right, I’m looking at a picture of myself and my friend when Al Gore got offered the Nobel Peace Prize. I interviewed him on the red carpet before an Inconvenient Truth and I’m hugging my friend Krista who is in black belt training with me at an Aikido Dojo here in Santa Barbara.

Maureen Whitehouse: See that’s great! OK, perfect illustration because in the part before I go on this a little further, Soul-Full Eating has been counted as the answer to global warming, one plate of food at a time. A lot of people felt a little helpless and scared when they heard about this huge looming situation of global warming. And so what can I do as an individual? This gives you an individual path. If you eat consciously, it hugely impacts the environment.

So we’re back to the room. OK, what you described was more of an experience than an actual thing so I’ll show you a little bit later how that works. Most people will say, it’s my bed, I love my bed. Watch. It’s not the physical thing that’s the most important. It’s the space. Look at the most important thing in the room. Besides the feelings of comfort and safety and security, it’s the space that supports everything. That room would be nothing but dust if there was no space. We’re nothing but dust if there’s no space.

Well now look at  your soul as that spaciousness. What we’re doing is stuffing ourselves, full of what? All kinds of things, and food are just one symbol. We strive on space, that’s where all the action happens. So when we start this orientation in our lives that we’re looking at, does that really fulfill me on every level? Like we said, all five bodies, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, every single level of our being, is it fulfilling me now? Fulfill this now.

See, when you described that picture, you were describing an experience that’s timeless. It’s an experience with your friend, it’s an experience of you being the authentic beautiful person you are that has the capacity to even be on a red carpet with Al Gore. All of that came from your soul. Very amazing!

Meredith Medland:  I love it! Well I’m feeling really very Soul-Fulled.

Maureen Whitehouse: Well, I’m glad you said you loved it because that’s the theme. Eat with love, what’s grown with love, prepared with love, and served with love.

Meredith Medland: F-U-L-L we want to make sure everyone knows that so you can buy the book. And you got some exciting news to announce that’s coming up here in mid November about your book.

Maureen Whitehouse: All right. On November 13th I’m doing an Amazon best seller campaign where there’ll be lots of offering from amazing people, authors and other conscious and activists. People who are offering online gifts that people can download if they get my book that day. So we want to get over this hump on how to be a best seller so that everybody in the world can have this in their bookshelf  and learn how to be conscious and loving with each other with practical ways.

Go on my website and you’ll find out, how to sign up for my email list and Ill be notifying everyone before the November 13th  campaign days so that they can get access to all these great gifts.

Meredith Medland: That’s perfect! And if you’re listening to this show after November 13th, we’ll put more information on the episode page at and you can look for Maureen’s episode, she’ll be episode number 22. You can find it there, you’ll get the information. Again, her url is and you’re talking to the person who’s walking the walk. Maureen, thank you so much.

Maureen Whitehouse: Thank you so much! You are too, believe me I can tell.

Meredith Medland: This is great! Keep living green. Take a look at how you’re living your life today and make it effortless by looking at the ways you live your life, your beliefs and your attitude and your values and make slow changes so we can continue to make our planet a better place to live.

Thank you so much Maureen. My name is Meredith Medland and I’m your host on living green. For text and transcript of this show and other shows on the personal life media network, go to


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