Host – Austin Beeman

Austin Beeman is the President of River Rat Productions, providing creative New Media content for businesses and individuals who want a global reach through the internet.

With production experience in eight countries and a resume that includes the BBC, Wimbledon, and Mister Rodger Neighborhood, Austin brings a sophisticated sensibility and a Midwestern practicality.

Austin has a degree from the University of Toledo in Film and certification from the National Institute for the Advancement of Digital Media. Having been trained in the era of 35mm, he brings a cinematic eye to New Media.

A multi-award winning travel photographer, it was Austin’s stint in Europe that spawned Music for Midnight. The deep grooves of modern electronica made the perfect end to an elegant day. Music for Midnight captures that continental vibe.

If you catch up with Austin, you can often find him sipping a glass of fine wine, enjoying Cleveland Indians baseball, or planning his next big trip.