David Debin: Co-Founder of "The Third Age"

Aging Gratefully

David enjoyed a long and successful career in Hollywood as a writer and producer in television, collaborating with such talents as Rock Hudson, Suzanne Pleshette, Ron Silver, Jason Alexander, Melanie Griffith, Sally Struthers, and Billy Campbell. He produced an Emmy-nominated inspirational movie about a deaf stunt woman, "Silent Victory; The Kitty O’Neil Story," starring Stockard Channing, James Farrentino, and Brian Dennehy.

Turning his attention to other talents, he began a second career in writing. His first novel "Nice Guys Finish Dead" was published at the age of 50 by Random House and was followed by several other books, earning David a place on radio and television shows.

For the last several years David has taught his "Reinforcing Creative Confidence" course to students of all ages. His work caught the attention of Deepak Chopra, author of "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old, "who wrote, "In his creative writing course, David Debin links students’ spiritual awareness to their center of creativity and empowers them to express themselves in new and profound ways."

David is married and has lived in Santa Barbara for fourteen years.

“At the age of 48 I was producing TV shows at MGM. I had been in the business for 25 years and though highly successful, no longer felt fulfilled.

“My unfinished business was to be a writer — a real writer — a novelist. So, when the pilot I had finished for CBS was not picked up, I decided it was now or never. Taking the risk of leaving a business where the rule of thumb is 'out of sight, out of mind,' I went off to pursue my dream.

“My first novel was published by Random House on my fiftieth birthday. After publishing several more books, I was asked to teach Creative Writing at a local university. With the combination of writing and teaching, I found the meaning and fulfillment I had been missing in life. I had taken a risk and it paid off. I learned that it’s never too late for following your heart or, as Dr. Brill expresses it, ‘re-potting yourself.’

“I first heard Dr. Brill on his radio show, "The Third Age," and was fascinated. We met, bonded, became fast friends and decided to collaborate on our mutual discoveries.

“We now share our knowledge and experience in a series of presentations and workshops that have proven to be informative, inspirational and entertaining.

“You will enjoy hearing and learning from others in the Third Age, and joining us in playing the game of Unfinished Business."