Guest – Jamye Waxman

Jamye Waxman is a sexologist, writer, producer, and educator with her Masters in Sex Education from Widener University. Besides teaching courses on blowjobs, sex toys and partnersex, Jamye writes the advice column "Sex Ed" for Playgirl Magazine, and podcasts Playgirl's Sexpod for She also writes "Sex on the Brain" for The Philly Edge and "Hot Wax," for Steppin' Out Magazine. You can find more of her writing in Men's Health (11/07 - "Be That Couple") Women's Health (9/07 "Uncommon Bonds," 3/07 "WH Sex Awards," & 11/06 "Sex Homework"), Zink Magazine (8/07, 3/06) and she has done movie reviews for and a three-part "Viagra for Women" piece for Her blog was named one of's favorite sex blogs of 2006. Jamye has also been quoted in Cosmo, Men's Health and Jane Magazine. She has made television appearances on Sex TV and Naked New York.

Jamye is the author of two books. Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation (Seal Press) and Women Loving Women (Quiver Press). Jamye co-wrote, directed and hosted the educational and erotic "Personal Touch" Video Series for Adam and Eve Pictures and produced "Under the Covers" with adult film pioneer Candida Royalle.

So how did she get into sex? Jamye started that part of her career as a Radio Producer for While there, she realized that people liked to talk about sex and so she began her own big adventure, minus Pee Wee, Large Marge and the awkward real life movie theater debacle.

In addition, Waxman spent five years selling sex toys as a sex educator at the world-famous sex shop Babeland (formerly Toys in Babeland) in New York City. She is the former radio producer for Bob Berkowitz, Joan Rivers and Alan Colmes, and the former host of Aural Fixation on She was also a producer of the popular Metro TV show Naked New York. Jamye is currently President of Feminists for Free Expression.