Genius On Tap – Becoming an Expert on with David Riklan
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Mark Michael Lewis

Episode 19 - Genius On Tap – Becoming an Expert on with David Riklan

In this episode Mark Michael Lewis, CEO of, interviews David Riklan, Founder and President of, the # 1 Ranked Website for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the Internet, and author of "Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives". Join us as we explore how you can use the resources on, not only to enhance all the major aspects of your personal life, but also how to partner with SelfGrowth to establish yourself as the official expert in your professional specialty, instantly create a powerful internet presence, drive traffic to site, and more.



Genius On Tap: Using and Becoming an Expert on with David Riklan

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Mark Michael Lewis: Welcome to Money Mission and Meaning: Passion at Work, Purpose at Play. We explore how we can integrate our personal values and professional skills with pleasure and profit in the business alike. I am your host Mark Michael Lewis, CEO of Smart Energy Enterprises Incorporated, makers of SmartPower™ Smart Energy Drinks 2.0 at

Today’s guest is David Riklan, founder and president of, a number one range website for personal growth on the internet, and the author of self-improvement with top 101 experts that help us improve our lives. Join us with this week’s podcast. You can use the resources on, not only to enhance all the major aspects of your personal life, but also had a partner with self-growth to establish yourself as the official expert in your professional specialty, instantly creating more powerful internet presence, driving traffic to your site and more. But first a few highlights from the show.

David Riklan: [highlights] And what we have done, if we take a look at each of these 150 topic categories that we have broken out at, for each of them we are looking to provide four types of information. The first is a wealth of articles. The is really a broad online…. free online magazine with tens of thousands of articles on each of the subjects and actually if you go to the site right now, you will see [xx] to over 27,000 articles that you can read on each of the topics.

Any expert can come in, create their own page and on that page put information about them, their products, their articles, their background, their picture, pretty much anything that they would want to use to position themselves as an expert in their topic category.

            Basically, what search engine optimization is, for folks who want to evaluate the term, is the concept of doing things on the internet, to increase the likelihood that your website comes up on top, whether Google or Yahoo! or whatever search engine.

            And early on in my life, I fell in love with self-improvement. This is a concept that you can continue to improve throughout your life. And after a few years in corporate America, I decided ‘one day in my life I am going to have my own business’. I wanted to be entrepreneur.


Mark Michael Lewis: So, welcome David. It’s a pleasure to have you on Money Mission and Meaning.

David Riklan: Thanks for having me on the show. I am excited about it.

Mark Michael Lewis: Yeah. So at first, for my listeners.....  I am sure many of you are already familiar with, but if you are not, you are in for a treat. Through the years, I heard dozen people say “Oh! What to put together aside to bring together all the best personal growth information that has ever been done into one place”. And I’ll tell them, you know, [xx] and did it well. brings together not only the major IPS in virtually every area of self-improvement, but also the most famous teachers in each area as well. It’s truly a mass of achievement. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you are really overt to yourself.

            So, David, is number one in searches for self-improvement. You have got nearly million visitors per month and nearly million subscribers on your newsletter. Why do you think so people are seeking information on self-improvement right now?

David Riklan: I think we are at a time where people know that they have control and responsibility for improving their lives, and they are taking advantage of the options to pursue those in. There is a realization that there is a lot of good quality information, a lot of good teachers up there and a lot of products. People just want to tap into this and learn how to improve their life.

Mark Michael Lewis: You have got literally hundreds of experts on there, kind of [xx] took all of the information which you have been gathering through the years and put it into a book with series of web resources that go on with the book called ‘The Top 101 Experts to Help us Improve our Lives’. Why so many experts, rather than just a few, which you personally find most helpful?

David Riklan: It’s an interesting question and [xx] enticing to my overall, what I consider, global perspective of self-improvement. You might be familiar… there is a movie that came out “A Book of the Secret”, and it really talks about there being this one secret that will change your life, enhance your life. My philosophy is very different from that. My philosophy is ‘there isn’t one thing of secret’ that there is really countless ways for people to improve their life, whether they are looking to improve their finances, their health and their relationships. And my goal with and with my book was really to help folks find the best roles and the best information to fit that. And if we take a look around there, really countless, hundreds and thousands of good quality resources, and it’s really a matter of matching what’s the kind of work that’s with you, with what your interests and skilled labor and watch  you on a change.

Mark Michael Lewis: Hhmm. And what you are personally after, what’s your edge, your personal edge right now in your life?

David Riklan: Yes. For folks with exactly where are they in their life and then who is going to help them, and one information is going to help them get to the next level.

Mark Michael Lewis: Right. One of the things I appreciate about what you have done with the book in the site is there is an opportunity for people who are interested in this kind of get-a-taste of the various teachers and find out who fits who. In terms of this kind of popularity, some speakers are more popular than others around different topics. What you find on Who tends to get the most place there to speak? And what areas tend to be the most used by your users.

David Riklan: Let me take you through a quick tour on and what we are trying to do, and with that I can answer that question for you.

Mark Michael Lewis: Fantastic.

David Riklan: When we were creating, we really tried to identify what is self-improvement, what is personal growth, and what areas would people be interested in? And we identified, what I say, three broad areas. And the broad areas were health, finances and relationships. But each of these is broken down. Health is really physical health, what I describe is physical health, mental health and spiritual health and then [xx] what I describe is money in carriers, and then really love in relationships.

My general perspective is everybody wants to improve their life in one or multiple areas. And our goal with the site was really to provide as much information in the different topic categories as people would be interested in. For example, someone right now is focused on improving their [xx] the relationships, we would want to provide information on that. If they are more interested in increasing the money that they have, their financial wellbeing or improving their carrier, we provide information on that, or mental health or spirituality.

And what we found over time is we have been able to develop a wide range of information on all these topic categories. We have really broken it down, and now we have over 150 different topic categories that we cover. So we have information on communication skills, or on goal setting, on habits, or alternative medicine, or on dating, or relationships with [xx]. And in each of these areas, we look to provide a wealth of information.

And what we have done, if we take a look at each of these 150 topic categories that we have broken out at, for each of them we are looking to provide four types of information. The first is a wealth of articles. The is really a broad online…. free online magazine with tens of thousands of articles on each of the subjects and actually we got at the site right now, you will see [xx] to over 27,000 articles that you can read on each of the topics.

In addition, we try to create on any Google or Yahoo! for self-improvement information, and we have 20,000 websites that are listed through our resources through a whole bunch of folks. We have almost 700 experts that are in our expert directory. And we also have a large store with hundreds of products of folks. So our goal was to provide a wealth of information, whether it be articles, websites, expertise in products, and all these different topics.

To answer your question [xx] particular areas that are getting more than others, I would say one particular place that people always looking for is inspiration. So, inspirational quotes are great place for people to go. We provide really hundreds of thousands of inspirational quotes for folks. IQ tests are also a great resource on our website. People are always looking to take an IQ test or what we call the EQ test or emotional quotient to find out where they sit on the scale. How smart they are, how successful they are, or how wealthy are they? Those are two of the topics that we get a lot of interest in. And then there is a tremendous amount of interest in many of the different topics after that.

Mark Michael Lewis: Great. Well. So, one of our listeners says, Hi, I have checked out, I have been there for a while. I want to come… visit the site and really start to use it for my particular desires. What would be a first step, how can someone approach a site with so much information in a way that they can really use it. What do you suggest for your users?

David Riklan: To give you a sense of how to best answer that, we really have two user groups – there are two groups of visitors that are [xx] and there are different ways for each of those folks to look at it. One is what I consider lay people. And this is basically anybody who is interested in proving their life, and who is looking for information to improve their life. The other group, also a large group of people whose have products or services or information on some areas of self-improvement that they want to share or they want to get out to the world.

And our goal with the site is very simple. It’s to get a wealth of free information in the hands of people needed on the different topics, whether it be health, careers, fitness or whatever the particular topic is. For wealth of free information and it is also to provide a platform for people who are experts or people who have products to promote their information, their products, their services to our readers. So we have two distinct groups and for each of those groups, there is really a different philosophy in terms of how they want to approach the website. And I consider to have appropriate for or take it to the [xx].

Mark Michael Lewis: Let’s go to the first one, then we will take a break and come back with the second.

David Riklan: OK. So, for people who are interested in proving their lives, what I describe as lay people or typical people who want to improve their relationships, they want to be healthier…. healthy, wealthy and wise. They want [xx] one of those areas. I generally recommend just starting with our homepage,, and you will see… the way we have that set up is really seven, what we call, channels have seven colors and what we call… what I like to call “the seven colors of success” and that’s, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Money and Careers, Mental Health, Spirituality, Diet and Nutrition, and Success Skills. And what I recommend is taking a look at your areas that you realize that you want to improve and identifying it based on one of those channels. And then if you click on that, you shall see, right at the top there, the pictures or images of each of those folks, of each of those areas and we will take you through all the topics in there.

In addition, what we have done with our website… there are two things. One we have our website, as you mentioned we have a lot of visitors, so we have a little over 900 thousand people coming to every month. But we also focused on publishing e-mail newsletters. And that’s very simply e-mail that’s delivered to your inbox with information in different subjects, and it’s all free. So, we have this self-improvement newsletter, we have our natural health newsletter, home business newsletter, one with the [xx] loving or relationships.

Thus, we have nine different newsletters that we publish. I recommend folks who are looking to improve their lives to subscribe to one of our free newsletter and then start identifying the topics that they are interested in. And within each of these, whether read articles or search for particular area of interest; if you are looking for products, we have broad stores of lot of products and we also ….. I am a strong believer in the concept of mentors. And for me a mentor is really a teacher or someone who is providing you information to help you succeed. And because of that we have credited a large expert directory, where we list over 700 experts. I recommend finding experts of that you believe can help you improve your life. And how can they help you? They can help you by providing a message… or written message or oral message, that it might have audio downloads or [xx] that would resonate with you to help you take the next step to improve your life.

            And come back to the home page, we spotlight different articles, we spotlight different programs, but really the newsletters and the articles are the good place to start. And then if you are looking to expand, work with the experts or web directories if you want to find particular resources that we don’t have on our website.

            So, those are the key ways to really get started with the individual who wants to improve their life.

Mark Michael Lewis: Great. And one of the things that I appreciate about it is, because you have so many experts, you can do, I think, two things. One you can find someone who actually speaks to the way you like to listen. So, you can learn in the style which you learn best, and two, you can find some [xx] really good at the precise piece that you want or need. One of the things that sometimes frustrates me when I am looking for particular support around some area of my life that I want to improve, is that I end up finding someone who isn’t exactly a specialist in just what I want. And one of the things that I like about it is, because you have broken up the… as you say the seven pillars into literally 150 different more precise categories. What it is you want to do, in order to find an expert, you really have that kind of choice.

Now we are about to take a break. When we come back and I want to talk to you about how people can leverage the traffic and overall experience that people have on for their own business. [xx] we can talk about that second part which is, if you have something you want to teach, which I know with lot of my listeners, how do you work with such that you can get your message out there to the people who are coming there, looking for it? So, I am Mark Michael Lewis. I am speaking with author and founder of SelfGrowth, David Riklan. We will be right back.


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Mark Michael Lewis: And we are back with David Riklan of So, David, if you think isn’t just a resource site for people who want information on how to improve their lives and this is something I know my listeners have asked me about, from a number different angles. How I could partner with me or how they can give their message out into the world. 

So, actually provides services and opportunities for teachers and coaches in the various aspects of self development to position themselves as experts on your site. How does that work, and how does that fit into the overall vision that you have for what is meant to be in the world.

David Riklan: Let me start with the pieces and what we are really providing for experts and people who have good quality products or information to share. Remembering in order for us to build and provide all these quality information for folks, we need experts to be able to provide that information. So what really is the best way of describing us is we are almost like matchmakers. What we are doing is, we are trying to match people who are providing the good quality information, good quality products with people who are interested in them. We are really working as how much that [xx] between for folks.

And I talked a little bit at first about the information, the types of information and how to find if people are interested in improving their lives. For folks who have any kind of products, services or information, we have provided a number of areas to help you get that out to our audience and [xx] those.

The first thing that we are always looking for is good content and good article. There is an old saying on the Internet that ‘content is king’. And that means the more high quality content you have on your website or email newsletters, the better your business is going to grow. And for us the way to do that is to partner with folks who have written good articles and have good content.

We have a very simple relationship that we have set up. The relationship is as follows – that you have good quality content, we will publish that content on a website or in our newsletters in exchange for promoting your website, your products and services. So we look for folks who have the articles to submit on website, and at the end of each of the articles we can put your bio or link back to your website, really to get exposure… to give you exposure to our audience. That’s really one of the first things that we are looking for is the good content from folks. And it is very simple. Lot of these things [xx] do it, for any expert, any people with businesses on the line, go to our homepage,, on the top left-hand side, you will see something called Member Center and Register. And you can go in and register. It’s very simple process for getting e-mail from us. And once you have registered, you can start submitting articles to our website and you can position those articles and have them in different topic categories. So for example, you might have to help [xx] article or you might have goal setting article or you might have investment or personal finance article. You can submit your articles to whatever area that you are interested in. The next thing that we have developed is a very large directory of websites. And we also break the websites out by topic. So, any viewers [xx] you have websites, what I would like to do is really urge them to come to our site and register their website. And what do I mean by that? Come in and register and then you tell us what your websites is, you give us a description and [xx] website and we will put your website with no cost. There is no cost associated with any of these pieces. And we will promote it in the different topic areas. So when someone comes to a website and is looking for information on leadership, or on life-coaching, you might go to the life-coaching or leadership website section and now find your section there.

The next thing that we are providing also for free is the ability to create ‘expert pages’. I’ll explain how that works. Most people [xx] probably familiar with or have heard of MySpace or FaceBook. I am sure you have heard of MySpace and everybody has as it is allover the place. And very simply MySpace is a website where people can create their own page with information about them and then link your contact or interact with other folks on MySpace. We have created the same thing with, where any expert can come in, create their own page, and on that page, put information about them, their products, their articles, their background, their picture, pretty much anything that they would want to use to position themselves as an expert in their topic category. And this could [xx] very nicely with the articles and the website. Here, I recommend, [xx] the first three places - the articles, the websites and the experts. And all of that is free, there is no cost associated with any of them. 

Mark Michael Lewis: Right. And I know a lot of people also asks me, well, so, I have got this website and I have got this information, how do I get it out there and How do I help in my search engine ranking now? Just doing that, just creating an expert page and creating or writing articles of which you have got the content and ‘content is king’, is also why we actually come to the internet, actually give the content right and to create those links in the various theses actually starts to bring some search traffics on search engine optimization that act your side for the real reason [xx] actual professional specialties. You can begin to target your market a little bit better. Now, we are about to take another break. When we come back, I want to talk about the new program you have, so that people can not only use your freeware resources, but right now is a really exciting time at for the people who are ready to act because we are coming out with a new program that actually allows people to position themselves not only as one of the experts on your site but as the official expert for one of these topic categories and I would like you to explain how that works and how people can use it. You [xx] that?

David Riklan: Absolutely.

Mark Michael Lewis: OK, Great. So, I am Mark Michael Lewis. This is Money, Mission and Meaning. We are speaking with David Riklan, the founder of and we will be right back.


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Mark Michael Lewis: And we are back with David Riklan. So, now I am [xx] coming up with people who are really serious about establishing themselves as experts. They can partner with now only in the three ways, which he has just suggested which is certainly the place to start. But actually [xx] become the official expert on your subject of expertise of the site which you know, given the [xx] self-improvement on all the [xx] to search engine and have nearly a million visitors per month. This is pretty exciting for the people who are serious. Can you tell us some more about the program, how it works and how people can use it?

David Riklan: I’ll be happy to. Let me explain a little bit of [xx]. It’s called the official guidance program. Remember earlier, I mentioned that the way we are set up is looking to be own [xx]. So we are looking to provide information from user ID of experts user ID of authors, we are really trying to provide a wealth of products and there are a wealth of articles and our goal is to provide number one place [xx] to come. But, one of the challenges with that is so much information for folks. What we are looking to do for each of the topic categories is identify someone or one unique individual, could be one unique company, and position them as the official guide for And I’ll explain what I mean by that and how it works. I mentioned earlier we broke it out into the website [xx] 150 different topics and we are also adding topics. So, a particular topic might be ‘accelerated learning’ or might be aging or longevity, or might be biofeedback or wealth topic. And for each of these topics, we have a variety of experts in that topic, we have a variety of articles for that topic, we have a variety of websites and products. What we are doing with the official guide program is positioning one person as the most important person for that topic category. As the… we can say the official guide. I’ll an example. We have a section for article. If you want to look at wealth building for example, your [xx] section called wealth building article. And this contains all the articles that have been submitted. At the top of the wealth building article sections, what will be incorporating is information about one person, one official guide and he or she will be called the official guide to wealth building. And before you read any [xx] the first thing that you will see is that person with their website, positioned as the official guide. And that’s the same thing with the website. When you go to the website section, you are looking for say wealth building websites, the first thing that you will see is information about that particular guide. So, you will see his website first, his [xx] website first is information. The same thing for experts. We might have 50 or 60 experts or even more on a particular topic category. The official guide would be positioned at the top of that web section as the official guide with links to their website. W also have a store page for each of these topic categories. So, let’s say, you have products [xx] time management official guide, your products would be listed right at the top of the store for time management. So in essence, you [xx] website for your topic category will be listed with the first one that comes up and you really have priority to get the most exposure.

In addition, what we have done for official guides is we do a lot of search what I describe as search engine optimization for these folks as well. And the goal is to position them throughout the internet as the official guide for that topic category. The way we do that, I’ll give an example of one of the things we do. We will take an article written by one of the official guides and not only we will get it published in position on our website, but also submit it to many many other websites. And what guarantee that your article is positioned on 50 other websites. So, what happens is a couple of things. One, from our website and all the other 50 websites would drive in traffic back to your website; and with that prospects, customers, more business. The next thing and really the power of this is we also provide link from each of these articles [xx] website, a lot of links back to your website. And that helps a lot, which I mentioned earlier. It helps with search engine optimization. And basically what search engine optimization is for folks who want to be familiar with the term, is the concept of doing things on the internet to increase the likelihood that your website comes up on top, whether Google or Yahoo! or whatever search engine, when someone types in your term. For example, if you’ve got a Google or Yahoo! anywhere right now, and you type in the word self-improvement, we come up number one for free. And you’ll see a lot of sites Google and Yahoo! in particular, keep to come up in two ways. You can actually pay using certain [xx] paper [xx] to advertise on them and come up number one. And there is a bunch of free listings. What search engine optimization does is it enables you to get up on the top of the search engines for free. So, there is really no additional costs. And  lot of this article promotions [xx] links, help with the search engine optimization. Very simple way that Google works, Yahoo! works is they… in terms of ranking people, they really look primarily for two things. One, when you go to Google or Yahoo!, they are looking for good content, and I mentioned ‘content is the king’. So, they are looking for the best content that matches the keyword whatever people are typing in. The second [xx] look for is social proof that you are a credible website, and the way they get the social proof is based on how many other websites basically raise their hands and have a link to your website, saying ‘hi, this is a good website’, or ‘yeah, I like the website so much I linked to it’. So, the more of these links, the more social proof they have, the better of [xx] of the search engine. So our official guide program is really examination of positioning you on our website are combined with our search engine optimization. 

Mark Michael Lewis: So, this kind of one-stop-shopping for getting your name added on the internet for [xx] about it. Now, you also help people structure their articles and thesis so that they have the particular words, the key words that people are wanting to search for, so that they can both design their site and really get the right kind of traffic coming to them.

David Riklan: Absolutely. What we do is, we basically work with you to figure out what the best articles are, we do another… few other pieces as well, and our goal is really to work with you to optimize a couple of things – to optimize your pages in our websites, to help you get high on our websites. So, what we are going to do is get up on the top of the search engines [xx] as well and help you with your website. And [xx] increase traffic in a number of ways. Those are some of the things; we also do [xx] called keywords or keyword positioning. So, there are a number of things that we do it. It really help optimize everything about it.

Mark Michael Lewis: OK. Great. So, in summary, how I understand is that it is a place where people can get the kind of information they want in order to actually transform any part of their life that they are wanting to have been improved to either resolve the challenge or just enhance their current ability on the one hand, and on the other hand, for the people who have gift to give to the world, who have ways to help other people improve, it’s a place where you can go and position yourself as an expert, and if you are serious, coming out… when does this program come out, because in order to become the top… the official expert for a particular subject area, you need to meet some criteria obviously, you actually need to be the people who actually are willing to pull the trigger and it first. So, when is this opening up to people?

David Riklan: We officially announced that it has been not for a couple of months, we would be in a test phase so that it is working well and in order for folks to become official guides at this point, we have a location in our website with all the details, and you just need to go to [ppp = premium placement package] – there is no .html or anything at the end. That would take you to a page that has more description on our official guides and what we do for folks who are interested in being an official guide is, at the paid position, we do a lot of work to really get you a lot visibility on our website and throughout the internet, and what we do is [xx] we will do an interview with you to see what your background is, where you are located, [xx] also go to the details. And by going to that webpage,, you can basically sell it out, you tell us what [xx] about the topic and we will give you…. one of our folks would give you a call to really discuss it in detail with you.

Mark Michael Lewis: See it makes sense, see if it’s a good fit for what your particular goals are and whether or not it’s going to fit with the kind of material that really wants to bring out to the world. 

David Riklan: Exactly.

Mark Michael Lewis: OK. Great! Now…. So, you have created this site, which is literally touching the lives of millions of people and this shows how Money, Mission and Meaning: Passion at Work, Purpose at Play, and it’s really about unleashing people to get in touch with what they really care about and then act on it in the world, in such a way that there isn’t distinction, there isn’t an ‘either or’ between, ‘Oh! I go make money or I do what I want to do, something that gives me meaning’ or ‘why go out and do a job in order to take care of my sustenance and particular goals that I have’ and on the other hand, ‘I do the things that I really love and that I am passionate about’. You actually brought together your passion into a business and that is making a real difference in the world. If you don’t mind, what is that liked you personally to have created this. I know you have been [xx] for ten years and has not been easy. Can you tell me a little bit about what has been life to you?

David Riklan: I will take you back a little bit. [xx] take a look when I started my carrier, a couple of things happened. I was in corporate America, working for Yellow Packet and running lot of things. They send me to lot of training programs, like their kind of training. And early on my life, I fell in love with self-improvement. This is a concept that you can continue to improve throughout your life. And after a few years in corporate America, I decided ‘one day in my life I am going to have my own business’. I wanted to be entrepreneur. And I really wanted to try my own business in this self-improvement and I developed it early on and I developed a really strong passion and desire for this. And then in the ‘90s and the mid-90s, the internet came around. And it became crystal clear to me that…. two things: The internet is going to be huge, [xx] phenomenal and have a tremendous impact. [xx] than anything that’s happened so far in my life. And the other thing that became clear is that the Internet is going to be my vehicle for really providing the ability to tie my two works, strong desire of my own business and self-improvement together. And about ten years ago, in the mid-90s, my wife and I [xx] we ran with it as a hobby first and then for about 4-5 years as a side business and then 5 years ago it all came together, I loved corporate America for good, and I launched my business for [xx]. I have been hiring employees in ground since then. And for me, the most amazing thing is every day, 5 years going the full-time right now, the passion has [xx]. I am just as passionate about it today, and it amazes me, you know, people, a lot of my friends [xx] Monday morning, and got to go back to work. “It’s Monday morning”, I am excited about it. I love my family. I have three young kids and I love the weekends and I am excited about spending time with them and I love that part of my life. But I also love getting up in the morning, Monday through Friday and jumping in and building my business. It’s very exciting for me.

Mark Michael Lewis: [xx] and [xx] among many of the people who have profound influence  in my life, one of the things that she really inspired me and brought to my attention is that, sometimes we think “Oh! I want to make money” and the we relax and then we retire, but when you are actually doing what it is you came about, you are making a difference in the world. It’s your productive work, it’s when you are actually creating something that the rest of society can share in and benefit from, you feel that sense of excitement that only comes when you are actually contributing to the world, in a way that makes a difference to you and is an expression of your purpose and….. I just want to say, I appreciate both what you stand and how you started with… you created, and you are making possible for various people who really want to share their passion and their purpose and their vision of what’s possible with the world. So, thank you very much. We are about to close. Are there any last thoughts, which you like to leave people with…. about what self growth means, what means and what’s possible for the people who choose to partner with them.

David Riklan: The main message that I strongly believe in is that regardless of what you want to do with your life, regardless of whether you have a business, regardless of [xx] you [xx] want to improve, the first thing you need to do is you need to take action. I have met countless folks who have big ideas and big plans, and the message that I leave with everybody is ‘you need to [xx] you need to take action’. Don’t [xx] whether it’s a simple action of going to and creating an account or reading some articles or whatever it is, you want to do in your life, take that first step and take some action. It might not be the right one, but taking some action is better than taking no action. So that’s the message I want to leave folks, regardless of where they are and what they are doing in their life. 

Mark Michael Lewis: Absolutely. And this podcast, and the other podcasts on and all what is really about providing [xx] inspiration, but also the practical tools so that you can take the action and as I want [xx] on the show because, I know people who use touch to the skills and the particular articles and [xx] that have made just the difference, because they can be so specialized. I want to thank you for the work you have done and thanks for coming on the show.

David Riklan: You are welcome. Thanks to have a link.

Mark Michael Lewis: Great! If you want more information about, first of all, just go to the site, it’s really simple. And again if you are interested in possibly becoming one of the official experts on, go to and that stands for Premium Placement Program. Again, if you are serious about this, this is one of the opportunities that I am personally excited about what’s possible and [xx]. So, [xx]. So, if you want to read the transcript of the show, checkout the episode page at and look at David Riklan article. And you can also get access to other Money Mission and Meaning shows and links to the other shows on the personallifemedia network, or you can go to and check out the various shows there.


I am your host Mark Michael Lewis, CEO of Smart Energy Enterprises Inc., makers of SmartPower™ Smart Energy Drinks 2.0 and that brings us to the end of our show. So, thanks for listening and join us next week on Money Mission and Meaning: Passion at Work, Purpose at Play as we interview Karing H. business leaders, who are making a positive difference in bringing pleasure and profit to the business [xx].

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