Guest – Chip August

From 1990 through the present, Charles "Chip" August has facilitated personal growth workshops, both his own and those produced by the Human Awareness Institute, headquarters in San Mateo, California (

In 1991 Chip developed and has led the "Free Your Passion Workshop" (originally named the Healing Anger Workshop). The Free Your Passion Workshop transforms your relationship with your emotions, releases you from your fears of feeling your feelings, and dramatically enhances the quality of your life.

Chip co-facilitates, with his life-partner, a relationship workshop for couples called Passionate Relationships. Chip is also a certified Instructor of PET (Parent Effectiveness Training) leading adult education workshops to teach listening, conflict resolution and communication skills to parents.

Chip also leads various other workshops, support groups, and leadership trainings.  Chip is a founder and consultant with Team Transformation, creating and leading seminars and workshops for businesses on communication, interpersonal relations in the office environment, and other organizational issues. 

He was a charter member of Project Victory in Palo Alto, California, since it’s founding in 1985. Project Victory was a national nonprofit organization teaching conflict transformation and techniques for healing our communities, our world, and us.  Project Victory's mission was to spark a "great turning" in our interactions and our policies, and thereby move us farther from the brink of political or environmental global disaster.

A Philosophy graduate of Ithaca College in New York, Chip is also a trained and certified Hypnotherapist. He is a long time student of transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, Tantric Buddhism, and other systems of thought and practice, which can lead to more happiness, joy, and peace of mind. Chip has a private personal growth practice in Menlo Park, California, offering coaching to individuals, couples, and families.