Host – Jason Anderson

Jason is a digital photography enthusiast that shoots primarily with Canon gear, using both the XT and 40D extensively.  He has spent the last three years learning about the craft through his own direct hands-on experiences, extensive reading, and participation in online discussions.  A firm believer in sharing and learning through community environments, Jason started his blog, Canon Blogger, in the fall of 2007, and is moving into his second full year of blogging regularly on various subjects where he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with the greater community at large.

Jason also has developed a number of articles, video and PDF tutorials, as well as a regular audio podcast where he talks about various facets of photography, reviews products, and interviews others in the field to share his views and experiences with the larger audience.  Encouraged by the interest from the blogging and podcast communities, Jason recently joined Personal Life Media to enhance his podcast, and to cast a wider net for those that will enjoy his particular insights and perspectives on photography.

Jason is also an active NAPP member and participant in a number of social networks including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and several online photography forums, including one developed while he was living in South Carolina that he still administers today.

Jason lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife, Tracy and dog, Maggie.