Guest – Inessa Freylekhman

Inessa Freylekhman is an international Feng Shui consultant and educator.

For the last 6 years, she has assisted celebrities, studio execs, writers, doctors, lawyers, struggling artists, and even a homeless shelter in reaching greater levels of abundance and well being by showing them how to mindfully arrange their environments.

Inessa has been a guest on the Public Affairs show on Star 98.7 and "Divine Forces Radio" on KPFK. Her workshop has appeared in the LA Yoga magazine and she is a regular guest on “The Get Unstuck Show” with John Seeley (On-line.)

Inessa holds an MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and integrates psychology with principles of Feng Shui to assist her clients in releasing blocks and transforming their spaces into living affirmation for what they want to manifest in their lives.

She was trained by Master Elnathan Batoon in the BTB style of Feng Shui. BTB (Black Hat Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) is a hybrid of mantras, design principles, modern psychology and shamanic wisdom. It flows with modern times and is compatible with almost any other healing modality.