Host – John James Santangelo

John's early stage work as a magician at the age of 15 set the course for becoming one of America’s top speakers, spreading his infectious spirit. He offers audiences nationwide an exciting, motivating and enriching experience and re-defines the words enthusiasm and passion while giving his audience not only the "what" but also the "how to" -- empowering them to succeed in their personal lives as well as their career.

John’s interactive and exciting seminars empower participates to continuously reach for higher levels of performance and make the changes necessary to achieve their goals. He teaches his audience how to model excellence and the ‘process’ of change itself happens, producing fresh new capabilities leading to outstanding results. They learn how to develop a flexibility of thinking that is congruent with the volume, speed and complexity of change in today's fast-paced world. Utilizing a powerful delivery style and newly emerging methodologies, John's customized presentations teach, inspire, and channel his audiences to new levels of achievement.

John is a Toastmaster award recipient, a certified health and fitness consultant, a volunteer ‘Big Brother’ of the Big Brother and Sisters of America Association, spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish foundation, a college graduate with honors achieving his certification degree in clinical hypnotherapy, a behavioral specialist, a master trainer in (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and 25 years experience as a successful entrepreneur to currently a professional speaker, author, trainer and coach.

John is founder of Maximum Success Empowerment Seminars, a personal, professional coaching and development program company that is dedicated to teaching people how to unleash their awesome inner ability, maximize their potential, and produce outstanding results. John has the knowledge, background, and experience working with companies such as the Learning Annex, Mary Kay, Microsoft, Well Point, Xerox, Century-21 and RE/MAX Realtors, Multi-Sclerosis Society, the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team. Because of all this he is one of the nation's leading experts in understanding and stimulating human potential. 

Take a look at what he’s working on now and how he can help you accomplish even more…   or call John directly (888) NLP-Coach