Guest – Dr. Patti Taylor

Patricia Taylor, PhD, is the leading teacher of Expanded Orgasm in the world today. Her studies in this field extend back over twenty years. She makes regular media appearances, has published two books, has produced a full length sex education video, and has led countless classes and playshops. Her work has touched the hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits of tens of thousands of explorers.

Patricia, or “Dr. Patti” to her fans - was not born knowing these secret arts of love. In her first incarnation, Dr. Patti earned her MBA in Finance at Wharton. Rising through the ranks, she became a Wall Street wheeler and dealer, managing over $100 million in funds.

Her life was radically changed 21 years ago by a spiritual encounter in which her Kundalini was awakened and she was initiated into a Tantric lineage. She was powerfully transformed by this event, and began to see the potential for love in everyone she met.

Three years later she had the first in a very long string of Expanded Orgasms, and was moved to begin a lifelong practice to bring this knowledge and information to all that wanted to learn.

She has studied from many sources, including More University, the Human Awareness Institute, hypnosis and Tantra. She is a California Certified Sexological Bodyworker. Her most extensive experience has come from working directly with others and from her own ongoing intensive practice, having had 3-5 extended, ecstatic Expanded Orgasms per week for over 15 years. 

Her books include the 1997 relationship masterpiece, The Enchantment of Opposites: How to Create Great Relationships, and the bestselling 2002 classic, Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover’s Every Touch.

In 1998, she also created the bestselling sex education DVD, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, an explicit, how-to guide for bringing a woman into a state of full-body, full being over-the-edge orgasm.

She earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 2000, with the groundbreaking dissertation, Expanded Orgasm as a Pathway to the Transcendence of Consciousness.

With the unprecedented success of her 2002 book, Expanded Orgasm, (now in its seventh printing), Patricia began receiving channeled information for teaching a new, related skill set,  Expanded Lovemaking. This information powerfully and rapidly elevates her students’ abilities to learn Expanded Orgasm though simple touch and awareness.  Patricia is always revealing new communication models and techniques that make love and pleasure ever more accessible for beginning and advanced students alike.

Patricia is the host of the , where you can hear her interview the leading authorities and stars today in this field. Here’s where you’ll get latest and greatest news in the field of expanded orgasm and expanded lovemaking throughout the year, over the internet.

She also serves on the Advisory Board of Sexy Spirits, a leading New York City teaching institute for the sensual and erotic arts.

She has her own website, , and .

She continues to maintain a private practice, and in her free time enjoys practicing Expanded Lovemaking with her husband – happily so for 21 years now - in Marin County, California.

Patricia’s information continues to expands, yet the message remains as clear and simple as ever: With Expanded Lovemaking and Expanded Orgasm, you can use your bodies as a portal to experience enlightenment. And, you can learn how to create and enjoy deep whole-being experiences in ways that are fun and joyous - endlessly discovering bliss and unconditional love.