Host – Amy Rissier

Amy is our Rene Russo look-alike Diva, except even prettier (Sorry, Rene). Amy’s quiet nature could easily be misinterpreted for a reserved personality, but once you’re blessed to join her inner-circle, you realize what a fun-hearted sassy girlfriend you have. Amy is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist, which from the Diva’s perspective qualifies her as their chief medical expert. Though “inappropriate” is one of her most-commonly used words, this girl is one of the most tolerant and nonjudgmental people you’ll ever meet—she’s an ace at playing devil’s advocate and stands up for the underdog. If you hurt, she hurts and when you’re riding high, she’s right there in the jump-seat cheering you on. Amy is driven and disciplined, but knows how to let go, let loose, and have fun. She has high expectations, keeps an immaculate house, and beautiful gardens, but you’d never consider her pretentious or boastful—she works hard and appreciates all life has afforded her, her husband, and their two boys. The only thing the other Divas can’t quite figure out about Amy is why she keeps a big fat albino South American water frog named Stripe in a fishbowl on her kitchen counter—YUCK!