Dr. Peter Brill: Co-Founder of "The Third Age", Physician and Psychiatrist

Aging Gratefully

Dr. Peter Brill is a physician and psychiatrist. He studied Organizations at the Wharton School of Business, and Marriages at the Marriage Council of Philadelphia, and continued as a professor in two departments at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Brill was also a consultant to over 150 organizations, and ran two national companies, while carrying on a private practice.

A best-selling author, Brill wrote "Taming Your Turmoil: Managing the Transitions of Adult Life." Dr Brill has appeared numerous times on radio and television and has lectured internationally. Since moving to Santa Barbara, he started his own radio show, "The Third Age," and writes a newspaper column on the same subject. He is married and has two children, 20 and 15.

“One Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my living room anxiously waiting for the workweek to begin. At this time, I was running two different national companies I had started, working twelve to fourteen hours a day. I was exhausted. I was too overwhelmed to even notice simple pleasures: the beautiful fall leaves changing color outside my window. A voice in my head said, ‘If I had a heart attack — I would change my life.’

“But a sudden revelation hit me — I realized that I didn’t need to get sick… I could just change! Without realizing it, I had just entered the Third Age— where money, power and status were no longer fulfilling to me. There was a new passion and joy to living life differently. Life had a new purpose.

“Now I was eager to find out what other people had done to deal successfully with this time of life. To that end, I started a radio show called "The Third Age." In more than 400 interviews conducted for the show, I learned how other people had gone about finding passion, purpose and joy in the Third Age. ( In further research I also discovered that people who found these values in theThird Age live at least 7 to 8 years longer! )

“As I began to talk about what I had learned, I found people responded with genuine interest and enthusiasm. They wanted to know more about the new potential they could anticipate in their own lives.

“From here I began to dream about doing a presentation on the Third Age. I discussed this concept with my friend and colleague David Debin who had been working with many of the same ideas. We envisioned a series of informative and entertaining talks and workshops to help others to realize purpose, passion and joy.

“The presentation we developed is "Unfinished Business," designed for people like you… ready for the Third Age of Life and for new possibilities.

“We look forward to sharing with you what we have learned….and invite you to share your discoveries with us as well.”