The Track of Love and The Track of Fear
Fearless Lover
Adam Gilad

Episode 2 - The Track of Love and The Track of Fear

Many traditions understand that it's fear that keeps us from loving openly, fully, unabashedly, wholeheartedly, unshakably and all the time. But what are the qualities of those fears? What exactly are we scared of? Few people have explored the battle between fear and love better than Don Miguel Ruiz, informed as he is by the Toltec Tradition. Ruiz is best known for his book, The Four Agreements, which has not only been a best seller, but has also actually been read by many of the people who have bought it. Why? His style is clear. His wisdom is solid. And his books are short! Today's podcast is based on another clear, solid and fairly short book of his -- The Mastery of Love -- which, in my view, is even more life-altering than The Four Agreements. It had a huge impact on my thinking, forgiving and loving, and articulated for me how fear really does block the flow of love. Call this work The Fifth Agreement: Love! When you are finished listening, let me know if it makes as much sense to you as it did to me. Enjoy!