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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 42: MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM:Tantra Energetics For Longer Lasting Lovemaking with Somraj Pokras

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Somraj is a prolific author, certified bodyworker, Tantric mentor, and workshop leader. He's been a coach, teacher, and personal growth facilitator for tens of thousands of people for over three decades. Though Somraj graduated from Cal Tech in organic chemistry, he spent his first decades as a corporate trainer and management consultant for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Discovering Tantra and falling in love with his accomplished wife, Dr. Jeffre TallTrees, prompted his first retirement. That didn't last long as the two of them created and started teaching Supreme Bliss Tantra to public groups and private couples. To date he's written 10 books, hundreds of articles, and countless how-to manuals about Supreme Bliss Tantra, people skills, and team-building. He's a private pilot, avid skier, rockhound, mountain bike rider, passionate music lover, website designer, football fan, and worshipper of the Goddess. Somraj derives great joy from assisting others in releasing sexual inhibitions that block their pleasure so they can become all they can be and thoroughly enjoy all parts of life.