Mark Michael Lewis: Founder, Smart Energy Enterprises, Inc.

Money, Mission and Meaning

Mark Michael Lewis is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and founder of, working to integrate mental, spiritual, and computer technology to cultivate the blossoming of humanity.  He is also the author of popular non-fiction books and audio programs, including “RelationDancing,” “Problems Are The Solution: Embracing Conflict As The Gateway To Love,” and “The Key Is In The Darkness: Unlocking The Door To A Spiritual Life.”  Mark has spoken before thousands of people and coached hundreds of individuals and couples on business development, communication skills, financial success, fulfilling relationships, and personal development. He has a degree in Psychology and combines insights from over 20 years of experience in the fields of business, psychology, and success.

Mark’s special method involves embracing and integrating the biological, mental, and spiritual dimensions of daily human life in ways that create greater wealth and fulfillment.  Having consulted and trained at nearly 100 businesses, and working with both executives and line employees, he found a striking similarity between the fundamental issues that regularly occurring in modern business environments.  He also found common solutions that offered the people he worked with both greater productivity and fulfillment in their work, as well as a deeper sense of connection and satisfaction in their personal lives.