Host – John Flowers

John Flowers' creative talent requires many outlets. He's an author, filmmaker, a director, a visual effects artist, a producer and the host of multiple podcasts.

The principal partner in both UnScale and Case Films, John divides him time between San Francisco, Hollywood and New York. UnScale is a micro-studio and Case Films is a post production studio both with multiple locations. In addition to studio work, he's written and directed Jake Forgotten and is now writing, directing and producing That Media Show, a semi-weekly video podcast which has the attention of Hollywood and online media and has been widely hailed as the “best media show in the last year.” That Media Show regularly appears as #1 on Blip.TV’s main page and in the top 25 on iTunes “TV and Movies” section.

John appears regularly on two online shows, one of his creation, "Life Zero: Adventures in Zen and Lifestyle Design" distributed on the Personal Life Media podcast network and This Week in Media, where he co-hosts with Daisy Whitney. TWiM is considered “the podcast for the business of new media” and has thousands of weekly listeners. John is a regular contributor on The VFX Show with Mike Seymour (co-founder of fxGuide and fxPHD).

Before "going creative" John make his mark as founder of nCircle Network Security, the largest privately-held network security company in the United States.

A student of Buddhism, John is oriented toward the teachings of Theravada Buddhism. He's spent a significant amount of time in Southeast Asia studying, traveling and better understanding modern Buddhism from an Asian perspective. His show Life Zero is largely the result of his lifelong commitment to lifestyle design, Buddhism and finding joy in the world.