Episode 23: Pickup 101 and The Art of Attraction with Daniel Johnson, Hristiyan Atanasov, and Michael Jones

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Pickup 101 is an international business that teaches men how to be better men, which then leads to happier women. It's“real world training for men”. In this episode, senior instructors from Pickup 101, Daniel Johnson, Hristiyan Atanasov, and Michael Jones, share background and information on this phenomenally successful business. You'll hear what makes a successful pickup, and some of the best tips for pulling it off.

From Daniel Johnson: “Pickup 101 is a tool to transform a man's life. It uses his natural desire for women in his life...& for a guy who's lonely and sees women walking by, he's confronted by all his fears and insecurities and its a great way for him to step past that and grow as a man.”

This multimedia business teaches men how to have fun in their lives, regardless of their success rate with women, just for fun's sake. When women approach, Pickup 101 students learn how to feel not shaken by the womens' presence.

If you've ever wondered how to be more successful with meeting women and establishing relationships, you will definitely want to listen to this program.


Announcer: This program is brought to you by personallifemedia.com.  It is suitable for mature audiences only and may contain explicit sexual information.

Beth Crittenden:  Hello and welcome to a Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews.  I am your host, Beth Crittenden here on Personal Life Media coming to you from One Taste Urban Retreat Center in San Francisco, California.  Our guests tonight are three senior instructors and coaches from PickUp 101.  Hi guys.

Daniel Johnson: Hello Beth.

Hristiyan Atanasov: Hi Beth Crittenden:

Michael Jones: Hello.

Beth Crittenden: Oh they are shy.  They are so cute.  I wish you guys could see them.  I have Daniel, Hristiyan and Michael here from this international business.  It has been around for about three years and it teaches men how to be “better men then for happier women.”  And also it is real world training for men, so they know how to connect with women and as you can tell from the name, pick them up.  So on today’s show we will be finding out more about what some of their techniques and principles are and why they do the work that they do.  And we are interested in this here at One Taste because we also want people to have better connections, better sex, better orgasm, the whole nine yards.

Today on the Taste of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews, join us as the guys from PickUp 101 define what is a successful pickup.  They will tell you what are some of their best top secret moves for connecting with a woman.  Also we will hear about the origins of the successful international business.  So Daniel?

Daniel Johnson: Yes.

Beth Crittenden: What is your message after having become a teacher with this organization?

Daniel Johnson: My message, well, I have been doing this for a couple of years now and when I started into it, I didn’t really know what I was getting into I guess.  It kind of surprised me at first like I’m teaching men to pickup women, what is this…?

Beth Crittenden: Did you always have good luck with women?

Daniel Johnson: No, I wasn’t always a good one.

Beth Crittenden: So you are a loser?

Daniel Johnson: I was a loser, thank you for…

Beth Crittenden: [Laughs].

Daniel Johnson:…for insult on the wounds.

Beth Crittenden: And they taught you how to not be.

Daniel Johnson: Yeah, it had been a long journey of just becoming more social in general and part of that was understanding women but also just like the social part of picking women up, you have to go out, you have to push your comfort zone, do all that stuff.  So I had started the process before PickUp 101 and then when I found it, like all the things came together.  And really looking back now, I really see it as a tool to really transform a man’s life, to really make him like we said a better man because it uses his natural desire for women in his life, but for a guy who is lonely and he sees women walking by, every time he sees those women he is confronted with all these fears and his anxieties and insecurities.  And it is a great way for him to step past that and grow as a man.

Beth Crittenden:  So does this work for any man or are there some kind of like prerequisites before they can start the work?

Daniel Johnson: We have taken pretty much any man – we had one student couple of months ago who was blind and he just wanted to meet women.  That was an adventure like just because he didn’t even know where the women were, we had to walk him over to them and stuff.  But in the end he had a great time.  He learned a lot about himself too which I thought was even more important.

We have had students in wheelchair, so really we have had every kind of guy come through the class.

Beth Crittenden: Nice.  Hristiyan, how did you get into it?

Hristiyan Atanasov: I got into it after a painful relationship.

Beth Crittenden: Did she dump you?

Hristiyan Atanasov: She dumped me.  Yeah, I still don’t know why she would do such a thing, but…

Beth Crittenden: I am sure she is sitting down and crying about it as we speak.

Hristiyan Atanasov: Yeah.  But it was like something happened here and I want to figure out what happened and never let it happen again.  So I met those guys and said, let me see if they are for sure or they are for real.  I took the class and they really loved me for some reason and they kept convincing me to come back and teach for couple of months until I finally said, “You know what, I will give it a try” and then now I love it.

Beth Crittenden: What was the class like?

Hristiyan Atanasov: What was the class like?  I don’t know.  Interesting, intense.
Daniel Johnson: What was it like?

Hristiyan Atanasov: It was fun.

Beth Crittenden: Were there women there or was it all guys?

Hristiyan Atanasov: It was all guys, had to flirt with guys all day long.

Beth Crittenden: How do you know what women want if it is all guys?

Hristiyan Atanasov: That’s what the instructors are there I guess.  They say, “We know listen to us…”

Daniel Johnson: We do bring in women.

Hristiyan Atanasov: We do bring women on Sunday after the whole week and you learn everything, then on Sunday come in and you flirt with women and they give you feedback and such.

Beth Crittenden: Oh nice.  So it is all weekend long class?

Daniel Johnson: Three days yeah, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Beth Crittenden: And Michael what is the magic of it for you?

Michael Jones: For me it was the “how to” because I didn’t know how to initiate a relationship.  I got involved with this after my divorce from a woman I spent 20 years with.  It was a woman I had met where after high school I asked her to dance.  And it was maybe the fifth woman I had asked to dance and when I got divorced there were no school dances anymore.

Beth Crittenden: Right.

Michael Jones: At least that would let me in.  And so I needed the “how to.”  I needed to know how to initiate beginning a relationship and that’s why I learned.

Beth Crittenden: So, what would you tell someone, let’s say you meet them on the street and there this guy and he is kind of shy and he has a woman in mind but she hasn’t noticed him yet, what would you tell him, would be the first step for getting her attention?

Michael Jones:  Well the first step is to take some social initiative to actually just go in there with the intention of starting a relationship, it is not really what you say, a lot of it is getting yourself to move towards her, getting yourself to open up and start saying something and not be afraid and not back away or run away, to get through that first initial stage of awkwardness and anxiety and make it comfortable for you and the person you are talking to that you could actually share some time together without being freaked out.

Beth Crittenden: And how does PickUp 101 address the whole nice guy syndrome, you are saying don’t kind of hang back and wait, how do you teach guys to not just be rugs that women walk all over without being jerks?

Daniel Johnson:  It is a great question.  It is the ultimate balance is what we are going for.  A lot of guys actually have come to us and they were the nice guy and then they tried the opposite and then they became the asshole and that doesn’t work as well.  What we really try and teach guys to do is have fun in their own life regardless.  And especially in PickUp, a lot of what we do is at a bar -- it could be in the daytime too -- if we take like a social situation like a bar or club, we tell guys to really go out and just have fun for fun’s sake, to live in his own sort of world, enjoying himself like that and then when women come up, he is not shaken by them.  And I think that is really what being a nice guy is, a guy who has lost his ground, he has became shaken by the women’s presence so that he is willing to sacrifice his own integrity.

Beth Crittenden: And then, we eat you alive.

Daniel Johnson: Yeah, scary.

Michael Jones:  I will add to that.  I want guys to be nice but I want them to be men.  I think a lot of guys think that nice means being politically asexual and I want guys to be nice and manly to own their manliness and to be proud of it and to express it.

Beth Crittenden: Great.

Hristiyan Atanasov: I think a better word would be respectful, you know how to be nice.  I don’t know if I like you that much but if you can approach everything from a respectful place, then you are not a nice guy.  And of course what Daniel said to me, to sum it in one line would be, you want her but you don’t need her.


Beth Crittenden: How do you teach guys to work with if they are angry at women, if they have been dumped like you are Hristiyan or if they feel like they just haven’t gotten noticed time and time again, how do you teach them to not kind of throw their pissof at women?

Michael Jones: I would ay in general we don’t put a lot of focus on anger and working through that just because we don’t want to put that kind of emphasis we really take a different stance of trying to make it fun, show them that it is fun.  And if we can take a guy and put him a situation where he previously would have been angry, but now he is having fun doing it, then it sort of rewires his brain in that way, rewires his emotions.

So we really spend a lot of time, really a lot of time just drilling into them to have fun, have fun, have fun, enjoy the process.  Even the events that don’t go your way, look at them as a learning process, enjoy it, grow from it and even sometimes celebrate it.

Some of the stories that guys tend to get the most pissed off at are also the most absurd stories that when you actually look at them they are just ridiculous when you can take a step back and laugh at it, I think that helps a lot.

Beth Crittenden: Respective, that’s nice.  In terms of how you guys work, is there kind of a community like once someone takes a class, do they do like successive things or is it more like you come in and do the workshop and then great, go off and have your life?

Daniel Johnson: Absolutely, we look at this like a lifelong learning process.  A man can always continue to understand woman on a deeper level, learn more about himself, learn more about women, so we treat it like that.  We have followup programs.  We have more workshops.  We also have an online forum.  We have DVD and CD products.  We have a lot of channels and also one-on-one coaching for some guys.  A lot of different ways a guy can continue to process.

For the most part it is really about momentum, building that momentum from the first workshop and then keeping that going.  The hardest part I think is when a guy does kind of like what you are saying, they show up for three days, they have fun and then they just go back home and sit on the couch and watch TV.  That is not what we want for any of them.

Beth Crittenden:  Tell us a little bit about the history, like what is PickUp101 have to do with the book The Game, and things like that.  I would love to hear the background of it.

Daniel Johnson:  Yeah, I should probably take that question.  I have been around the longest of these guys.  Lance Mason is the founder of the business, I met him about 2½ years ago and he is the one who started it.  Basically he used to hang out with the guys from the game, he was going out with them, he met all those guys Mystery and Style, all of them.

Beth Crittenden:  Can you tell people who haven’t heard about The Game what it is?

Daniel Johnson:  So, The Game is a book about punch pickup artist I guess and they had a house in Hollywood and there is a whole bunch of drama and all sorts of stuff. , I know it has been a while since I have read it, but what it was is really a birth of a community of guys studying the art of meeting women and picking up women.  I guess that is how we came out of it just because Lance met those people.  Lance was already good with women, he had lots of relationships, but he was kind of stuck in his own way of doing things, so for him meeting other people with different styles and different perspectives to add to his.  I think he learned a lot and at first he was just teaching kind of whatever came to mind, but I think as we have progressed, we have really created something unique that is ours, that really just came from all the instructors, all of us bring all of our life's experience to the table and now what we have is really unique, really just completely our own.

Beth Crittenden:  What is a successful pickup in each of your definition?  How does a guy know when he has had a good pickup?  Is it a kiss, is it sex, is it a relationship, how do you play with that?

Michael Jones:  I think that when a guy makes progress in getting closer to the relationships that he wants, he has had success.  I have met a lot of guys who had nothing but failure when it comes to women and they don’t want that, they want to progress, they want to have fuller deeper relationships.  For some guys a successful interaction with a woman would lead to getting married, some guys it would just mean finding a friend, some guys just live in the moment, and they just want to be happier with the relationship with women.  So, every guy has had an own stage in his life, it is different for each person, but success I think ultimately is getting better.

Beth Crittenden:  Hristiyan?

Hristiyan Atanasov:  I mean, I hate the word pickup and I don’t even feel like I teach men how to pick up women, I feel like I teach men how to understand women better.  To me successful -- I get successful when I can walk into a place and look a the woman in the eye and just know what she wants before you even approach there and then knowing how to go about it and how to give her what she wants and get into the place I want to be with her.

Beth Crittenden:  Is that something you were born with or did you literally need the information from outside of yourself to figure out how to do that?  Sounds pretty deep what you are saying.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  I think we are all born with, but I guess it was the way I was raised or grew up was more aware of it than other guys.  So, that is why I am so passionate about teaching and showing guys and helping them be more comfortable with their sexualities, women sexualities, and own it and all that.

Beth Crittenden:  Daniel how about you? Successful pickup?  You know you have done well.

Daniel Johnson:  Well, I like both of what they said already.  What I would add to that I guess is success in my mind is really if a guy walks away feeling empowered, feeling better, learning more, all of that and ...

Beth Crittenden:  Come on, give us the real answer.

Daniel Johnson:  I don’t know, that is the answer.

Beth Crittenden:  What is empowered?

Daniel Johnson:  Empowered means -- well this is the thing, guys are walking through their life all the time seeing hot women that they want to talk to and they feel powerless because they can do nothing, they don’t know what to say, what to do, they don’ do anything, and they probably been living that way for most of their lives.  And for a guy to break through that and to be able to walk up to the woman, talk to her, start a conversation, have an enjoyable conversation, find out about her.  Because sometimes if its a psycho women, then a success is finding out that she is psycho and walking away, right.  Success would not be sex because then you would have a stalker, that would be miserable.

Beth Crittenden:  Excellent point.  Okay.  Good.  I want to hear -- okay, you guys are like on the inner circle, right, and you probably have a really high success rate.  So what’s a tried and true thing that works for you that you are willing to share with people like something that you are like, this is my move, it works.

Daniel Johnson:  Secrets.

Beth Crittenden:  I just want one from each of you.

Michael Jones:  I will offer mine.

Beth Crittenden:  Okay.

Michael Jones:  Mine is when I really bring my sincerity to the interaction, when I really act in a way of being unafraid, completely open and vulnerable and really let her know how strongly I feel like this could be something when the chemistry is really allowed to be out there and when she feels it too.  To me nothing is better than feeling that chemistry between me and a woman I am interested in.

Beth Crittenden:  Okay, that was impressive and I want to say this for people who are just reading the transcript, there was a way that you said that when it translates just onto the page, like I really felt that, that was hot.  Okay Hristiyan talk top that.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  My secret move?

Beth Crittenden: One of the millions darling.

Hristiyan Atanasov: I think my best move will be my eyes.

Beth Crittenden:  Yeah, your eyes are pretty good.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  Yeah, it’s just the way...

Beth Crittenden:  You got the eyebrow.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  Good, I got the eyebrow.  Just the way I can look at a woman.

Beth Crittenden:  Yeah, I like that.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  Naughty one, in a very sexual way or I am undressing her with my eyes and she is just can’t say no.  And, I don’t know if anyone can benefit from that, but that is my best move.

Beth Crittenden:  All right, Daniel.

Daniel Johnson:  It’s a funny question.

Beth Crittenden:  Funny how?

Daniel Johnson:  Well, if eyes is a technique, I don’t know.  If that’s a best move, I don’t know.

Hristiyan Atanasov:  That is what I do most of the time.

Beth Crittenden:  Yeah, we notice a lot of stuff like that, so that is actually a really good one.

Daniel Johnson:  Well, I just don’t think a woman’s techniques I guess are her moves, it’s just the way he looks is just like -- that is who he is.

Beth Crittenden:  But it is different how he looks at women than men, so for me that is what makes a good technique, it is something kind of deliberate about it.

Daniel Johnson:   Well, what I was going to go for is he is going for the eyes, I will go smiling, I love to bring a great smile and the ability to make a woman smile.  I like to approach in a way where so many people they live their lives on just either boring or routines and if you can uplift someone especially beautiful women, you can take her out of that reality so that she feels good , she is smiling, she is in the fantasy, being swept away, then she melts him, that is great.

Beth Crittenden:  Then, what happens when the fantasy is over?

Daniel Johnson:  The fantasy, may be life is just one long fantasy.

Michael Jones:  It’s never over.

Beth Crittenden:  Maybe tell people how they can find out more about you.

Daniel Johnson:  Our website is pickup101.com.  Actually the best thing a guy could do is we have a daily newsletter that is full of success tips on women and cool stories about guys meeting women.  And that would probably be the best thing, it gives a guy more information.  If you just go to our website, you could get the newsletter there and then we have lots of workshops, the workshops are fun.  We do them in San Francisco pretty much every month I think, twice a month even.  So guys can take a look at that too.


Beth Crittenden:  Great, anything else to add before we wrap up?

Michael Jones: Well I will just say that people spend a lot of time going to college and getting educated, and learning about work, spend a lot of money on gym memberships and eating the right food so they can be healthy.  But to me nothing is going to influence your life more than the relationships you have with women and yet it’s something we are not taught in school, it’s something our dads don’t teach us, and most of us struggle with this without much help.  I am grateful that there is an outfit like PickUp 101 teaching this and guys that are dedicated to really helping guys get better at this.  I see men transform over that weekend and it is incredible, it moves me.  I don’t do this for the money, I have a daytime job that pays all my bills and some.  I do this because I just love what we do.

Beth Crittenden:  Nice.  Thanks for being on the show guys.

Daniel Johnson:  Thank you.

Beth Crittenden: This has been a Taste Of Sex: Guest Speaker Interviews.  I am your host Beth Crittenden, it’s on personallifemedia.com.  You can download this and other shows.  We also have from One Taste, two other taste of sex shows.  We have a reality audio show based on our live-in community of 50 people run the retreat center in San Francisco and we have another retreat center in New York as well.  So, you can hear about the latest gossip and relationships and [oming] and all those wonderful things.  You can visit our website at www.onetastesf.com.  If you would like a transcript of this show, you can go to personallifemedia.com and also you can review the shows there as well.  But, thanks for tuning in this time and remember to become better men for happier women.  Communicate, connect and turn on.  Thanks.

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