Guest – Meredith Medland

Whether Meredith Medland is interviewing celebrities at Hollywood eco-fashion shows or phone coaching business executives in the art of accountability, you'll experience a new depth of inquiry that draws out the most revealing answers. The founder of executive accountability coaching firm, , and host of the weekly podcast " Effortless Ecology For Everyday People", Meredith is known for her ability to reveal hidden paradigms while bringing humor and inspiration to the pioneering field of transformational media.  

Called a "Thera-Journalist" in Plenty magazine, Meredith illuminates the psychology of ecology in her podcast by engaging in the conversation about the emotional experience of ecological awakening as well as the "pain points" that have guests move toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Each interview highlights why guests "do what they do" and includes a special segment on their spiritual practices.

Meredith loves engaging live audiences with motivational stories and Oprah Winfrey style couch interviews that activate and accelerate personal evolution.  She integrates music, laughter, intimacy, and a business acumen that stems from over 10 years of Internet marketing and strategy experience with Fortune 1000 companies to enhance corporate trade-show press coverage as well her MC live stage appearances and motivational goal achievement seminars. 

Meredith trains weekly for her black belt  at the  dojo in Santa Barbara, plays in the Ocean surf to connect with nature and coaches clients in building sustainable daily spiritual practices and accountability systems that activate an immensely deeper connection to their source, purpose and community.

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