Host – Suzanne Maiden

Suzanne Maiden M.A. is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist. She hosts Dear Zanny, a relationship advice podcast, and co-hosts TheDivaCast, because along with her other girlfriends she believes inside every woman is a DIVA. Suzanne says a resounding "YES" to the universe.  Her high-energy and vivaciousness brought her through experiences some only dare to imagine.  She served five-years Active Duty Air Force in Europe during the cold war.  She earned expert marksman status and was fondly dubbed by peers as "Barbie in Combat Boots." She's a certified scuba-diver, and enjoys any type of water activity - especially spending time with her family on their ski boat.  One of Suzanne's proudest achievements was logging solo hours flying a Cessna.  Even after tragically losing two close family members in bizarre circumstances, and battling a rare and deadly cancer, Suzanne stays optimistic.  She not only sees herself as a cancer-survivor, but someone who truly lives and moves forward without limitation or fear.  After convalescing from cancer, Suzanne earned an M.A. in Counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Suzanne is married to the producer of both, TheDivaCast and InsytWorks.  Together, they share their adoration for their beloved 12 year-old son.  Suzanne's compassionate and loving spirit can only be matched by her whimsical and sometimes naughty sense of humor…oh, and her luscious red lips!