Host – Julie Karneboge

Julie is our “Southern Diva.” She’s genuine, giving, and a true doer—taking the weight of the world onto her beautifully sculptured shoulders. Julie is the Diva all the others call when something needs organized, scheduled, facilitated, or managed—If you need her, she’s there with honesty, an easy laugh, or a gentle hug. Julie’s been married since ’91 and has two sons and a daughter. She interprets for the Deaf within the public school system; volunteers at church; and is a bonafide Hockey Mom, spending much of her time taxiing her sons from one game to another. Her beliefs could be considered “just slightly” on the conservative side ~ but, with Julie, you know exactly where you stand. She loves her family, friends, and God, but only a hair more than shoes, Les Miserables, shopping, the beach, and Seventies hits. Just beware ~ if you get between Julie and her Diet Coke or try to feed her a pickle, you are truly taking your life into your own hands. And if she tells you, “Bless your heart,” you best check and make sure you aren’t wearing black hose with white pumps.