Beth C: Community Member, OneTaste™ Urban Retreat

Taste of Sex - Guest Speaker

Beth was a teacher and administrator at OneTaste™ San Francisco, an urban retreat center dedicated to bringing conscious sensuality into the mainstream.
Beth began studying sensuality under OneTaste™ visionary Nicole Daedone in 2005. With a background in somatic psychology from Master’s coursework at the California Institute of Integral Studies, she quickly took to the material. She became Nicole’s teaching assistant and taught One Taste sensuality courses such as the “Opening Course,” “RAW: A Sex Course for Women” and “10 Women Want You to Know.”
In addition to teaching, Beth served as chief administrator for OneTaste™’s Urban Monk Sensual Immersion program, which offers sensual explorers a chance to live and study with the OneTaste™ Community. The growing community of about 50 people runs the business and is committed to sensual research through the practice of orgasmic meditation. The practice is a meditation by two people that focuses on the orgasm that runs between them.
As part of Urban Monk, Beth coordinates a lecture series involving teachers from all realms of sensuality. She is also a Certified Massage Technician and practices her craft at the One Touch Holistic Massage and Bodywork Studio, which she also oversees. 
Beth's favorite moments occur when her roles overlap…her massage clients ask her relationship questions and urban monks, overwhelmed with sensation, become recipients of a soothing massage.

Beth moved to San Francisco from Chapel Hill, North Carolina in April 1999. She received a B.A. in biology from University of North Carolina in January 1997. Her appearance on OneTaste™’s radio program marks fulfillment of a vision dreamt up as a young girl when she practiced hosting her own show. Other interests include lindy hop and blues dancing, exploring San Francisco on foot, sensory meditations at the ocean, and learning to live orgasmically, one stroke at a time.