Guest – Kit Yarrow PhD

Kit is an award-winning consumer research psychologist, a professor, author, consultant and speaker.

Her home base is , where she chairs the Psychology Department and is a jointly appointed professor of both psychology and marketing. She is the 2009 Outstanding Scholar and has won four endowed research professorships in the past decade. She is currently the Nigel T. Miner Professor of Business.

Kit has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the renowned Wright Institute in Berkeley. She teaches family therapy, counseling skills, applied psychology and psychopathology. She has taught consumer behavior at universities around the world, from Malaysia, Slovenia and Finland, to UC Berkeley.

As part of her  on the psychology of consumers, Kit conducts interviews, ethnographies, focus groups and surveys on a regular basis. Examples of her research are published in her book, “” (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2009) and in her blogs on Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She also regularly presents her findings and analysis in  to both academic and business venues and consults to organizations and businesses. She is widely quoted in the  on Generation Y and consumer related topics.