Guest – Dain Heer

After surviving a childhood that would make any pop psychologist expect him to be a mental patient, Dr. Dain Heer has become instead a healer, author, and lecturer who is known for consistently choosing the kindest, gentlest option.

Questioning everything he had experienced in an on-going quest to discover ways of creating freedom and healing for himself and others, he attended Los Angeles Chiropractic College. While there, he studied every system of healing he could find, mastering many of the acronyms known to the chiropractic profession. Despite this, he remained unhappy and unable to make his life the success he knew it should be.  He was considering suicide when he found Access Energy Transformation, which he credits with transforming his desire to end his life into a desire to create his life.

He practiced Network Spinal Analysis briefly in California, prior to meeting Access Energy Transformation Founder Gary Douglas. Douglas candidly states, “In the first session I had with him, Dain literally saved my life.” 

Dain immediately converted his chiropractic practice to the practice of Access Energy Transformation, after finding that it gave him the ability to transform and transcend any boxes into which healing had previously been fit--and his career has been evolving ever since.  He now performs miraculous healing on individuals, as well as facilitating advanced Access classes independently and with Access Founder Gary Douglas. He is sought after for individual and group sessions throughout the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe.

As a facilitator of Access, he has made enormous contributions to Access, particularly in the areas of embodiment and sexualness.  He brings a unique and refreshing new point of view to both of these subjects, which are so challenging to many of us.

He is the author of Embodiment: The Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born, based on a workshop he created, and co-author with Gary Douglas of 4 other books, Sex is Not a Four Letter Word but Relationship Often Times Is; Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are;  Magic: You ARE It, BE It; and Talk to the Animals.