Francesca Gentille: Director, The LifeDance Center

Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra

Outrageously effervescent media personality and "Diva of Divine Relationships," Francesca Gentille has spent the past 10 years at the forefront of alternative culture. Exploring the alphabet of sacred sexuality including Assanas, Breathing Techniques, Chakras, Kama Sutra, Mudras, Pujas, Quodoshka, and Tantra, she has been road testing cutting-edge relationship techniques to bring her followers the keys to cosmic connection.

In her mid-20's she was the host of a nationally syndicated movie review show; "Take Two," interviewing stars such as Tom Hanks, and Darryl Hannah. She taught television production at Viacom Cablevision; collaborated in the start up of an innovative theatre company in Milwaukee, WI and studied acting at The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Francesca supports every person as the star of his or her own movie. Therapist and Tantra Educator, Robert Frey, calls her "a wonderful combination of Annie Sprinkle and Doris Day" because of her ability to make the racy and radical feel cozy and comfortable.

An insightful, world traveled and compassionate trendsetter, in her 30's she pioneered cross-cultural health information standards at Kaiser Permanente. She now studies the latest anti-aging information through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Learning that genetics and aging create a hormonal template affecting mood, vitality, erotic spark and sexual functioning, Francesca personally ascribes to a regimen of organic food, exercise, nutriceuticals and bio-identical hormones to keep radiant.

Francesca's wide-ranging experience runs from performing on the beach with the LA Connection Comedy Improv Theatre, in Los Angeles, to teaching "The Clinical Uses of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality in Sex Therapy & Trauma Recovery" at the University of California, Berkeley. Based on her cultural richness of her Italian-American heritage, she has appeared on TV and at Singles Conventions teaching "Flirting Italian Style." As part of the LifeDance Center for Integrative Arts, she has developed a certification programs for Sacred Dance Healers, Shamanic Soul Coaches, and The Sacred Courtesan School: Ancient Mysteries for a Modern World.

She holds a private practice providing soulful Intimacy & Relationship Coaching to individuals and couples in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally by phone. She is an initiated Shaman in 4 traditions: Afro-Brazilian Umbanda, Middle Eastern Temple, Greek Eleusinian and Native European, and is currently in development of a workshop on Shamanic Sexual Healing. She is a top rated presenter at national conferences on sexuality, spirituality, Tantra, and the Divine Feminine and has launched her first weekly Internet show and podcast called "Sex: Tantra and Kama Sutra" on the Personal Life Media, Inc. network. Francesca's show can be streamed live, downloaded from Personal Life Media or subscribed to in iTunes.

Words are a medium to have social intercourse with an unlimited number of people. Francesca plays with words as an award winning poet, contributing author of "The Marriage of Sex & Spirit," and expert in "The Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex." She writes a monthly advice column that cooks up delectable relationship tips called "Diva Dish." She is working on her biography "Priestess of Passion" and an anthology on ecstatic aging for women "Age of Grace." Her PLM blog is sex-tantra-kama-sutra.

As well as the recipient of a BA with honors in Psychology from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, Francesca has advanced her artistic and spiritual education at Northwestern University, Holy Names College Sophia Center, Naropa's Creation Spirituality Program, and Sherman Oaks Experimental College.

She is a "Team Management Leadership" graduate from Landmark Education; is in certification programs to become a Non-Violent Communication Trainer, and Sex Counselor through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselor's and Therapists. She loves participating in ongoing sexuality training at Celebrations Of Love, The Body Electric School, Deborah Anapol's Eros Conference, and True Fellows intimacy workshops.

Newly partnered with the co-director of her Integrative Arts Institute, Francesca is ecstatically practicing Tantra & Kama Sutra with her beloved. "In sacred sex, it's all about evoking the sacred lover in your partner," Francesca enthusiastically relates. She still creates quality time with her 16 year-old son while overseeing his nightly homework.

She loves exotic travel with shamanic shopping, delectable food and world music that beats all night at Burning Man, in Bali, Rome, and the Greek Isles. Other fascinations include fantasy novels, empowered aging, passionately compassionate living, and eternal beauty.