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In a recent article in Yoga Journal Meredith Medland is quoted , "It's my deepest desire," she says, "to help people fall in love with themselves through falling in love with their bodies." Meredith has coached the San Francisco team for Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenge, been nationally recognized in Health and Fitness magazines including Yoga Journal and appeared on CNN, CNBC and in national print media including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. She is a natural and vibrant motivational instructor, speaker and coach with more than ten years of experience studying the use of language to empower peak performance and inspiration in people who have a deep desire to succeed.

After a 10 year stint in the internet marketing industry, education at Northwestern University and posts such as the Director of the Internet Division for The Sharper Image, Meredith shifted her focus from climbing the corporate ladder to inner inquiry and personal development and transformation.  After the last formal post as the Director of Internet Consulting for Jupiter Media, Meredith walked away a small amount of stock and a severance package big enough to fund participation in more than 35 transformation retreats and certifications as well as some of the adventures below.

Meredith adventures over the years include: meditation training in Bhutan, spinning certifications through Johnny G, yoga certifications through the YogaWorks in Mill Valley (Yoga Studio Mill Valley), LMT/CMT through the Alive and Well Conscious Bodywork School of Massage, Transformative Somatic Therapy work through the Pacific School of Healing Arts, 12-step recovery from food addiction, personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, membership in several somatic-based communal living research labs and Black Belt candidacy in the Korean martial art, Dynamic Circle Hapkido through Hapkido International at Martial Arts Family Fitness in Santa Barbara.

You can listen to Meredith's talkshow, "Living Green: EveryBody Inspired to Succeed" and learn more about her journey into the world of health and healing. Press links, videos and resources at

In this show you'll listen in on deep and intimate conversations with guests who share their emotional experiences of awakening and inspiration to success, as well as the "pain points" that keep them moving toward a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle. highlights the psychology of ecology and success, with in-depth interviews about the attitudes, values and beliefs that are the motivators for the actions and behaviors of each guest. Understand why guests "do what they do," so you can try new practices that may inspire, activate and accelerate your personal evolution.

Meredith Medland, is known for

Listening to "LivingGreen: EveryBody Inspired to Succeed" allows you to learn the candence and style of Meredith's  insightful and unusually intimate questions that draw out the most revealing and interesting answers – responses rarely heard in mainstream media profiles of her guests.

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Meredith Medland also works as a national freelance media personality and is known for her uncanny ability to “get real” with celebrities within seconds. Enjoy Meredith's red carpet interviews with Clint Eastwood, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Al Gore, Jack Johnson and Will Smith as well as leading edge Health and Wellness Heros by visiting to She is also recognized as a lively & sexy auctioneer at charity functions, a professional emcee at fashion, health & tech trade shows, she uses her experience as a media reporter to “wow” the folks who hire her to engage audiences in intimacy and connection. As the Host of “” – her media reporting put her in the Top 100 in itunes in June of 2007.

Meredith lives in Santa Barbara, CA and teaches yoga at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center twice a week and martial arts at Martial Arts Family Fitness in the afternoons. Mostly, she spends her mornings being a phone accountability coach for her clients who are inspired to succeed. For more information about coaching, classes or workshops visit

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