Guest – Jason McClain

Jason McClain, an Evolutionary Guide™ ™ and the founder of the Institute for the Development of Evolutionary Awareness, has mastered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), quantum linguistics, hypnosis and other transformational technologies and approaches to accelerate the evolution of his client’s lives.

Jason has fused his entrepreneurial spirit with his life’s purpose: to assist others in accelerating their personal evolution.

Certified in 1995 as an N.L.P. Master, he is a well-respected trainer in the field. He’s combined that with a career as a Field Sales Trainer for Anthony Robbins & Associates and his corporate start-up experience in the medical profession and I.T. Consulting Services field.

Whether his clients are artists, small business owners, professional speakers, lawyers, sales experts, life coaches, educators, or executives, he assists them all in attaining higher levels of efficacy, enjoying greater emotional choice and freedom, becoming more effective communicators, enjoying deeper, more fulfilling relationships--and, should they choose, discovering their life’s purpose and infusing their daily actions and interactions with its Spirit, leading to a dramatic increase in the power of their results.

His approach is an integration of Eastern spiritual philosophies and the Western Human Potential Movement’s mental technologies.

As a result, he can often be heard using “spiritual” and “capitalism” in the same sentence.

He demonstrates tangible and authentic compassion, intense clarity, and rigorous training in the patterning of human behavior and interpersonal dynamics. He is known for his penetrating intuition and his deep understanding of subjective and inter-subjective structures in how people relate to themselves [ego] and how they relate to the events in
their lives [emotions].

With Jason’s insight, he can often be said to look more deeply into people than they normally see into themselves.

Jason has been called an endearing and intoxicating blend of Buddha, Pablo Neruda and George Carlin. Part spiritualist, part poet and part comedian, he is loved by those he touches. He spends his time personally and professionally, assisting others in freeing themselves from whatever blocks them from enjoying true happiness and experiencing a life beyond “survival”, assisting them in living a life of “thrival”.

Jason McClain is single and lives in San Francisco, California.