Shana James: M.A.

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Just For Women episode 34: “Keys to having a Man Stay in Relationship with YOU” with Seminar Leader, Relationship Expert and Coach, Shana James

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As co-creator of the Authentic Woman Experience and a Relationship, Dating and Life Coach, Shana is passionate about women having amazing lives and profound relationships. She believes every woman both deserves and CAN have her most inspired and fulfilling life - a life in which each day is filled with passion, intimacy, honesty, power, full expression, radiance and love.  Shana guides women from dissatisfaction, settling for less and feeling resigned about love to creating and sustaining the life and love they deeply desire. 

Shana has a Master's degree in Psychology and years of experience as an individual coach. She creates and facilitates workshops for AuthenticSF and the Arete Center for Excellence. Shana also draws from her personal experience with meditation, yoga, somatic inquiry, Diamond Heart practice, creative expression and manifestation work.