Guest – Nicole Daedone

Nicole is the founder and visionary of OneTaste, an education center and online community with Urban Retreat Centers in both San Francisco and New York.

With OneTaste’s opening in July 2004, Daedone realized her dream of creating a place committed to nourishment of the whole being: mind, body and soul. The primary focus of the urban retreat center is to offer workshops that delve into mindful sexuality, relationship dynamics and consciousness. However, OneTaste’s offerings also include meditation, yoga and a residential program as a means for integrative practice.

In 2004, the SF Weekly named OneTaste “Best Urban Retreat Center” in San Francisco. “Fill Up America,” One Taste’s weekly food giveaway, was also recognized as the best non-profit program at the “2004 Craig’s List Foundation Non-Profit Boot Camp.”

As an undergraduate at San Francisco State, Nicole studied under Dr. Dean Barnlund, an early collaborator of philosopher Alan Watts. During that time, she became intrigued with the nature of consciousness and motivations of the ego that shape it. After college, she began a spiritual path that included Buddhism and Kabbalah. After several years, Nicole realized she wanted a discipline that would include her whole self, including her sexuality. OneTaste is a result of her search.