Guest – Drs. Steve and Vera Bodansky

The Drs Bodansky give courses on how to have better relationships, how to communicate better with your partner, and how to have a better sex life. They use their lives as examples for what they teach. Steve has a MS (Masters) degree in molecular biology and as a couple, the Bodanskys approach sexuality in a scientific as well as in a pleasurable way. They give very clear sensual and relationship instruction to people seeking advice and training, and have written two books as a means to share their valuable researches and information with a wider audience.

Drs. Vera and Steve Bodansky have been married for almost twenty years and have been teaching students about pleasure for even longer. Teaching courses in sensuality and relationships since the 1970s, the Bodanskys have been publicly giving demonstrations of what is potentially possible for human beings to experience in the realm of orgasm since 1980. Both received doctorates in sensuality from More University, an experimental school in northern California. The Drs. then taught for More University until 1992 when they went on to create their own classes in sensuality, communications and in how to have better relationships.