Host – Sharon Martin

Sharon is our bodacious buxom native French-Canadian Diva with a smile and girlish giggle that lights up a room. You’ll hear her throw in a French phrase every so often and though she’s gotten quite the reputation for suffering from memory loss, she is actually one of the most intelligent, informed, and accomplished of the group. In addition to being a loving wife and mother of two, Sharon has held executive positions with top corporations worked as an accountant, fitness trainer, and taught French. She’s currently working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public school system. Her can-do attitude has brought her far in life. When she sets her mind to something, consider it as good as done—just don’t let her forget what she set out to do. Sharon has a sweet spirit, but watch out for her competitive side to surface with a vengeance when she’s on the tennis court or playing cards with Julie. Sharon’s love for her family is palpable and paramount—the only thing that comes before Sharon’s kids is her insistence on sleeping in her own bed and never being late for dinner.