Peter Sandhill: Expanding Men’s Emotional Literacy
Sex, Love and Intimacy
Chip August

Episode 72 - Peter Sandhill: Expanding Men’s Emotional Literacy

Why do men go to Men's Workshops? Meet Peter Sandhill: personal development workshop leader, coach, counselor and educator; workshop leader of the ‘Love, Intimacy & Sexuality’ workshops for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) in USA, Europe, UK, Canada and Australia; and, creator of the Joy of Being a Man workshop. Listen in as Peter and I talk about male "emotional literacy" and why it is often so challenging for men to understand, embrace and communicate about our feelings. We'll talk about what it means to "be a man" and the damage done by the cultural "be a man training" that teaches men to be John Wayne or James Bond but not how to be a friend, be a Dad, be a sensitive and caring partner, be the man we want to be. And don't miss Peter's terrific exercise for you to try at home.