Satyen Raja: Empowering Passion, Sex and Love
Sex, Love and Intimacy
Chip August

Episode 52 - Satyen Raja: Empowering Passion, Sex and Love

Satyen Raja believes that relationship, your relationship, is a path to a divine state of bliss, power, self-actualization and, perhaps, enlightenment.  Satyen is a living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and of Western practicality. Satyen is the Founder/President of WarriorSage Incorporated, He is a Shaolin Kung-Fu Master, an NLP practitioner, a holistic health practitioner – including Shiatsu and Chinese medicine, and the creator of and a trainer for the Zen-based Illumination Intensive and the Sex, Passion & Enlightenment workshops.  Our interview looks into the reasons so many relationships fail – the trap of infatuation, the seductiveness of sexual polarity - and teaches some paths out of those traps.  We talk about the yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and how they can enhance or deaden a long-term relationship.  Listen in as Satyen describes the 3 stages of love and how to create a love-based relationship that calls forth and supports your highest self.  And don’t miss Satyen’s exercises for you try at home.



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Chip August:  Welcome to “Sex, Love and Intimacy” and on today’s show we are going to be talking to Satyen Raja and we’re going to be talking about sex, passion and enlightenment. 

Satyen Raja is a living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality.  Satyen combines the power of the warrior and the wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences worldwide.  He is the founder, president of Warrior Sage, Inc., He is a Kung Fu master and NLP practitioner, a holistic health practitioner, including shiatsu and Chinese medicine and he is a creator of and a trainer for the Zen based Illumination Intensive.  Satyen has taught thousands of students in Canada and the United States, Australia and Europe, the art of true power.


The number one reason that people are attracted to other people, those two reasons, guess what, they don’t make for enlightened relationships.  They make for common relationships, ones that rise and fall very quickly. 

But if you’re more of a masculine person at depth then someone who’s really in their feminine it’s going to jest you.  Vice versa, if you’re deeply a feminine person and there’s a bunch of people in the room but one person is really present there full of direction, an open heart, clear, strong in his body, strong in his navigation in life and you can feel that, well that’s sexually evocative and provocative.



Chip August:  Satyen is just getting over a flu.  Thank you so much for being on the show and welcome to, “Sex, Love and Intimacy”. 

Satyen Raja:  Hi Chip, thanks for having me here.

Chip August:  Oh, it’s my pleasure!  Now I actually got your name from one of my listeners.  So listeners out there if you do have people you want me to interview please do suggest them, because often those are great suggestions. 

So really I hardly know you.  I know you from your website and from some of the things you’ve written and I kind of want to get to meet you first.  So can you tell me a little bit about you, about you personally?

Satyen Raja:  Yes, certainly.  Well, I’m married with my wife Suzanne and we’ve been together for over twenty years now.  And basically this works, you know, what I’m going to be sharing about, sex, passion and enlightenment.  It all came out of the frustrations that happen in a relationship over twenty years. 

And, as you can imagine a long-term relationship, at the beginning, sometimes it starts off out of the gates, you know, full on.  And then there are obstacles, then real life hits and kits come along and money and bills and tension and stresses and all the challenges that go along with ordinary life.

Ten years ago I was really blessed to come into the company of one of my mentors, a fellow named David Data, who is one of the sources and inspirations of this work with myself and my wife Suzanne.  And from working with him and applying these principles and then developing them in our own unique way what’s happened is that we’ve gone from, really the brink of, you know, over and over the cycle of the stuff that happens in relationships, the negative stuff, over and over into really a place of incredible passion, incredible bliss.  We know each other, not just on a fundamental sexual level, I mean that’s great, but also we have a deep spiritual connection that nothing can touch.  So we’ve just become passionate about how to share this with other couples, as well as other singles who want to have this level and caliber of relationship and our job is to pass it on to as many people as we can.

Chip August:  And when you teach “Sex, Passion and Enlightenment” to Suzanne?

Satyen Raja:  Yes Suzanne.

Chip August:  Does she teach with you?

Satyen Raja:  She certainly does.

Chip August:  Oh, cool.  Oh, cool.  So basically people are experiencing both of you and both of your experiences.

Satyen Raja: You bet.  You see in any type of relationship there’s a masculine energy, one person has more of a masculine energy at their deepest core and there’s another partner who has more of a feminine essence at their deepest core.  That could be in a straight relationship, a gay relationship, a bi-sexual relationship, it doesn’t matter, these are fundamental energies, masculine and feminine.

And so for example the feminine would be like, you know, if you go to Hawaii it’s so lush and green and full of life force and energy.  Yet if you go to a place like New York City people are more directed and focused and less eye contact and more focused about getting things done and that’s more of the masculine energy.  In any relationship we tend to have these energies within us and when you find a partner who really can evoke and resonate the reciprocal masculine or feminine energy then that’s the beginnings of really a passionate spiritually awakening relationship. 

Chip August:  This is great because it leads sort of right into some of my questions here.  So I think what you’re saying is that for every yin there’s a yan.  My great grandmother used to say, “every pot has its proper lid”.

Satyen Raja:  Yeah, you got it.

Chip August:  So I noticed on you website that you talk a little bit about it, how do you attract your perfect partner?  I’d like to talk a little bid about that.  How does one . . . because I’m twice divorced, I think I’m with my life partner, I think now, my third wife is hopefully my only, my last, you know, we’re totally in love, it’s wonderful for twelve years.  But I really thought I was right the first two times also.  So, how does one attract one’s perfect partner?

Satyen Raja:  Well, you know, let me back track a little here.

Chip August:  Sure.

Satyen Raja:  Let me sort of give you a background into why people attract people who aren’t their perfect partner. 

Chip August:  That was going to be my next question. 

Satyen Raja:  You can listen to this, those of you are single and available and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle.  But the number one thing is that there’s a lot of confusion around what people think true love is or true intimacy.  And I’m going to break down three components or three separate energies and everyone can listen in and feel into how these are evoked in themselves.  As one becomes aware of these three different threads or what I call the threads of potential love and you become aware of them and how they work then not only will you be able to avoid partners that no longer serve your evolution and your passion and the depth of who you are but you’ll also magnetize to you and attract someone who really meets your heart’s longing. 

So are we ready?

Chip August:  Hmm.

Satyen Raja:  OK, so the first thing is the feeling into of romantic infatuation.  Romantic infatuation is that sense of, “You know I‘ve met you before.”  Lets say you meet someone at a social event or at a dinner party or at a bar somewhere and they’re chatting with you and they just click.  Your conversations click, it feels like you’ve known then for a long time.  If you have more of a spiritual background you may think that you’ve had a past life with them or something along that line.  Because the affinity, the feeling of home-ness is so close, there’s closeness.  But guess what, that is a trick, a total trick. 


And the trick is this, what you are attracting to you in those circumstances is the unresolved family dynamics of your own family system of origin.  So the key is, is when someone feels “Wow I know them so closely”, is because you do. 


Because they’re the unresolved kinks or psychological kinks that you’ve accumulated from your family of origin and really you’re marrying your mom and your dad in those circumstances.  But you don’t know it because at first the feeling of home-ness really feels good but then, you know, weeks later you see something small they do starts to really irritate you.  So romantic infatuation is really a trick and we need to avoid just mating or connecting or deepening our relationships or pursuing a long-term relationship with someone that we have that kink with.  OK?

Chip August:  Right. You’re not saying it’s bad to be infatuated; you’re just saying that’s probably a bad guideline to form a lifelong partnership with.

Satyen Raja:  Exactly, because those are like . . . the ones that are moved by just romantic infatuation alone and not true love, what happens is, it’s like a comet, it rises quick but then it falls very quick.

Chip August:  I think of it more like candy, it tastes really sweet but all of a sudden when you have only a diet of it you’re going to die.

Satyen Raja:  You got it, you got it, exactly.  So that’s romantic infatuation, OK.

There’s another thread or energy that gets evoked in us and that’s the power of sexual polarity.  And sexual polarity that sizzles that happens when you seek someone who is attracted to you.  The sizzle that goes on in your body, for example I’m a person with more of a masculine essence, when I’m evoked by my partner sensually and sexually then I feel more in my body, I feel more alive, I feel that invigoration, I feel zest for life, I feel that bit of that animal energy come up.  So that’s sexual polarity on one end.  Another end that may make you feel, from the feminine side, lush and warm and pliable and open and juicy and receiving and so forth.

So each and every one of us has ability to be evoked by strong sexual polarity.  If you’re a masculine person at essence, and I’ll explain what masculine and feminine is even in more depth a little later, but if you’re more of a masculine person at depth then someone who is really in their feminine is going to juice you and vice versa.  If you’re a deeply feminine person and there’s a bunch of people in the room but one person is really present, there, full of direction, an open heart, clear, strong in his body, strong in his navigation in life and you can feel that, well that’s sexual evocative and provocative. 

So to have that sexual polarity with someone, a lot of people feel that that sexual polarity is love, and in fact it’s not.  Because sexual polarity you can have with someone totally anonymous, walking by on the street, in a mall, on the Internet, you know.

Chip August:  Right, I actually have the experience that I live in a state of sexual polarity.  It feels to me like you could have that with almost anyone if you’re attuned to it.

Satyen Raja:  Exactly, you can have that with almost anyone, you can create it.  So what I teach in my trainings is that for committed couples and for individuals, singles who want to learn how to evoke it in a committed partner that they attract to them, then there’s an actual valve, a dial that you can open and close with the subtlety of your body and how you connect with yourself, how you connect with the space around you, how you connect with nature, how you connect with work, how you balance your lifestyle out day to day, which either keeps your sexual polarity high, alive, keeps the hormones all nice and juiced in your body, keeps your life force invigorated or can diminish if you don’t know the keys and how to keep it continually flowing.  And after a while if it diminishes, diminishes, gets crushed down and weakened then men and women lose their zest, their juice, their passion for life.  And in fact the precursors to psychological and health challenges start to arise because there is such a life force that is so important.  The key is to connect it with the wisdom of our heart, our mind and our soul and our spirit.

Chip August:  OK, now hang on, hang on.  I want to hold number three for just a moment because we’re going to pause briefly and this will give people a reason to come back.

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Chip August:  We’re back, your listening to, “Sex, Love and Intimacy”.  I’m you host, Chip August and I’m talking today to Satyen Raja.  Satyen Raja is the founder and president of Warrior Sage, Inc. and does many workshops including one called, “Sex, Passion and Enlightenment”.

When we took a break you were talking about sort of the three things that we really need to have a successful long-term partnership.  And we talked a little bit about romantic infatuation and a little bit about sexual polarity and you were about to move into number three.  What is number three?

Satyen Raja:  Well, just to wrap up number two, about sexual polarity.  The key is to know when not to evoke it, because there are times it’s inappropriate, in business circumstances and with someone who’s not your appropriate partner of relationship and so forth.  But there’s time to really evoke it, but if we don’t know how then we’re going to suffer the ignorance of it.  But if we do know how we can evoke it in our intimate partner all the time and every time, which really makes for an incredible relationship.

So that’s sexual polarity.  Unfortunately people sometimes get confused, thinking sexual polarity combined with romantic infatuation, which is that unresolved family dynamics.  So, how does that work in a real life circumstance?  All of a sudden you meet someone that you find very attractive sexually, which turns you on and at the same time has a sense of familiarity, which is the number one reason why people are attracted to other people, those two reasons.  Guess what, they don’t make for enlightened relationships; they make for comet relationships, ones that rise and fall very quickly.  So that’s the challenge.

Now there’s one ingredient to this that can really change everything.  Here’s what it is, and you mentioned it just before the break, love, love.  Now what is love?  There are many definitions of love and unfortunately people have confusing messages implanted about love from their families of origin, such as, sex is or infatuation is love.  But for me, what I have discovered through this work is that love is how close I am with my lover, my partner, my wife.  How close am I with my children?  How close am I with the universe?  How close am I with myself?  How close am I with every circumstance?  How at one am I with my beloved, my lover, the one that is most sacred to me?

So love is not a bubbling sense of sexual polarity or a sense of romantic infatuation, like you’ve known them before.  Love is the sense of that I am so at one with this person that I’m willing to let go of my superficial boundaries of fear.  My boundaries of, “Hey, this is me, and that’s you over there”, or my stuff and your stuff or my bank account and your bank account, you need to make those things at certain times, but love is this place that transcends any boundary, where you recognize that who you love is yourself.  And they’re showing up in the reciprocal energy.  So, myself being a male with a deep masculine essence, I have attracted to myself a divine lover who is none other than my truest self-appearing as a feminine beloved define woman. 

And it sounds altruistic, this third stage, or this love, this sense of, “can you love that deeply, can you connect that deeply?”  And I’m here to say that I went from that romantic infatuation to just sexual polarity to this level of love and if I can do it with my wife, based on the challenges that we’ve had, I know anyone can.

And so love is really connecting to our deepest truths and living from that place.  And there’s an art and a skill to culminate and to develop that in life.

Chip August:  So, I think one of the things I hear implied in this is that I need to do my own work about really coming home to my own authentic self or it’s going to be really hard for me to actually love, to actually experience love with someone else.

Satyen Raja:  Well, you know this leads us into the next teaching that I learned from my teacher and that’s about the three stages of love.  And there are three stages of love or three stages of intimacy.  And three stages of the evolution of intimacy, if you well, from a macro scale that’s happened all across the world, right down to our everyday lives.  So I wanted to share about that.

Chip August:  Please, please!

Satyen Raja:  So the first stage of this, image the 1950’s or earlier, where I can remember my father’s generation, his parent’s generation, where, you know women were stuck in a certain role.  Women were meant to be subservient to the men, women were responsible for the cooking and the cleaning and the raising of the children and their roles were limited by them just being a woman.  And then the men in that generation, they were limited in the roles that they could have by the fact that they were men.  They were breadwinners, when out and made the money, came home and there was sort of a demanding expectation and there was also a subservient feeling from the woman.  And so the stereotype in it’s comical form is the Archie Bunker, Edith stereotype, you know.  So that’s the first stage.

Now most of the world, evolutionary wise is still in the first stage.  Most of the world is still underneath, sort of masculine, or male, I would say, domination and female submissiveness.  Yet what started happening was . . . and if you look at it in an individual relationship it could be the feeling of, you know, the guy getting his needs around sex and getting his needs around food and getting his needs around having female company around him.  His needs are being met and that’s what he’s focusing on.  And her needs are, you know, “What can I do for him, how can I run around and make him happy all the time so that I feel whole and complete by putting my attention on everyone else all the time, and forgetting myself and losing my own personal sense of boundaries?”

So that’s the first stage, and I think many of the listeners that are listening on your show here have grown beyond that because just the quality and the level of topic that you’re sharing about is only interesting to those people who have moved beyond the first stage, you know.

And so now we’ve moved into the second stage, most of the world.  And the second stage is that feeling of growing from this co-dependent first stage where both partners are dependent into an independent, healthy individuals, or what I all a fifty-fifty relationship. So a fifty-fifty relationship is a relationship that’s grown beyond the neediness of the first stage and that started sometime in the 60’s on the West Coast in America, of course.  You know, the land where a lot of consciousness shifts very quickly and starts all types of evolutions, you know. 

So if you look at what happened in the 60’s a lot of women said, “You know what, we don’t want to be underneath the subjugation of man, or men.  We want to have our own direction in life, we want to have our own accounts, we want to have the careers that we wish to have.  We don’t want to be told what to do, we want to create our own reality, create our own direction.  We want to have our own freedom, our own autonomy, our choice to do what we want to do.

And this is an awesome evolution and it’s still going on and by far is not complete at all where women have come into full equality with men.  It’s still not an equality in many ways, yet great strides have been made.  And the reciprocal to that would be what happened with the men’s movement, where men in the 60’s and 70’ and 80’ actually, started saying, “You know what, we’re not interested in becoming like our fathers were, distant, lack of emotions, not being able to share ‘I love you’, being stuck in a career for so many years and then retiring and then dying soon afterwards because there wasn’t a purpose beyond career, just taking care of family.  We want to enjoy life.  We want to enjoy the passion of living and traveling and grow our hair longer and enjoy music and more and more cultured clothing and get in touch with our emotions and get in touch with our relationships and nurture that aspect within us.”

Well, that’s growing the feminine side, which was really helpful for men to do, to balance out the years of living in a first stage masculine energy.  And the women, culturally, who are involved in this evolution, and this revolution, feminine revolution, they cultivated their masculine energies of direction, clarity, achievement, taking the next step forward, learning to be more successful in business and so forth.  So they cultivated their masculine energy and this was amazing as a way to really counter the subjugation of, who knows how many hundreds if not thousand of years.

So the stereotype of the typical second stage relationship now is where a woman is independent, she knows who she is, she knows where she’s going, she has the ability to really make it on her own without the dependency of the first stage.  She is a fully independent woman, knows what she wants, knows where she is going and is able to declare and defy her own roles and also to create boundaries which are healthy for her.  Boundaries to say yes when she wants to, no when she doesn’t feel to do so and all in a healthy balanced way which takes into account the respect of her partner. 

And so the partner, the reciprocal to that would be a healthy male, using a heterosexual example, a healthy male saying, “I enjoy my partner, and so forth, yet I’m not stuck here.  I have the ability to go more with the flow and tune in to my emotions and also be involved in more than just making a living.  I’m interested in higher things in life and spiritual things interested in nature and flow and relationship. 

So these two people attract each other.  These fifty-fifty people attract each other and by the fact that they’ve grown beyond the first stage they are now healthier in the second stage and that can go on for a while. But here’s what tends to happen, the error of the second stage is thinking, and here’s the key, that this fifty-fifty is an ideal that each one of us have to find ourselves to be in the center permanently and making a religion out of fifty-fifty and becoming stuck in it.  And when a couple does that, guess what happens, by the fact that a woman with a feminine essence has tried so hard to balance herself out by bringing more masculine energy in she neutralizes her feminine life force.

Chip August:  Right.

Satyen Raja:  Because when you take masculine and you balance that with the feminine but you’re truly more feminine inside, which I’ll talk about in the third stage, you’re crushing your feminine life force.  Which means you depolarize the sexual energy, you depolarize the flaming, luscious, gorgeous, divine woman inside of you and you sort of control it by the tension of the masculine.

Chip August:  So over the long haul basically the fifty-fifty isn’t a bad idea except that over time you’re kind of squashing, as I become a more feminine masculine or you become a more masculine feminine, we both kind of become a little more neutral and something is really getting lost. 

Satyen Raja:  Well when you become neutral, you got it Chip, when you become neutral what happens is then the passion starts to wane. 

Chip August:  Right.

Satyen Raja:  You cannot have sexual polarity and evolutionary polarity unless there’s a strong masculine pole and a strong feminine pole.

Chip August:  Which we see in so many marriages, where, over time they just experience bed death, whether they’re gay or straight, it doesn’t matter.  Over time that softening out of roles and that balancing actually becomes sort of bed death. 

Satyen Raja:  Well it’s the idealization of becoming stiff in the second stage as a counter to the first stage and not knowing that there’s an opportunity for a new way of being, a new level of evolution, which some in our society are yearning, craving, are actually ready for and not knowing that is really the purpose of why we brought this work in, Suzanne and I.  So that people can experience what’s next for those who have received the benefits of the second stage, which are too enormous and really powerful and should be kept, but how to then launch into the third stage.

Chip August:  Right.  So we’re going to pause for another break and we’re going to come back and talk about that third stage.

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We’re going to take a short break and when we come back Satyen is going to talk to us about the third stage of love and intimacy and also we’re going to end the show, as always with an exercise from Satyen.  So please do join us.

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Chip August:  Welcome back, you’re listening to “Sex, Love and Intimacy”.  I’m your host Chip August and I’m talking to Satyen Raja. 

We’ve been talking about passion and sex and about relationships and when we left we were talking about the three stages of love and intimacy.  You were talking about sort of the first stage of men on top and then sort of growing out of that and really seeing the power of that fifty-fifty relationship.  And then we were talking sort of about the downfall of that fifty-fifty relationship and you were about to lead us into whatever stage three was.  So what is stage three?

Satyen Raja:  Well, stage three, really the question . . . let me go backwards here.  The question in the first stage would be, “What am I going to get from you?”  The second stage question is, “What can we share together?”  The third stage question is, “What is my deepest gift and how may I offer that to you and also to the world beyond us?” 

So the third stage is really about opening our hearts beyond our second stage balance and our first stage neediness and really seeing ourselves as a gift of love.  A gift of passion, a gift of exuberance, a gift of evolution for our partner and our partner feeling that and offering that back to us simultaneously.  And when you come from that level of passion, that level of, “Hey, I love you so much I want to give you everything I’ve got.”  Your partner also feels that, “I love you so much I want to give you everything I have.”  And when you splash each other with these incredible torrential waves of love, what happens is live takes on a whole new meaning.  Those who have children, I have seen their lives really spark their children’s lives.  Those who have careers, their careers bloom.  Because you see, in the third stage it’s truly what our heart desires.  Because ultimately we are love, and ultimately we are freedom.

But we’re always seeking it in the first stage.  We’re always seeking love and freedom from our partner in the first stage.  “Can you give me more love?” And the partner is saying, “Well, you have to give me more freedom.”  In the second stage we’re negotiating love and freedom all the time.  “OK, you give me some of this type of love, I’ll give you this type of freedom.”  You give me this type of freedom, I’ll give you this type of love.” 

In the third stage you move beyond the negotiation of what’s necessary, like taking the kids to school at this time and whatever financial logistics have to take place but in the moments of your intimacy you let go of your boundaries, you let go of your separate identities and you pour your passion into each other so deeply that you become the love, you become the freedom that you’ve always wanted to get but instead of trying to get it you become, really the offering of everything.  And that is not only a possibility; it’s a reality that one can live. 

Chip August:  Yeah, that’s a pretty beautiful reality you spell out here.  And you really actually lead people in exercises and experiences towards this in your workshops, yes?

Satyen Raja:  Well what we do, for sure, because it sound beautiful, but what’s yearning is how do we do that, how . . .

Chip August:  Right, right.

Satyen Raja:  And my practice is to show people their first stage energy so they know when they’re in it so that they can move then into a second stage energy if they need to, of negotiation and communication and then how to let go of that when you’re good at that into this level of rapturous energy.  Where really sexually you’re rupturing each other and whether in bed or through an email, the passion is always maintained and also nurtured spiritually as well as in your body. 

Chip August: Now if people wanted to do this work with you how would they find you?

Satyen Raja:  Well, first of all they can go to my website, which is:, w-a-r-r-i-o-r-s-a-g-e.  We also have a toll free, 1-800 number, it’s: 1-800-815-1545.  And to everyone who is listening, I want you to know that when you mention and mention Chip August, we’re going to make sure that everyone who is listening to the show actually gets a twenty percent discount off our “Sex, Passion and Enlightenment” training, but you must mention this show and that you listen to Chip August. 

Chip August:  Well thank you very much, that’s terrific.  Now listeners if you didn’t get a chance to write that down or you just don’t remember or you don’t have a pencil handy, just know that if you just go to our side,, when you go to this episode, you will find links to Satyen raja’s site and ways to get in touch with him. 

Also if you have comments or criticism or would like to suggest guests for the show, if you can send me an email to [email protected], I will read it and as I said I get lots of really good suggestions, including this guest this week. 

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Satyen, we’re kind of coming to the end of our time together here.  I always like to ask my guests, do you have an exercise, a think that people could do at home that would enhance the love, intimacy and sexuality in their life?

Satyen Raja:  Certainly, I’d like to give two simple instructions.  Those of you who have more of a feminine essence, I’d like you to take five minutes and create a little altar of something that represents to you deep masculine spiritual coconsciousness.  It could be a higher being, it could be a rock from nature, it could be a leaf.  It could be something that inspires, in your heart, the devotion to something bigger than you.  And I’d like you to do one dance of pleasure in devotion to your own inner and divine masculine.  So a dance and devotion, anyone can dance.  In the first stage you dance to get looked at, ok, to be seen.  In the second stage you dance for pleasure.  In the third stage you dance to uplift your friends, your family, your neighbors, the world, it’s more love, more bliss, more peace.  And this edgy, because, hmm I can dance for myself is one thing, but to dance for the sake of something bigger than me, ultimately for the sake of all beings.  One little dance is my little invitation to you.  And do the dance in a way that’s provocative, that’s at your edge, that makes you feel a little sexy, that makes you feel a little juicy, more juicy then you’re used to.  Do it by yourself, do it in privacy but do it in a way that really brings joy and a little tickle to the inside, ok.  A dance in a devotional way to something that you’ve placed on an altar that means something bigger than your own personal life to you.  That’s the little practice for the feminine.  And see how you feel, and if you like it and it’s addictive and it’s juicy then do it again every day until bliss pours through your body ok.

Now, for those who have more of a masculine essence. Those who are moved by more of a masculine essence, challenge is what moves us.  So I am going to ask you to really feel what would challenge you today to live as this was your last day on earth.  What would you have to do so that you would die complete today?  Would you have to make a call to someone, would you have to start an initiative that you’ve been holding back on?  Would you have to take one little exercise, let say for example, walk around the block maybe because you’ve been feeling sluggish or unhealthy and you want to lose a little extra weight?  What could you do today that would be your edge, a challenge so that you know if you died complete you’d be at rest.  So that’s going to grow your masculine energy of self-authority, self-power and presence.  When you cultivate that part of yourself not only will you feel good about yourself, you physiology will change and people will notice, this man is on purpose, this person has a power inside by living in alignment with what they said they’re going to do.  So feel what it would be that you could do so that you would die complete today and do it without holding back and do it with passion and do it with love and do it with humor.  Remember the humor because we’re all going to die and so knowing that we’re all going to pass away give it everything that you’ve got.

I’d like to remind people, the pleasure is healing.

Chip August:  So, Satyen Raja, you’ve been a great guest.  It’s been a terrific show.  I think you’ve given people a lot of nice things to think about and I just want to really appreciate you for coming on the show today.

Satyen Raja:  Thank you so much Chip for having me here.


Chip:  And listeners, thank you for listening, I really appreciate your support.  The show is growing so tell all your friends, send links to people, help us keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  And I hope you’ll join us again next time, but that’s all for now.


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