Episode 3: Dotsie Bregel: Baby Boomer Women

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"Aging Gratefully" has been dedicated to helping people find Passion, Purpose and Joy in the aging process. To do that we know it is essential for people to come together and share their support, resources, stories and knowledge. Our guest today, Dotsie Bregel, is doing just that through her prominent web sites for Baby Boom women. She helps them by empowering and connecting them with others on the same path. She has a wonderful story to tell. Listen to this podcast to hear of her fascinating journey and learn from her wisdom. Dotsie is the Founder and creative force of the websites National Association of Baby Boomer Women, and Boomer Women Speak, (the number one website on all search engines for "baby boomer women.") She established the association, the only one dedicated to serving the healthiest, wealthiest, and best educated group of women to reach midlife, in order to support and encourage women to live their dreams. She is a writer, speaker, and expert on issues concerning her generation of women. Dotsie is passionate about educating and empowering midlife women through her wildly successful Web sites, including more than 60 forums that act as a virtual village for boomers. We asked, "What prompted you to create your baby boomer women websites?" Dotsie answered, "Following Mom's death and facing the empty nest caused me to hunker down in prayer seeking guidance and direction for the next season in life. I struggled with this question: What do I want to be when I grow up? Yes, I was a 44-year-old baby boomer and was still searching! I'd loved being a mom who stayed home to make a difference, but shortly they'd all be in college and I'd be out of a job. Since I enjoyed my friendships with women and liked us to feel connected and encouraged, I chose to launch a Web site that would do just that. A site that allowed us to share our stories and give everyone a peek into our hearts and lives would help enlighten ourselves and others about our generation of women."On this show she answers questions such as:"What is the mission of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women?" "What are the member benefits?" "How did you find the associates who share expert advice on your website?"What type of women are joining?""What role does NABBW play in addressing the joys and concerns of boomer women?" The URL's for her websites are www.nabbw.com and www.boomerwomenspeak.com.

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