Tim Berry, The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan-Simplified Planning Process
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Matthew Scott

Episode 1 - Tim Berry, The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan-Simplified Planning Process

Join Matthew as he summarizes The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan by Tim Berry.

Tim Berry is the Founder of Palo Alto Software, the market leader in business planning software.



Is having a business plan critical to your business success?

Some would say NO because creating a business plan is viewed as actually just a document or even a hurdle to making things happen in one's business.

Tim Berry, a market recognized leader in business planning and the leading business planning software provides a different approach in his latest book.

His latest book is unique & different...

Plan-As-You-Go is an approach to business planning and not a method. Tim argues that a business planning method promotes just another list of sequential & specific steps, or another list of "do it my way tips. This approach, argues Tim, reinforces the myth of the business plan as a document or hurdle.

In summary, market recognized business planning expert, Tim Berry has written the contemporary business planning book for the evolving small business owner, executive leader, and business development change agent.

Join me as I summarize for you:

  • The Plan-As-You-Go business planning process vs. old-school business planning formatted document.
  • Adapting your desired output (keynote presentation, elevator speech, key investor presentation) from your Plan-As-You-Go business plan.
  • How the Plan-As-You-Go business planning process manages the necessary assumption of change & leadership accountability.