Host – Marco Chung-Shu Lam

Marco Chung-Shu Lam draws from his heritage an affinity for both traditional Chinese medicine and an amazing ability to impart this millennium old medicine to the modern western mind. He is the founder of the Mandala Clinic of Integrative Medicine, the first green built integrative medicine clinic and yoga studio to incorporate healing approaches from traditional healing modalities to modern testing modalities such as functional medicine and metabolic type testing. As the ongoing clinic director, he sees over 1500 patients a year in his personal practice, Boulder Acupuncture and interfaces with a high caliber staff of twelve to provide a model of health care that is unmatched. He adopts a medical approach that seeks to go beyond healing mind, body and spirit to supporting mankind on their path to higher evolution.

Marco has written extensively on the subject of natural healing and is currently teaching at Naropa University, a renown institution of contemplative learning. Marco is the CEO of Divine Farmer Herbals, where he formulates a medicinal herbal line using locally grown herbs in the Chinese energetic tradition. He is an avid student of internal martial arts, Taoist alchemy and herbal medicine. His wife Jamie Lynn and daughter, Cassidy Shao-Ming, support him greatly in doing more than what is normally humanly possible. Marco joins you in the journey to discovering how our path intersects with health, longevity and destiny.