Host – Carrie Runnals

Carrie Runnals is a busy wife, mother, and working woman who intimately understands the challenges of balancing professional and family obligations. Carrie’s varied career includes commercial and creative freelance writing (), marketing, recruiting, and human resources. She also co-hosts an Internet talk show called TheDivaCast () where she gets together with girlfriends, dishes about life, and encourages other women to forge supportive friendships of their own. Carrie merged her writing, interviewing, and recording experience to create Words To Mouth where she offers other booklovers a trusted place to discover new book releases from seasoned and debut authors. She invites listeners to come join in and meet authors beyond the printed page, interact with her and other readers, and create a community around a shared passion for novels and non-fiction.

On a more personal note, Carrie likes being on-the-move, whether it’s traveling, camping, running on the beach, participating in sports events, or belly-dancing ~ She even jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet! She’ll try anything once. Road races & triathlons help keep her fit and provide her with free therapy and in 2005, she ran the Marine Corp Marathon and met her “lofty” goal of beating Oprah’s time. Carrie and her husband, Joe, have two adolescent daughters who keep them spinning with school and church activities. Carrie is introspective, sometimes intense, and ever-seeking to improve physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Relationships are important to her and she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve with a tell-it-like-it-is style laced with honesty, encouragement, and a twist of wit. Carrie loves God, her family, and her friends and hopes to someday publish a children’s book and novel of her own.