Episode 6: Rumi’s Secret. Eye-Gazing and Melting into Oneness - Part 1

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Part 1 of an interview with Author/Teacher Will Johnson. Sometimes the simplest practices can bring the most extraordinary results. In this two-part series, I talk with Will Johnson, author of The Spiritual Practices of Rumi,about how to achieve "union" with your beloved. Fascinating is how Will met his own "Shams" before he had even read Rumi, and how he has since made a life of teaching this practice. Rumi, of course, is the great Sufi mystic, beatific 13th Century street-rapper, whose simple words carry an uncanny ability to jar us into sudden expansive consciousness. Will is a deep and gentle guide into this practice which so transformed the once scholarly Rumi, and is something that is certain to deepen your relationships and free you from the small boundaries of your "I" as well. Meet Will...