Bill Treasurer, Courage Goes To Work
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Matthew Scott

Episode 6 - Bill Treasurer, Courage Goes To Work

Join me as I review Bill Treasurer, Courage Goes To Work: How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance, and Get Results.

Bill Treasurer is founder and Chief Encourager at Giant Leap Consulting, a firm that helps people and organizations live more courageously. Among his clients are CNN, EarthLink, Starbucks, and the DEA. He is the author of Right Risk and the editor of Positively M.A.D.

Prior to founding Great Leap, Treasurer was captain of the U.S. High Diving Team and performed over 1,500 high dives form heights that scaled to over 100 feet. Bill resides in Asheville, North Carolina.



The goal of Courage Goes To Work is to build a workforce of courage by focusing on specific things leaders can do to help their people to more readily trust their decisions instead of silently resisting their every move.

Discover the categories of courage in the workplace:

  1. TRY Courage: The courage of trying and first attempts.
  2. TRUST Courage: The courage of letting go.
  3. TELL Courage: The courage of having a "voice."