Sexy Stuff-Coming Soon!!! with Mark Phelan
On the Minds of Men
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Episode 23 - Sexy Stuff-Coming Soon!!! with Mark Phelan

In this episode Dr. Lori Buckley and friend, Mark Phelan discuss a few things that they consider in cars, jewelry, lesbians, etc., and break the news about their new vodcast!!!, On the Minds of Men-Sexy Stuff. What’s sexy to you??? Dr. Lori wants to know. Please send your emails to [email protected] and let us know people, places, and things that you think are sexy...and we’ll feature them in our show. More details on this episode go to



Sexy Stuff-Coming Soon!!!

Announcer:  This program is intended for mature audiences only.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Welcome.  You are listening to ‘On the minds of men’ and I am your host Dr. Lori Buckley.  Anyways, that utimora, it’s not a bad little toy, men love it.  It’s masturbation sleep is what it is, like it just makes things go a little…

Mark Phelan:  It reminds me of a Bulgarian woman I did and I kept saying, don’t worry, just oohtimara.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  When a man gives a woman jewelry, she will have more sex with you, I promise you.

Mark Phelan:  Oh really?

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Oh, absolutely.

Mark Phelan:  So I just need to get on to…what is this, is just fabulous, in the website we get discounts…

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I am telling you, you know if you can send some videos, we don’t want any nudity.

Mark Phelan:  I don’t need to see anybody’s butt bang in a way and the back of a fucking growling.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  We are telling you about our new show that we are so excited about ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’.

Mark Phelan:  You’re actually going to see it so we’re going to have to work close.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I know, I know.

Mark Phelan:  We use a delicious start next.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, yeah exactly.

Mark Phelan:  At least I am.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Well today, again I have with me my wonderful sidekick Mark Phelan.  Welcome Mark.

Mark Phelan:  How are you Dr. Buckley.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I am fabulous, how about yourself?

Mark Phelan:  I am doing part for the course but better than that.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Ok, so you’re getting any action?

Mark Phelan:  Oh yeah, yeah.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, you’re going to tell us about it?

Mark Phelan:  Absolutely, oh scoring at will by heads are exhausted, the carpel tunnel syndrome up to my elbows.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Oh dear, dear, dear you know you should try that Utimora thing that thing that…

Mark Phelan:  I had that with little of calamine lotion, free to write up.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Anyways, that Utimora, it’s not a bad little toy, men love it.  It’s a masturbation sleep, is what it is.  I think it just makes things go a little…

Mark Phelan:  It reminds me of a Bulgarian woman I did and I kept saying let’s go for it, she said oooh tomorrow.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Maybe that’s where they got their name from.  Speaking of Utimora and masturbation, today…

Mark Phelan:  Yes, lets…

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Today we are talking about sexy stuff, which just happens to be the name of our up and coming video podcast.

Mark Phelan:  No.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yes.

Mark Phelan:  You can then actually see us in person.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  People are going to see us and so keep your eyes open within the next couple of weeks, you are going to see our video show.  We’ll still have our audio show but we are going to be doing video ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’.  So we are going to be talking about sexy stuff on our videocast, we are going to be going to really sexy places and I am going to be interviewing some sexy people and we’re going to be introducing you to some sexy things.  So it’s going to be a lot of fun and just join us.  I think you’ll be very happy that you did and we also are going to be answering your questions and showing any videos or reading any comments or stories that you have that just happen to be sexy.

Mark Phelan:  Think of sexy stuff, lesbians, I like watching lesbians.  You know why?

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Why?

Mark Phelan:  If I am like, want them as I watch to, what the hell, they’re more than merrier.  I am not being able to jump on their loins and as I watch a girl jump on the loins.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  That makes sense, that makes sense, what about group lesbian sex?

Mark Phelan:  Group lesbians, you can’t have too many lesbians, that’s well look at it and all lesbian, I am all pro lesbian, a very very pro lesbian.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Good, well that’s good to know.

Mark Phelan:  I think it was a gay prepared only for lesbians, I did it.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Ok.

Mark Phelan:  I am not a spokesperson for lesbians.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  So lesbians are sexy.

Mark Phelan:  Yes, I don’t even care if their bold back’s stiff.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, there’s lot of kinds of things that are sexy and what else is really sexy?  Jewellery.

Mark Phelan:  Oh yes.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Jewellery is sexy, I’ll tell you what’s great about it.  When a man gives a woman jewellery, she will have more sex with you, I promise you.

Mark Phelan:  Oh really?

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Oh absolutely.

Mark Phelan:  So I just need to get on to, what is this, is this fabulous, in the website we get discounts?  I need to sign up.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I am telling you, we have this new sponsor and it is fabulous.  If you go to they have just this unbelievable selection of jewellery that since there’s no middle man, it’s so much less expensive than what you see in department stores or jewellery stores and you can go there not only are you saving 40-60% off of what you would pay in a regular store but when you put in the promo code ‘men’ since they are my sponsor, you will get an additional 20% off.

Mark Phelan:  These what’s like you’re giving for nothing.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  It is, it’s unbelievable, the prices that you can get and you can even pay it in five payments with no interest and it’s you can return it, you have 60 days.

Mark Phelan:  I can’t wait to find the chic that I can start getting jewelry to.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  It really is a fabulous thing.  They are our new sponsor.  I want to welcome them and listeners, it will be great if you can help support my sponsor who can help support me and this show so we can keep this going strong.

Mark Phelan:  Can’t have too many lesbians are too much blame, tell me why ice is so important to women?

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, I think one thing is it something that we are always wearing and it sparkles and we, when we wear it and we look in the mirror, we look at our hand or our arm, we can say, oh yeah, my lover bought this for me and you know, it cost some money which I think is nice.  We like it when men spend money on us because you know why, because it kinds of represents that they care for us, that they care enough about us to buy us something that they know that we like.  I mean there, I don’t think there’s a woman in the world who doesn’t like jewelry.

Mark Phelan:  I got to admit, I mean when I mentally, right now I am going there, a nice sort of diamond pendant dazzled between two heaving supple bosoms, yes, I can do something for it, I can.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  So sexy stuff.  What sexy, you know what food is sexy when done right, when eaten right, wine is sexy, there are some really sexy…

Mark Phelan:  Drinking wine, eating food well get them enough job, so there’s heaven.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  The best of everything.

Mark Phelan:  Well that’s the bottomline.  I mean I bring that up in jest but in that spur of the moment that everyone has experienced, know what that feeling of pure passion, when it explodes between two people, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, you could be in the backseat of a Toyota and even if you’re 6’2”, you can find a way to make it happen and it’s just raw passion and that sexy stuff is when two people ignite and you can’t really gauge it, you can’t plan it, it just happens and when that happens, bingo, and then I mean I’ll better off.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I just got a great idea for one of our shows.  We can do some research.  We could find the best cars to have sex in.

Mark Phelan:  Well let’s start it off with A, you know I mean Acura then we go into Burix, BMWs, boy I’d love to go to the lots so can we just take it for test drive?  Board around the corner, tell that salesman we’ll be back in oh 15-20 minutes, come back, they should even grins on the face, I like it, yeah the movable seats, you’re going to have, hey where’s this another sponsor, we have a built-in vibrator in the back seat.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah ok, now you’re going a little crazy but there is something.

Mark Phelan:  Hey, they got DVD players for the kids, want to have just a vibrator on those long trips, don’t you think that would leave the tension on our show, ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’?  We’re going to do that.  We’re going to start ready, we’ll have the people send in their information.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  That’s what I was just going to say, listeners.

Mark Phelan:  Scale of 1 to 5 and give us the break down.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, we want to hear, we want to hear your stories, you know if you can send some videos, we don’t want any nudity.

Mark Phelan:  I don’t need to see anybody’s butt banging away in the back of a fucking growler.  Bottomline now is you can show the diameter.  You maybe deal with ok, the headrest are as removable, the seats go all the way down and then speaking of which I hearken back to my youth.  My brother and I once converted a Dodge charger and we took, it was old piece of crap and we basically took it from the wheels up, re-painted it, got at the interior, put in the new engine the whole nine yards, real grease marquees, we were mainly men back then.

And the backseat was just torn a bit so we just kind of pulled it out and put in essentially a small mattress that went from the backseat all the way to the trunk because it was just perfect for howling things etc.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  For howling things.

Mark Phelan:  I was filling up the tank once and a black guy came up to me and black only meaning because it was relevant to his style.  He had a car that on blaze in his eye that said Mr. Slim.  So this is the man who knows what he is talking about with the ladies.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Mr. Slim?

Mark Phelan:  Mr. Slim.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I am not sure I understand what that means.

Mark Phelan:  He probably is either a purveyor of the women or maybe he works some of the girls, you know what I am telling?

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Ok, got you, got you.

Mark Phelan:  So we work, so man, is that your ride?  I said yeah.  He said, man, what’s there in the back?  A crap?  Man, you must know some short legged hoes, and then five seconds, a little white boy like me got this great introduction to the world of the women and vehicles.  I must know some short legged hoes because I got locally up on the back.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  That’s a sad story.

Mark Phelan:  I realize cars can be a sexy thing.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  There you go, so cars are sexy.

Mark Phelan:  Yeah, send us a video, show me your crap on the back.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, and listeners, listen up here, anything that you think is sexy, a place you’ve been whether it is just a natural place outdoors or whether it’s a restaurant or a store or whether it is maybe even a movie or a show, music, food, I mean just, we want to hear, we want to know what you think is sexy.  We will either show your videos, we’ll go out and we’ll shoot it and we will show it on our show ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’ and I am going to be interviewing some sexy women and I am not going to….

Mark Phelan:  There’s a person who is a professional.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, I don’t want to mention any names right now but just you know, you want to watch, you don’t want to miss that stuff.

Mark Phelan:  Put it this way, her co-host and speaking for myself, we’ll be present to make sure that’s all in the open up.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, he will not miss that show.  So we are really looking forward to this.  We hope you enjoy.  We want to hear your comments, your ideas, what you want to know, please write me at [email protected] and let me know.  We need to take a short break but we will be right back.

You are listening to ‘On the minds of men’ and I am your host Dr. Lori Buckley.


Dr. Lori Buckley:  We’re back and you’re listening to ‘On the minds of men’.  I am your host Dr. Lori Buckley and I am here with Mark Phelan and we are telling you about our new show that we are so excited about ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’.

Mark Phelan:  You’re actually going to see us so we’re going to have to work close.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I know, I know.

Mark Phelan:  We use a delicious start in that.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, exactly.

Mark Phelan:  At least I am.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be fun and we’ve already done some shows about sex and keeping it high and you know sexy food, so if you want to learn about what’s sexy to eat and how to give a sexy massage and…

Mark Phelan:  Just call me and then you can come over and we’ll videotape it, you can feed me and give me massage.  Now that sounds like a hell of a good, I have to…

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Well it’s definitely sexy, there’s no question about that.  We are going to give you all that information, we’re going to have a blast doing it.  We want to hear from you.  Let us know what you think is sexy.  What you want to know, where places you’ve been that are sexy, we want to hear your comments, see your videos, all of those things we’re going to discuss it and show it on our show ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’.

Mark Phelan:  If you think listening to this woman’s voice is sexy, wait till you see in person, it does justice.  The camera loves her as it were.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Thank you, thank you very much.  So join us, we’re looking forward to it, keep your eyes open, it’s coming soon.  You know, I am trying to think of what do we really want to talk about today and you know, we’ve done oral, we’ve done anal, we’ve done films…

Mark Phelan:  Unfortunately figuratively folks, nothing has happened here.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, so what do you think, what’s on your mind?

Mark Phelan:  That’s real amazing, unbelievable irony of this entire freaking thing.  I sit across from a person as I talk about sex that I am not having and she is there, we’ve had in a way of that bla bla and da da da and it’s so matter of fact and for the longest, this is the longest period of my entire life that has been bubkiss and I’ve even done this silly websites that’s, the yahoo, the ehomely, I mean eharmony and nothing.

I mean this is an unbelievable little streak going on.  It’s like before the Boston Red Sox won the world series they had the curse of the bambino.  Somebody put a mojo on my ass couple of years ago.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Ok, so let’s live to that curse, right now I am going to do.

Mark Phelan:  Everyone, put your arms together, it’s like hands across America, get, march, lay… everybody get, march, lay…

Dr. Lori Buckley:  You know here’s the thing that I really want you to know whether it’s you or any of our listeners who happen to be out there right now, who are having this similar difficulties, a drought, so to speak, then what you need to do is change your mindset because this idea that it’s really so difficult that you have this person and I know that you’re kidding over this half way anyways, but the idea…

Mark Phelan:  So I got to go ugly early.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  You don’t have to go ugly early, you know there are a lot of fabulous single women out there.  No, no, no there’s fabulous single women out there, I mean hookers that’s one option but no, really it’s just getting out there in the world, being happy, living your life, I think when we kind of put ourselves in a place what is like oh gosh, you know the life kind of sucks and relationships are difficult and oh this isn’t happening…

Mark Phelan:  Well that’s the irony is because I am very fucking happy.  I mean I go to work, I am in a social environment at my job.  I am very up and even flirtatious.  I have never had been more comfortable in my game as it were to no end and I think back when I was literally scoring it well and I was doing nothing.  I mean virtually nothing and I was, in some ways, I was amazed that I was even putting out the vibe to be attractive.

So it’s, that’s the dichotomy of dealing with and I even all of a sudden changed my state so much….

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Well you’re flirting and you know flirting and closing are two different things.

Mark Phelan:  Big time, there you go, I never got, it was a great closure.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, so you need to close the deal and I know you well enough to know that.  I think this is something that has become just really more of a pattern because it has been a while and I am just going to, I am going to disclose a little information about you…

Mark Phelan:  Oh no.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  That that really this has happened seems…

Mark Phelan:  I am actually in prison right now.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Well it’s happened since you were divorced and which, you know it hasn’t been that long and so things have changed and there is, it’s a difficult time, it’s a transition from divorce to being a single man, it’s like how do you go out there and play that game again and live this life and this is something that you are right now adjusting to and it’ll happen, it’ll happen and I really do believe that yeah, you’re flirting, you’re happy, there’s that going on but there is something that’s stopping you and what is really stopping you from closing the deal?  It’s probably some kind of fear and I don’t know wanted to therapy with you right now but I think that you are not…

Mark Phelan:  You’re a fat chic.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  You are not alone and you know, and then there’s also, well yeah some people say that, you know there’s not that many single attractive woman out there but that’s not true.

Mark Phelan:  I see attractive women every day.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Yeah, they really are out there every day and my guess is if you were to just push a little, a little further and I am not saying push the woman, I am saying push yourself to make…

Mark Phelan:  Push a woman in the car.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  No, you don’t want to do that, that doesn’t work so well.  You know I think things would start changing for you and such as keep that in mind, what were we talking about?  Ok, we were talking that we didn’t really know what to talk about and then you were talking about the fact that…

Mark Phelan:  This crazy dilemma but I am living up because there’s a lots of guys in the exact same boat.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  I know it’s true, I know it’s true and you know when you think about it, there’s either, and this is guys and gals where you’re either in a situation where you’re wishing you were in a-relationship and then we have people who are in a relationship that wishing they want or they’re in a relationship and they’re wishing it were different, I mean the percentage of people who are in, happy, successful, healthy, sexual relationships, you know, I mean that’s why this show is so popular because we need more of that.

I don’t it’s work.  I don’t think it’s, I think it’s work when it goes too far in the negative direction.  I always like to say that it is consistent daily conscious effort, just the effort and that doesn’t mean that it’s work, it shouldn’t have to be work but just to be mindful of ok, I want to be a really good partner and I want to still be interested in my partner and I want to have fun and laugh and be playful and not take this person in my life for granted and treat our partners the way that we used to when we first met and we were trying to seduce them, I mean if we did more of that instead of kind of putting the relationship and everything in the background and focusing more on sports, work or computers or cell phones and all of those things, things would be different.

So if you’re not in a relationship, well do something different and if you are in a relationship and you’re not happy, again do something different, take a look, reflect and say ok, what needs to be different for me?  What do I really want here and what can I do to get it and I encourage all of you single men and women out there to dot that as well as people who are in relationships that they wish were happier.

Its not going to happen miraculously, it’s certainly not going to happen because you want it to happen and your partner is probably not going to be the one who is going to do it for you, you need to do it for yourself and hopefully your partner will follow, which is usually the case.

So here’s to better relationships, relationships in general and better sex and that’s what we’re about, our new video podcast ‘On the minds of men – sexy stuff’ is going to address all of these things and give you some new ideas.  We’re going to have some fun doing it and we want you to have fun too.

Mark Phelan:  I can’t wait.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  You really can’t.  So thank you for listening to us and pretty soon we hope you’ll be watching us.  I am your host Dr. Lori Buckley and I am with my sidekick Mark Phelan.  You are listening ‘On the minds of men’.

Mark Phelan:  You’ve been great.

Dr. Lori Buckley:  Bye.

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