Guest – Diane Greenberg

As a guide in the Sacred Art of the the Striptease, Diane has taught 100’s of people throughout the United States. She believes that women are more powerful, more beautiful and more sensual than they realize. She is committed that her skills awaken more divine feminine energy in the world and that all of her students have the experience they are are more than their “I” (eye) can see.

She is the facilitator and creator of a DVD called “The Sacred Art of the Striptease, Awakening the Divine Feminine.”

Diane is a certified Tantric Educator and weaves this ancient Hindu art form into her teaching. Combining her research and belief systems, she teaches and refers to the energetic aspect of “Shakti” defined as “a feminine limitless ebb and flowing transmittable force.”
Diane uses her skills as a Tantric educator to awaken more shakti in all of her students to ultimately awaken more God/Goddess in the world.

Diane is available for private classes, coaching, and special events and as a “love coach” for women and couples.

Diane has extensive 30+ year experience as a massage therapist in private practice in Marin County, Ca. She is also a certified Pilates instructor teaching private and group classes in Marin.

"Each time I dance I am reminded that women have done these movements since the beginning of time."