Episode 19: Mindsets For (and Pitfalls to) Your Success and Learning; The Chain of External Meaning

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In this episode of Evolutionary Sales, Jason continues the series on mindsets.

In this episode he expands on the idea that you are responsible for your emotional experience&—and gives you additional access to the &“chain of meaning&” as it relates to how your beliefs are generated and how you create meaning regarding external events, people, and your experience of the world.

You are also reminded to review a series of articles he has written to assist you in fleshing out this process and training your mind.& They are &“Emotional Freedom Techniques&”


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Jason McClain: Welcome to Evolutionary Sales.  I am your host Jason McClain and your guide in the 21st century marketplace.

“…Janice, as I said, she calls up a prospect and asked them if it is a good time for a sales call.  And they say, well I am in a meeting, what is this concerning and ultimately she gets stuck there.  This I imagine is something that happens for many of us…”

“…last week through we talked about an event and then an interpretation or characterization followed by an emotional reaction, a quick rapid normally shorter reaction which then we wallow into some degree, whether it’s positive or negative by the way, sometimes jubilant, joyous reactions are just as dangerous because they are built on illusions, inaccurate interpretations which I feel is built on an illusion that will eventually be disillusioned…”

Last week in evolutionary sales, we discussed what I called the Chain Of Meaning, but we really applied it to your internal experience that is ultimately what unique events mean about yourself.  And today, we are going to talk about the same basic set of distinctions, but how you can apply it externally and how you do apply it externally and how it is out of your awareness.  So, again for the purpose of mastery of your mind, bringing into your awareness and gain some access to it.

But, first we will move to a listener mail.  Jan writes, “Your evolutionary sales podcast program has afforded me a better understanding of the personal sales interactions.  I must improve in order to fulfill the most fundamental current need in my life, thank you.”  I am actually very moved as I read that and thank you for the acknowledgment and I am so glad that these are contributing to your life at such a deep level.

Janice as I said she calls up a prospect and asked them if it is a good time for a sales call and they say well I am in a meeting, what is this concerning and ultimately she gets stuck there.  This I imagine is something that happens for many of us.  What is this concerning?  So, there are a few things.  One, is first of all for your particular business and with Janice business, well I won’t name, it is a particularly deep business in terms of the values that it is embodying.  What that means, is this a good time for a sales call may not be the best approach.  It may be that the best approach is something like, “Is this is a good time for you to talk about X, Y or Z?”  And you plug into their values.

For instance we could say, “Is this the best time for you to talk about increasing your sales?”  Or “Do you have time to talk about how to improve the efficacy of your sales people?”  Or “Hey, do you have time to talk about how to save money on your mortgage?”  Now, there is a sense here which those are all "Hey this is a sales call, do you have time, questions?"  But they plug into their values, so that it is a shorter, but also deeper immediate connection.

So, what I would say is first of all if you are coming up against a consistent block, then you need to figure out a way to have your initial statement, inquiry, or as Tony Roberts would say, you make a big fat claim.  It is not exactly what I am saying here, what I am saying here is that what you want to really do if you are selling into a specific value mean or a specific value set.  Then what you want to do is use those values right upfront and ask them if they have time.  That should assist you.  If it doesn’t, “Gosh, Jen, you know me again,” but that is how I would treat your particular approach given the doubt you laid out for me here.

Okay, so back to contributing to allowing you to have greater mastery over your mind, greater mastery over your internal subjective experience.  Last week through we talked about an event and then an interpretation or characterization followed by emotional reaction, a quick rapid normally shorter reaction, which then we wallow into some degree.  Whether it’s positive or negative by the way, sometimes the jubilant, joyous reactions are just as dangerous because they are built on illusions, inaccurate interpretations which if it is built on an illusion, it will eventually be disillusioned.

And, then we want to make it mean something.  Last week, we talked about how we make it mean, something about ourselves, but we also often take a different route and then other route would be, we have an emotional reaction and then we create some generalization about the world.  “You know people are blank or you know, this call list is blank.  You know my industry is blank.  You know company never blanks.  Are these prospects blank?  Whatever it is, something external, women are, men are, people are, directors of technology are, decision makers are, homeowners are blank.”

And it is a generalization, a generalization that first of all because it’s a generalization, it is at least partial, that is incomplete in its accuracy.  Or second of all, you know what we do is we are going to stop there.  We say, “Well, you know, when we do what I call an evidentiary search, we look for all the ways in which we are right about how people are blank.”  And it is negative.  And we don’t stop there.  The challenge is we don’t stop there.  We go even further and look at this evidentiary search to see how we are right and then we come to a conviction, something that we are willing to fight over, it’s not just a belief now, now it is a conviction.  And we will argue with you about it, we will debate it, we will get heated about it, and then what we do next, is it becomes the truth, capital T.

It’s just the way things are and if you don’t see it, well you just ignore it or you are just not experienced enough or knowledgeable enough or something.  And, what we have done is we have plugged ourselves into a matrix of negativity or resignation and we prefer to search for evidence that has us be right, then search for counterexamples, which would have us be happier, freer.  We are building flexibility, but we won’t have the certainty of being right about the world and by keeping our limitations.  Now that process is all within the fourth step which I laid out last week and which you can find in the article I mentioned, Emotional Freedom Techniques, which if you just search for Emotion Freedom Techniques and Jason McClain, you should easily find it on the web, just do Google search for it now.  You can find it at EvolutionaryAwareness.com in the article section or PersonalLifeMedia.com and just look for myblog or the blog for evolutionary sales.  And there are two parts to that article currently.

But, the fourth step, that is the meaning step.  In that place create a subset, it’s kind of like with underneath that fourth step, step A would be to create a generalization and then step B, underneath that fourth step, would be just do an evidentiary search and then C, would be to create a conviction after months or years of searching, proving you are right and then the next step of course would be truth.  That is the question, how do we unravel this?  Well, how we unravel is simply to search for counterexamples.  Rather than do an evidentiary search to prove how we are right, set on to prove yourself wrong.  And say “Well that is crazy Jason, why would I want to do?”

Well, there are a couple of reasons, one, so you will be free.  The other is because it is actually a wonderful tool for ego development in the positive sense because you will be able to expand your ego to create new information.  If the more you accept where you are inaccurate and move towards the practical accuracy and away from that personally right and justified, the better off you will be in your relationships, in your business, in your finances, with your sex and romance, family, politics, just about every domain of humanbeingness in the Western globalized world because you will be better off for it. 

That is how you do that.  If you haven’t read the articles yet after last week, read them now.  If you have, read them again.  Because I guarantee you having heard this internal/external; last week we did internal, this week we do external.  You will see it differently, you will read it differently, you will interrupt it differently and that is the good news.

I am Jason McClain, your host and your guide in the 21st century marketplace of where we fuse 21st century psychology with ethical sales techniques coming from service and contribution.  We have got a little gift for you again, I want to remind you.  If you go to 123nlp.com and you buy stuff there, which will give you access to advanced communication skills, tools of influence as well as greater understanding of yourself, be sure to use the promo code sales to give yourself access to discounts for those resources. 

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Go there now and take advantage of these because the simple fact is the greatest investment you can make it is an investment in yourself.  You are the only stock that has guaranteed to increase in value overtime.  Any other singular stock is not guaranteed to increase in value overtime.   You are.  So invest in that stock now.  You have already been investing in it by listening to these podcasts, now invest in it by going to those addresses, and gaining even deeper understanding of all the distinctions I have been laying for you.

Lastly, keep your listener questions coming.  It is how you can repay me.  I get nothing for these shows expect for the joy of contributing to you and some minor rev share, frankly it is not even at this point we are talking about.  So really I want you to understand that what I am doing is for, I am not getting paid, what I am doing it this for is to increase your ability to close deals, to open relationships to make a better life for yourself, to fulfill yourself.  How you can repay me?  Is if you want deeper knowledge of course, listen to some of the adverts that are stuck in these shows, but ultimately I need your questions, I need your feedback, I need your feedback so that I can drill down on some of these distinctions in ways that I wouldn’t if you didn’t the questions.  It is a storehouse of information in my database that we call it brand.  Make use of it.

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